Xmark Lat Pulldown Machine XM-7618 Review

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The Xmark lat pulldown machine XM-7618 is a piece of versatile home gym equipment that comes with a low pulley workout station.

Its construction is made from high-quality 11-gauge 2” x 3” heavy-duty steel, making it one of the best commercial-grade industrial standard machines for home use.

XM7618 lat machine can be loaded with both Standard and Olympic plates. Its maximum capacity is 400 lbs and is priced economically in comparison to its counterparts.

If you are looking for a sturdy and affordable lat pulldown machine that offers more than 20 exercises, then Xmark XM-7618 is what you are looking for.

XMark LAT Pull Down and Low Row Cable Machine, Heavy


  • Maximum weight capacity – 400 lbs
  • Length – 56.7”
  • Width – 48”
  • Height – 84 inches
  • Weight – 122 lbs
  • Frame – powder coated 11” gauge heavy-duty steel 2” x 3”
  • High and low pulley stations – bearing system
  • Compatible with – Olympic 2” chrome adaptors – standard 1” plates

What I Like About

  • It comes at an affordable price, even though it features a heavy-duty frame. There are very few lat pulldowns that can compete with the quality and price combination of this machine.
  • Its sturdy frame has another advantage, i.e., to support heavy weight capacity while keeping it stable throughout the workout.
  • The anti-slip feet help keep the machine in one place without moving or slipping, even on the hardwood floor.
  • The steel bearings ensure smooth pulleys that seldom get struck, whereas the bushings mechanism used in many other machines tends to get stuck, which ruins your exercise routine.
  • The smooth-moving pulleys take your concentration off the machine and allow you to focus on the workout, which is a very important part of fitness.
  • The powder-coated steel frame stays protected from the moisture in the air and thus does not rust easily.
  • Suitable for users of up to 6’2” height, and you can do a full range of motion comfortably on this machine.
  • A high weight capacity of 400 lbs is impressive enough to accommodate most users, including beginners and advanced trainers.
  • The seat comes with a flip option and 3” of Dura-Craft cushioning to add to your comfort.
  • It comes with chrome Olympic adaptors, Short bar, and lat bar
  • The frame has a lifetime warranty which is again very useful.

What I Don’t Like

  • It occupies a lot of space in a home gym
  • You need to maintain it with constant oiling for lubricating the pulleys

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Who Is the Xmark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown Machine For?

Working out at home has its advantages: no waiting for your turn at machines, saving commute time and expenses, privacy to work out in the clothes of your choice, and several other reasons.

Many users missed while exercising at home compared to gym workouts is the constant resistance exercises.

You need to use a pulley system to perform these, and having apt machines for them will allow you to train even for these exercises. Those who are interested in hypertrophy training need to keep up with their constant resistance exercises regularly.

Such people should use both training modes, i.e., cables based for constant resistance and free weights for accommodating resistance into their programs. Capacity rating is an important factor to consider for lat pull machines.

For beginner and intermediate lifters, a weight capacity of 200 lbs is enough, and as you progress into a professional lifter, an excess of 250lbs is required by the user.

When you have 450 lbs of weight capacity, it will suffice for a long fitness journey if you invest in it once, and Xmark XM-7618 has proximity for this capacity at 400 lbs.

If you think it will be overkill for beginners, do not underestimate the efficiency of this machine in turning you into an intermediate lifter quickly.

The strength training it provides will soon advance your progress, and if you go with a lower capacity machine, it might not be as effective, and even if it is, you will soon outgrow it.

Xmark XM-7618 Alternative: Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown Standalone

The expert athletes prefer this Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown Standalone machine as it is solidly built compared to a tank in its rigidity. It comes highly equipped, and you can perform several exercises using this machine.

Rogue is reputed for implementing their customers’ feedback into their machines, which adds practicality to their devices and feels valued with their practice. You can see its implementation in practice as this machine is a good example of such requests.

It brought out several versions of this machine after adding the useful features requested by the users. Its 11 gauge steel notes dimensions are 3” x 3”, and the footprint is 60” x 40” x 96”.

The weight is 650 lbs with 300 lbs of resistance in plates which you can add as 10 lbs increments. This home lat pulldown machine also works as a rowing machine, meaning you get the double benefit for the cost and space of a single machine.

Even the design is innovative as the Rogue does not make the bench longer for this model. Instead, they position the footrest under the seat you get a rowing machine that does not occupy any extra length.

Another mention-worthy feature is the usability of bands with the lat pull. This is a unique feature as it is not found in many machines, and this feature is a hit with experienced athletes as it is a very useful feature for them.

Available Exercises

Using this XM-7618 machine, you can do Behind neck lat pull-downs, close grip lat pull-downs, lat pull-downs, singer arm lat pull-downs, reverse grip lat pull-downs, straight arm pull-downs, stand-up rows, seated rows, triceps press downs, singer-arm shoulder presses.

Even exercises such as biceps curls, one-arm biceps curls, one-arm deltoid raise, cable reverse lunges, cable forward lunge, cable lateral lunges, cable crunches, cable front squats, hip abductions, hip adductions, one leg stand-up curls are possible using this lat pull machine.

These exercises are possible using accessories such as ankle straps, ab ropes, and similar ones. However, they are to be bought separately, but you get several Xmark accessories for this machine on a positive note. They come with high quality and excellent craftsmanship.


Though you need to buy some accessories, this machine comes with some useful accessories for basic training. The weighted plate set is provided with this machine, whereas the Xmark XM-7618 lat machine does not have one.

It comes with a lat bar, short bar, extension chain, and the adapter set for the Olympic sleeve. The 48” lat bar length features a chrome finish, giving it a stylish look and making it durable. The two knurled areas and the rubberized ends provide a comfortable grip along with security.

Similarly, the short bar has an extension chain attached to it and has a chrome finish similar to the longer one with rubberized grips. The chrome-plated adapters come with a length of 14”.

Assembly and Maintenance

Assembling this Xmark lat pulldown machine does not take much time or effort, as you can complete it within an hour. You need to set up the base first, add the carriage guide rods, weight carriage, low pulley, seat frame, and set up the bar at the top with the main cable and pulleys.

It comes with a very informative manual and all the necessary instructions to assist you in the assembly process, which goes on smoothly given the aid. Though tools are not included, only two wrenches are required in the whole process.

For maintenance, you need to check the joints of the XM-7618 lat machine if they are intact or loosened over time after your workout. You can tighten them, and periodically checking them will keep the machine from wobbling.

Similarly, pulleys require constant lubrication with oiling. Otherwise, they make a squeaking sound and do not run smoothly.

Final Words

Xmark is a quality-built machine and comes at a better price than the Rouge model. It is stable and durable. Even seasoned lifters find it useful due to its high capacity. Also, the low pulley station provided in Xmark is highly useful.

The possibility to perform more than 20 exercises is impressive. The generously cushioned seat, foam rollers with extra thickness for knee stoppers, and the well-constructed machine are all comfort-oriented factors that you get here.

Overall the machine is a good build for the price offered, and you will be using it for years together once you buy it. The versatility it offers helps you work out various programs without monotony.

Xmark is known for its quality, and this machine is no different from its other machines. And you can purchase it if you require your home gym to be equipped with lat pulldown of a high standard. Even their pulleys and the cable are standard made, which last longer than their counterparts.

I hope you find this review useful, and you got a better idea about Xmark Lat Pulldown Machine to check how it suits your needs.

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