SOLE Fitness E25 Elliptical Trainer Review

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The Body Power StepTrac BST800 is a piece of exercise equipment that combines an elliptical trainer with a stepper. It has a somewhat different pedaling action than a regular.

It is a front-drive elliptical trainer. It provides the same low-impact cardio workout. The Body Power StepTrac BST800 combines a stepper and elliptical trainer in one machine.

It comes with an 8-level manual magnetic resistance system, a strong flywheel for continuous propulsion, and a dashboard to measure all key training variables.

It’s ideal for light to moderate aerobic exercises, recovery, stamina improvement, muscle toning, and weight loss.

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Frame and Construction

The steel frame of the Body Power StepTrac BST800 elliptical stepper is quite solid.

It comes fully constructed and weighs around 88 pounds (40 kg). Therefore, it’s suggested that two persons carry it. On the other side, just one person is required to complete the assembly. Furthermore, after the machine has been built, it may be moved by one person with ease.

It features wheels on the front base, and a little lifting handle is integrated into the back base bar.

The machine has exceptional stability because of its low center of gravity and weight.

In addition, its rear base has adjustable stabilizers, and its front base is supported by rubber pads that strengthen its grip on any floor.

Compared to a traditional front-drive elliptical trainer, the machine is extremely tiny.

It’s barely 42 inches long (107 cm) and 24 inches broad (61 cm). Therefore, it takes up little room. However, for easy access and safe use, it is advised that at least two feet of space be left all around it.

The machine’s structure incorporates cylindrical, rectangular, and triangular bars to increase beauty and sturdiness.

A corrosion-resistant paint coating is applied to all of the steel elements. Metallic gray is the predominant hue in most of the sections.

In addition, the machine is made up of many ABS components. The drive element covers, pedal trays, and a few other minor covers, for example, are all constructed of ABS.

The Body Power StepTrac BST800 features two sets of handlebars, fixed and moveable, similar to most other front-drive elliptical trainers.

The trainer’s front mast is directly connected to the fixed handlebars. They have rubberized grips and metallic pulse sensors, and they are non-adjustable.

Therefore, your pulse may be tracked by the console. Long, rubbery grips are found on the machine’s moving arms.

They don’t have EKG sensors as the fixed bars do. They do, however, have ball grips at the top, which aren’t found on every elliptical.

Elliptical Stride

To begin with, there is no inclination mechanism on the Body Power StepTrac BST800. However, its pedal track mechanism is oblique rather than horizontal, an elliptical-stepper hybrid.

It is positioned at a 40-degree angle. Therefore, the elliptical route of the unit is also inclined, and the pedaling action has a stepper-like sensation to it.

The pedal bars of the machine is composed of steel, while the pedal trays are made of sturdy ABS.

They have a 250-pound user capacity (113 kg). They lack the added cushioning and articulation features seen on higher-priced ellipticals like the ProForm Endurance 920 E.

However, they offer a textured, non-slip surface and side guards for further foot support.

They’re also rather large, measuring around 13″ (33 cm), allowing them to fit sports shoes of various sizes.

Large wheels with a rubberized outer layer and an internal ball bearing are integrated into the pedal bars (one for each).

Stainless steel covers protect the tracks on which these wheels slide, preventing the pain from wearing out.

The pedals move smoothly and quietly, despite this. The Body Power StepTrac machine does not specify the stride length offered. However, it is equivalent to other similar trainers such as the ProGear 9900 in terms of the overall concept.

It should be between 7 and 10 inches (17 and 25 cm) in length. However, it lacks the range of motion that a standard elliptical with a stride length of 20″ (51 cm) may give.

However, a continuous workout might still be beneficial depending on your posture, resistance setting, and a variety of other things.

Approximately 5″ is the height of the pedal step-up (12 cm). The pedals are also slightly sloped backward when in the lowest position, making stepping on them considerably simpler, especially when approaching the machine from the rear.

The pedals are approximately 16″ at their tallest position (40 cm). Therefore, it is suggested that you operate the machine in a room with a ceiling at least 20″-25″ (51-63 cm) higher than your own.

Resistance and Drive System

Unlike comparable elliptical trainers, the Body Power StepTrac BST800 has a somewhat different driving mechanism.

It has a huge flywheel similar to those used in spin cycles, for starters. Only a portion of the flywheel is hidden. It’s also perimeter-weighted, giving the pedaling action more inertia and regularity.

The flywheel’s actual weight isn’t indicated, but considering its size, it’s likely to be around 30-40 pounds / 13-18 kg, which is about normal for a spin cycle flywheel.

It’s also bi-directional, meaning you can pedal backward with it.

A manual magnetic resistance system is built into the BST800 elliptical stepper.

Therefore, you won’t need to plug it into a power outlet. This also implies that its console does not have predefined training plans or automatically alter the resistance.

An inbuilt magnetic brake is attached to the tension dial on the front upright bar to resist the machine.

The brake goes closer to the flywheel as this dial is turned clockwise, making pedaling more difficult.

There are eight different tension levels available with this machine.

The lowest one offers a light pedal strain, with the flywheel’s weight acting as the only power source.

The 8th tension level, however, produces much greater resistance, which is ideal for increasing your cardiovascular rate in a shorter amount of time while also providing a more intensive exercise.

The Body Power BST800 elliptical stepper also has a belt driving mechanism.

Therefore, unlike a machine with a chain drive, you don’t have to bother about internal lubrication.

The belt also moves in a very quiet and smooth manner.


The console that comes with the Body Power StepTrac BST800 elliptical stepper doesn’t have any preset training programs and can’t handle the unit’s resistance adjustment, as we discussed before.

It also lacks Bluetooth and access to the internet. It’s essentially a fitness tracker.

Time, distance, total distance, speed, RPM, calories, and pulse are all tracked on the console’s 3.5″ LCD.

The distance and speed are displayed in miles per hour and miles per hour, respectively.

Only the metallic sensors included in the machine’s fixed handlebars may be used to detect the pulse rating.

The console lacks an integrated HRC receiver and cannot communicate with an HR chest strap, armband, or smartwatch.

The controller is simple to operate. Mode, Reset, and Up/Down selection arrows are the four buttons on the machine. You may use the Mode button for cycling through the exercise stats and choosing the one you wish to see on the screen.

However, the unit includes a Scan Mode that, when enabled, rotates all of the measurements for a few seconds. You may set time, distance, and calorie goals using the Up/Down arrows. Finally, the Reset button allows you to reset the unit to zero values.

The console runs on batteries, which are provided in the package. When you push the mode button or start pedaling, it will startup. It also saves battery life by shutting down automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.

The tablet holder is one last standout element of the machine’s console.

A little shelf sits above the LCD panel as part of this attachment. Additionally, there are two layers of non-slip material on the top area of the console unit to prevent your tablet or smartphone from sliding off.


The machine’s main body, which includes the flywheel, belt, and resistance elements, is pre-built. However, the other pieces must be installed by the user.

Therefore, the unit’s base bars, pedals, front mast and tension wire, moving arms, fixed handlebars, and the console will all need to be attached.

This might take up to two hours to complete, although the directions are quite clear in the booklet.

Also included are all of the essential assembly tools.

As previously said, the machine’s internal components should not require maintenance for a long time.

Therefore, all you have to do now is look for any loose pieces and, if required, oil the joints.

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