Best Proform Elliptical Machines – ALL Model Review and Comparison

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Ellipticals are a good value-addition to any home gym but only when the right equipment suiting your exercise goals is chosen.

Besides design, construction, and resistance levels offered by a machine, the elliptical’s brand value plays a key role in determining the equipment’s performance and consistency.

Hence, an elliptical from a well-reputed manufacturer such as Proform is an amazing choice for each of us wanting to set up a commercial gym-like setting in our home.

ProForm is the world’s second-best-selling fitness equipment brand, after Weslo, HealthRider, FreeMotion, and Weider, according to iFit Health & Fitness.

ProForm is only second to NordicTrack, an iFit brand you’ve probably heard of. They are not identical duplicates despite being made in the same area and using the same parts.

One widespread myth is that ProForm exclusively sells machines at the low end of the price range with comparable quality and that they don’t sell any high-end ellipticals. Indeed, they provide several high-end models of great quality. So keep it in mind while looking for a Proform elliptical machine.

About Proform

Anyone in love with fitness and has much knowledge about the extensive range of exercise equipment available in the market would be well-aware of the ICON Health & Fitness manufacturers, one of the world’s largest fitness equipment manufacturers.

The manufacturer is the proud owner of several brands, including NordicTrack, Proform, Gold’s Gym, Weslo, FreeMotion, and more.

Proform is the second-best-selling brand next only to NordicTrack, though both are manufactured in the same place using almost similar parts.

There is still a misconception that Proform is a popular brand for selling cheap machines made of average-quality materials when this is the case.

Contrarily, several high-end models from Proform are excellent performers, so you must keep this in mind while looking for an elliptical.

But one feature of Proform that seems to be a major deterrent for buyers includes its limited warranty. In comparison, we find that the warranty offered is inferior compared to other brands.

Warranty-based issues have gradually been resolved over the years, with constant improvements in the quality of the machine and the warranty period offered on them.

We find that most of the models now come with a lifetime warranty with 3-5 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Another highlight of the Proform brand is its variety of choices on the elliptical models, which come with exciting discounts sales. It offers throughout the years, with even more offered during the holiday season.

Proform Elliptical Series

Are you a person who loves to have numerous choices before choosing your preferred product? If so, you would be delighted with Proform, as the brand has six different series to choose from.

As with any other elliptical, some of the integral features include adjustable inclination options, moving handlebars, excellent frame and construction using sturdy steel finish, touchscreen console, and several workout programs that improve the versatility of the equipment.

Let’s take a look at each of the series in detail now.


The major difference with the Endurance series is that the resistance system is present in the front rather than at the back of the elliptical.

Hence, such design makes any Endurance series trainer occupy comparatively lesser space than rear-drive trainers without compromising the stride length.

The three important models released in 2020 include the Endurance 520E, Endurance 720E, and Smart Endurance 920E.

A primary advantage here is that these ellipticals would be most suitable for those with budget restrictions. You’ve got various budget models starting from the cheaper ones (520E) to the expensive ones (902E), including heavier drives, advanced displays, and more max weight capacities.

Pro Series

You also get to choose from three different models, including the Pro 9.9, SMART Pro 12.9, and SMART Pro 16.9.

The two SMART models have similar features, including touchscreens (7″ or 10″) that help you enjoy your iFit workout videos. The Pro model is iFit-enabled, but you would have to connect your tablet or smartphone as the display is only 6 inches.

All the trainers in this series have front drives, but the difference is that the Pro Series machines are more powerful than the Endurance Series models.

This is mainly because the heavier drives guarantee smoother motion and bring you challenging workout experiences due to their strength-training abilities.

The SMART Pro models have a 32-pound flywheel, while the Pro 9.9 model has a 28-pound flywheel.

In terms of training, all the trainers are suitable for all levels of trainers as there are around 24-26 levels of resistance that offer both light and intense training.

The high-end model has a maximum user weight capacity of 375 pounds, 35 preset workout programs, and a 10-inch smart HD touchscreen.

Smart Strider (CSE)

The ProForm CSE Series for this year 2020 just includes one SMAR Strider elliptical, the SMART Strider 895.

Being a rear-drive elliptical, SMART Striders require relatively more floor space than front-drive trainers, such as those included in the above series.

The brand has smartly compensated for this by introducing a vertical SpaceSaver Design that helps you store the machine vertically, thereby reducing as much room space occupied as possible. All you have to do is workout intensely on the machine and simply fold it up to store it.

Generally, it is commonly observed that rear-drive ellipticals cost more than front-drive ellipticals, but this is not true with this model as the drives are not heavy.

Although the elliptical might be best suited for beginner trainers, it doesn’t mean that it lacks features and specifications.

Some of the interesting features offered by Strider 895 include a 0-10 degree adjustable incline, 24 levels of resistance, a 7-inch HD touchscreen, and a 1-year free iFit membership with your purchase.

Hybrid Trainer

As the name suggests, the Hybrid Trainer combines a recumbent bike and an elliptical from Proform. There are three models: the Trainer model, Trainer XT, and Trainer Pro.

This trainer performs both the duties well at a surprisingly low price, especially for its extras. The only place where this trainer lacks is the basics, as they are at the lower end.

The stride length is short, only 15 or 17 inches, and the flywheel weight is only 15 pounds making this trainer a low-intensity one suiting smaller individuals.


The Carbon series is the latest introduction, with one model introduced in 2020, the Carbon E7. Although the EL and EX models were added recently, these might be temporary replacements for the inventory issues.

The best thing about this model is that it is offered free when you sign up for a three-year iFit membership.

The E7 model belongs to the mid-range category—neither too basic as the Endurance Series nor too advanced as the Pro Series. Hence, the pricing is medium, and the machine offers more than you could ask for the price paid.

HIIT Trainers

We might be discussing these machines lastly, but these trainers are becoming more and more popular in recent years. Like the Hybrid trainers above, the HIIT trainers are hybrid ellipticals/steppers machines that offer maximum results in the smallest period.

There are two major models of this type: the basic Carbon HIIT H7 and the advanced Pro HIIT H14 model.

In general, all the SMART series models come with a free 1-year iFit Membership, which opens the world of access to training videos, motivational tools, and taking your exercise routines to any corner of the world, including mountain terrains or oceans.

Let’s look at all the important models available in each series below. This would help you understand the specifications offered by each of them, which would help you make an informed choice based on your exercising goals and target.

Best Proform Elliptical Machines – Proform Endurance Elliptical Series

Proform Endurance 520 E

Coming from a well-known brand in the home gym market, the Endurance 520E elliptical from Proform is one of the cheapest models available in the market.

Such low-budget provisioning and incorporating excellent features make this model one of the best-selling ellipticals in the fitness world, especially for those looking out for a low-impact workout.

I love the elliptical’s 19-inch power-adjustable stride length and the manual inclination possibility of up to 20 degrees, among the various great features.

Such inclination possibilities help you target various muscles and increase the challenging elliptical ability due to the presence of the 15-pound flywheel.

The maximum user weight limit is only 300 pounds, and there is no fan provided for cooling down.

Use the adjustable incline option to tone your lower body and improve metabolic rates. Reap all of these benefits by using the machine’s oversized and cushioned pedals.

Mix entertainment with exercise using the equipment’s 5-inch backlit LCD, whose console is iFit-enabled. There is no need to waste efforts and resources hunting for a personal trainer.

But, this subscription is not free, and if in case you don’t want to shell extra bucks, you can always make use of the 18 preset workout programs available in the machine—the pedaling resistance changes based on your goals for the duration set.

Though there are a couple of issues regarding the brand’s customer service and the materials’ quality, the 520E is an excellent entry-level trainer full of features for the price paid.


  • The multiple inclination options help you focus on various muscle groups simultaneously
  • Stay entertained using the in-built speakers and the tablet holder provisioning
  • An iFit subscription motivates you to train harder as you exercise in different virtual locations around the world
  • 18 preset workout programs


  • The flywheel weighs only 15 pounds, and you cannot expect smooth resistance like a commercial elliptical trainer.
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Proform Endurance 720 E

ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical, Black, Model:PFEL57916

You could call the 720 E a sister model to the 520 E as they almost have the same specifications with a few minor differences.

The 720E is an upgraded version of the 520E and is a front-drive elliptical. If you are a beginner or an intermediate trainer, I recommend that you try looking at this model as the machine is designed to match your needs.

Unlike the 520E with a manual incline, the 720E comes with an adjustable power rack incline setting where the incline angle can be increased from 0-20 degrees targeting various muscle groups in the body.

Coming to the stride length, the measurements here match the ones offered by 520E—a 19-inch stride length that could be adjusted to suit the needs of different types of trainers and those with a different build.

If you are interested in challenges, use the 20 different resistance levels offered by the 720E model. Choose to go slowly or pedal intensely using the resistance settings bringing variety to your workout.

If you are concerned about your heart rate, don’t worry, as the machine comes with a built-in heart rate monitor to track your heart rate.

This iFit coach-ready model also comes with a built-in adjustable tablet holder that can be used to access music and videos. Make use of the built-in music system to stay entertained and charge your electronic devices using the USB charging port provided.

The 20-pound flywheel ensures smooth performance, and the easy-to-hold upper body workout arms help you achieve a total-body workout.


  • 24 preset workout programs catering to all your exercising goals
  • 325-pound maximum user weight limit
  • Fan with a two-speed setting makes your workout experience cool and comfortable.
  • Power inclination options help you burn greater calories and target various muscle groups.
  • Oversized and cushioned pedals and moving handlebars help you strengthen and tone your upper body.


  • No full-color display, and you must make use of your smartphone/tablet
  • Slow customer service for replacing parts
  • The front-drive design forces some people to lean onto the machine.
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Proform Endurance 920 E

ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical

If you are looking for a great elliptical under the $1000 price range, don’t miss checking the 920E model, as it is designed and constructed to meet any type of trainer’s needs.

The 920E is the advanced model in the Endurance Series with astounding specifications for the price paid.

You get to enjoy an 18-22 stride length that should be suitable for different types of trainers, and the 25-pound flywheels make this machine a strong and sturdy choice. The power-adjustable length helps you try elliptical paths of different lengths.

Hence, the tallest (22-inch stride length can be used), and the shortest member, including teens (18-inch), can work out comfortably using this piece of equipment.

For instance, if you wish to burn calories, you can try exercising using a longer-than-average stride length, and if you wish to tone your hamstrings and glutes, you can try a shorter-than-average stride length.

Besides this, the Endurance 920E boasts an electronic inclination up to 20 degrees that help you focus on rapid calorie burning, target various muscle groups, and face cardio challenges.

You might want to enjoy versatility, power, or preset programming options, and for any of these, the 920E is a perfect choice.

Pedaling is the crux of an elliptical, and the adjustable pedals that offer comfort and endurance are good for your various exercising needs.

The handlebars come with multiple grip possibilities, which help you tone your upper body and focus solidly on the muscles present here.

The machine has a solid build in terms of frame and construction as it is made using a commercial-gauge solid steel frame and Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) rather than contact braking.

Use the transport wheels to move the machine anywhere around the house.


  • Lifetime warranty on the frame, three years for parts, and one year for labor
  • It could be battery-powered but comes with an AC adaptor
  • Power-adjustable incline options and 32 different preset workout programs for a versatile exercising experience
  • iFit coach-enabled console
  • 7-inch full-color touchscreen
  • Power adjustable stride makes the machine suitable for tall and short users.


  • The front-drive design could cause discomfort for people with lower back pain
  • iFit subscription not included for retail purchasers
  • No chest strap included for monitoring heart rate
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Best Proform Elliptical Machines – Proform HIIT Trainer Series

ProForm Carbon HIIT H7

The main purpose for which the Carbon HIIT H7 trainer was released was to provide high-intensity interval training.

Hence, it is clear that this model cannot be suitable for all, especially novice trainers.

Still, the H7 trainer offers a low-impact workout. The best part about this elliptical is its 30-pound flywheel that helps you achieve a smooth and noiseless experience.

Another highlight of this machine is that you get the elliptical for free when you pay a 3-year iFit membership, and this is great as we would be willing to pay the membership fee for a versatile training routine on a great machine like the HIIT H7.

Though you don’t get any inclination options, the machine comes equipped with 32 different preset programs that are enjoyable and tough. There are 24 levels of resistance available.

You can experience a full-body workout using the multi-function handlebars suitable for different body sizes and with the oversized pedals cushioned for comfort and repositioning.

Follow up on your progress by using the 7-inch HD touchscreen display and automatically readjust resistance anytime during the workout.

The Carbon HIIT H7 is compact and foldable despite sturdy construction and enhanced features.


  • It comes fitted with Bluetooth-enabled speakers
  • 10 years warranty on the frame
  • 24 different resistance levels
  • Compact and foldable
  • Total-body workouts


  • Fixed stride length (7 inches vertically and 5 inches horizontally)
  • HIIT training is not suitable for all
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ProForm Pro HIIT H14

Being a HIIT elliptical, the H14 is the most suitable machine for serious cross trainers as it is designed with the needs of advanced trainers in mind.

For instance, the multi-grip handlebars bring about a boxing-like motion to provide a good workout for your arms and core.

It is good to know that this model guarantees a commercial-grade experience as it is fitted with a 30-pound flywheel that successfully brings about a smooth experience.

34 preset programs and 26 different resistance levels help any trainer engage in a concrete exercising experience.

Once you start using the elliptical, it is not surprising that you might feel it a combination of an elliptical and a stepper together with a vertical elliptical path.

One of these machines’ best features is the 14-inch full-color touchscreen that offers you the best iFit experiences from across the world.

Train with renowned fitness trainers and experience the world’s best landscapes, exploring iFit features.


  • Compact and foldable
  • Total body training experience
  • Commercial-grade construction with a 30-pound flywheel
  • A great machine for serious cross trainers
  • Good warranty


  • Fixed stride length (10-inch vertical path and a 5-inch horizontal path)
  • HIIT is not suitable for all
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ProForm HIIT Trainer Lite 5.9 Elliptical

ProForm PFEL05918 HIIT Trainer Lite 5.9

Comparatively, this is a lighter and more affordable model trainer coming with many features.

The 5.9 model boasts a comparatively smaller footprint than most other front-drive models. Hence, this should be more suitable for smaller rooms.

Don’t worry about the performance as the machine is quite heavy and promises good stability (as it has a low center of gravity).

This being said, you needn’t worry about balance and weight issues even when you are close to the maximum user weight limit supported (300 pounds).

Coming to the frame and construction, the manufacturer has done a commendable job with this piece of equipment—it is made of good-quality steel, and many parts are ABS-made.

On top of this, the steel parts are powder coated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish.

Though the flywheel is only 12 pounds, it guarantees good performance as the trainer is equipped with a magnetic resistance system. You can also pedal bidirectionally using the flywheel.

This model has 18 different resistance levels and 18 different workout programs, helping you reap good exercising benefits.


  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Secondary features include a fan, water bottle holder, speakers, and a tablet holder
  • Two sets of handlebars (fixed and moving)
  • Cushioned pedals
  • Easy to assemble and maintain


  • No iFit membership included
  • The HR chest strap is not included.
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Best Proform Elliptical Machines – Proform Pro Series

Proform Pro 9.9

In the Pro series, the Pro 9.9 is the base model released by the end of 2016. This model’s captivating features include the increased stride length, iFit Coach technology, an extensive range of workouts, and an easy assembly process.

Anyone looking at the 9.9 model will not miss out on admiring the 32 preset workout programs offered by the manufacturer–16 performance-based programs and 16-calorie-based programs. This way, you target different muscle groups and achieve fitness goals.

This model’s 21-inch adjustable stride length makes this suitable for tall and short individuals. You can also power adjust it to suit your fit, making it easier than the manual adjustment functionality incorporated in the previous models.

You can explore various terrains as this model is iFit-ready, and the elliptical is capable of adjusting itself according to the terrain you choose.

Else, you could even choose from various personal trainer-designed workouts using your tablet or smartphone. This is more suitable for those who don’t want to spend money on iFit membership.

Increase the workout’s intensity by choosing anything between the 0 and 10-degree inclination offered and selecting the 24 different resistance levels available.

This way, the manufacturer has ensured that you don’t get bored with the elliptical on any given day.


  • The 28-pound flywheel ensures a relatively silent operation.
  • Easy to assemble as the machine comes ready to use out of the box
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 3 years on parts, and 1 year on labor
  • Additional features such as transportation wheels, fan, water bottle holder, and multi-position handlebars provided


  • A grip pulse monitor is not as user-friendly as a wireless heart rate monitor.
  • You can use the 18-inch stride length only at the steepest incline.
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Proform SMART Pro 12.9

ProForm Pro 12.9 Elliptical Trainer

The Pro series is Proform’s luxury edition with heavier flywheels, super-strong construction, and better warranties than other models.

Let’s start with the flywheel capability—the manufacturer has provided a 32-pound inertia-enhanced flywheel. The construction is made from commercial-grade steel that guarantees the utmost sturdiness and strength of the elliptical.

Hence, the machine can accommodate users up to 375 pounds of weight. The 20-inch power adjustable stride length makes it suitable for tall and short individuals.

Besides being useful for a wide array of trainers, this machine promises versatility of training too. Choose from a 0-20 degree inclination helping you work out different muscle groups at various inclination levels.

Make use of the 26 different resistance levels available to further increase the workout’s challenging nature to achieve your health goals.

But, anytime you feel that the workout’s intensity is too high, don’t fail to make use of the SMART Pro 12.9’s built-in EKG(TM) Grip Pulse heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate. You could even do this wirelessly by using the wireless chest strap available.

Once you are all set with the desired resistance and inclination levels, monitor your progress using the 7-inch full-color display that’s not only iFit-ready but also features a full sound system, a tablet holder, water bottle holder, and a fan.


  • Optimal inclination levels up to 20 degrees possible
  • Multi-position upper-body grips available for comfort
  • A wide choice of preset programs (35 programs)
  • Web- and iFit-enabled
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring strap included


  • There is no warranty for the motor
  • Stride length is compact (20-inch)
  • iFit usage needs an iFit subscription at an additional cost
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Proform SMART Pro 16.9

ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer

You could call this a premium elliptical trainer as it comes fully loaded with a whole range of features and is built with premium-quality materials.

Find your perfect stride length by making use of this machine’s 20-inch adjustable stride length, which helps many members of your family make use of this model at their convenience. Now your teens, too, can customize the stride length and stay fit without giving any excuses.

The inclination is always challenging, and the Pro 16.9 offers a 0-20% inclination. Exercising using such levels helps you boost your body’s metabolic rate and burn more calories rapidly than you expected.

Such inclination options also help tone your muscles and greatly improve cardiovascular health.

Twenty-six different resistance levels support you in challenging workouts, and the transitioning between them is smooth, efficient, and silent.

Using these options, you can regularly exercise your exercising routines and stay motivated for the days to come.

Whatever your goal might be, the 35 different preset program options available on this machine make it extremely simple to achieve your goals, given that you exercise regularly.

Blend some entertainment with such vigorous routines by connecting to iFit, accessing a huge library of training videos, and joining the iFit community.

The only concern is that you need to subscribe to a membership, but the money is still worth it!


  • Track your heart rate either using the built-in sensors in the handlebars or the wireless chest strap
  • Excellent display using the 10-inch full-color screen
  • Easy to assemble and compact design
  • The commercial-grade steel frame assures durability.
  • The 32-pound flywheel offers a smooth and noiseless operation.


  • Not much console space available for your objects such as keys and smartphones
  • Expensive pricing
  • Absence of in-handle inclination control
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Best Proform Elliptical Machines – Proform Smart Stride (CSE) Series

Proform 495 CSE

ProForm 495 Cse Smart Strider 495 Cse Elliptical

If you are looking for a cheap and light-duty trainer for home gym use, be happy that your search ends here as the Proform 495 CSE satisfies both of these requirements of yours.

You could call this an entry-level machine as it is suggested for basic workouts and is priced economically.

The stride length is only 18 inches, and hence, taller individuals might find it quite difficult to exercise using it.

If you wish to bring versatility to your daily workout routine, feel free to choose from any of the 18 resistance levels and 18 workout programs available in this model.

Again, if you are satisfied with the number of workout programs available, you always suggest using the iFit workouts.

Being iFit-compatible, mimic outdoor paths, and enjoy scenic locations traveling through various countries and terrains.

Though ellipticals occupy considerable space, the SpaceSaver design helps you fold the machine and move it anywhere you want. The 495 CSE uses a tablet computer to monitor and display all standard metrics, including calories burned, time, and speed.

Measure pulse through sensors that you grip on your handlebars. Extra features such as iPod-compatible speakers, transportation wheels, and a water bottle holder are provided for your convenience.


  • The rear-drive elliptical frame makes it a low-impact trainer
  • Compact and foldable
  • Commercial-gauge steel frame
  • 18 resistance levels and 18 preset workout programs
  • A good elliptical for low-impact workouts


  • The flywheel is very light (13-pound)
  • Though foldable, the machine occupies a larger footprint when used.
  • No inclination options
  • No pedal cushioning
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Proform 695 CSE

ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical

A mid-range model above the 495 CSE but below the 895 CSE. I guarantee that the Proform 695 CSE is a decent choice for its pricing.

To prove this model’s versatility, the manufacturer has provided 6 extra programs than the one found in the basic 495 models. This way, the equipment is more challenging and offers variety.

You can enjoy a 10-degree power inclination and choose from any of the 20 resistance levels to prove your fitness mettle.

Observe your progress and track your fitness goals using the Round Watts Display, which shows exactly what power zone you exist in. It could be Tempo, Endurance, or Peak.

Space-wise, too, the 695 CSE comes with a space-saving design that helps you store the machine away.

Though we might call this piece of equipment an entry-level model, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get to enjoy productive workouts using it.

With good sturdiness (being built with commercial-grade steel) and a solid warranty period, the equipment helps you stay motivated and interested in working out regularly.

Visit exciting places and roam through forests or jungles on your elliptical, using the iFit technology available in this model.

Besides this, you also get ideas about your recommended sleep levels and a nutritional guide to stay fit and eat healthy food.

Additional features are also quite appreciable—the company provides soft-grip handles, a tablet holder, an air fan to stay cool, iPod compatibility, and transportation wheels for ease of use and enhanced comfort.


  • 20 resistance levels, 24 workout programs, and 10-degree power incline
  • Additional features
  • A commercial-gauge steel frame enables a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Rear-drive design
  • The equipment is foldable and is also provided with transport wheels.


  • You need to connect your mobile device to access iFit.
  • The machine occupies more space compared to front-drive ellipticals though foldable.
  • The warranty period is not appreciable.
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Proform 895 CSE

ProForm 895 Cse Smart Strider Elliptical

The Proform 895 CSE was released along with the 495 and 695 CSE models, which have enhanced features and capabilities compared to the previous versions.

First and foremost, I would like to discuss the full-color 7-inch display, which is Internet-enabled, and this is one primary feature that’s different from the other two models.

As with other SMART Striders, the 895 CSE is also iFit enabled. This is an exciting program, and the Google Maps feature is more than palpable and worth all that you pay for the membership.

Surf through mountains or go through buzzing streets in any country to get the feel of any country worldwide.

Coming to the machine’s performance, just like any other SMART Strider, this model too offers only an 18-inch stride length, which is good for short individuals but not good enough for tall users.

There are 24 different resistance levels, and you can change up to a 10-degree inclination to experience intense training levels. This way, you can set the machine as per your training level and reap benefits, including rapid calorie loss and muscle strengthening.

The 18-pound flywheel is heavier comparatively, which makes it sturdier and stable. Individuals as heavy as 325 pounds can use this model, which comes with an array of features.

The oversized pedals are well-cushioned, and the handlebars offer a non-slip grip that’s great for prolonged workouts. Choose anything from the 32 different workout programs and stay cool as you get a fan to support this.


  • The rear-drive design supports a natural stride.
  • Train within target heart zone using the wireless and contact pulse monitors
  • Tablet holder, fan, water bottle holder, and sturdy steel frame
  • The machine promises low-impact training
  • 24 programs designed by certified professionals


  • Occupies a larger footprint though the machine is foldable
  • High pricing
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Best Proform Elliptical Machines – Proform Hybrid Series Trainer

Proform Hybrid Trainer

If budget is your primary concern, you can very well look into the Proform Hybrid Trainer as it is affordable and a mid-budget model.

Being a hybrid model, you can enjoy dual cardio benefits both as an elliptical and an exercise bike. This way, you can be assured of calorie-burning capabilities, increased muscle endurance, and muscle toning.

The Hybrid trainer could be called a full-body workout provider as you can do exercises both in standing and sitting positions, activating the upper and lower body.

The 13-pound flywheel is average, but there are 16 different resistance levels provided, and you could change to any one of them with the turn of a knob.

Using the LCD screen, get to know how much power you are producing during your workouts.

The Watt Power Meter is a smart way to see where you stand in your fitness levels. The Hybrid trainer has only a 15-inch stride length, which is too short, and there are no inclination options available.

Do any of the 16 built-in workout programs to stay strong and make maximum use of this hybrid trainer. In terms of customization, you cannot beat what this machine offers—adjustable console, adjustable seats, and oversized, adjustable pedals.


  • Transform between a bike and an elliptical in seconds
  • Sturdy frame and affordable machine
  • iFit Bluetooth-enabled
  • Oversized pedals and tablet holder


  • Not foldable
  • Limited warranty offered
  • The console could be better
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Proform Hybrid Trainer XT

Like any other model available in the Proform Hybrid Trainer series, the XT model serves as an elliptical and a recumbent bike.

Stand or sit on it and exercise to reap both upper and lower body benefits.

This trainer, too, comes with a 15-inch stride length, which is not optimal for all.

You don’t get to enjoy any inclination options, and the resistance levels provided are also limited.

The 13-lbs flywheel is average-performing, but the trainer can withstand up to 350 pounds of user weight.

You must know that hybrid trainers are all entry-level models, and you must not expect much from them. This way, it is more suitable for novice and intermediate trainers.

Combine performance with fun using the iFit coach, who is fun and an excellent choice to train with.

Though the machine is not foldable, the company has provided transportation wheels to help you steer the elliptical anywhere around the house.


  • A 2-in-1 machine that can be quickly converted between an elliptical and a bike
  • iFit-ready
  • 16 workout apps and a 350-pound weight capacity
  • Moving handlebars help you focus on upper-body training.
  • Oversized and cushioned pedals


  • The stride length is only 15 inches.
  • Flywheel weight is only 13 pounds.
  • Short warranty period
  • No built-in color display
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Proform Hybrid Trainer Pro

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

This model has similar features as the original Hybrid Trainer and added benefits.

This model provides a 17-inch length, which is not bad for tall individuals, but the 15-pound flywheel isn’t a terrible choice either.

If you want to use preset programs, please choose anything from the 20 in-built programs available for use.

It is also possible to incorporate more challenges by choosing from 20 different resistance levels.

Keep track of your heart rate using the EKG Grip Pulse to stay healthy and keep your heart healthy.

This machine is the best choice for those who like to do low-intense workouts and is equally well-suited for beginner trainers.

Additional features include a water bottle holder a tablet holder, and it is also smartphone-compatible. There are transport wheels provided to move the elliptical to any room easily.

The LCD is large, and the console is Bluetooth-enabled, which helps you combine entertainment with your exercise routine.


  • Easy-to-use controls
  • EKG Grip Pulse helps you track heart rate
  • 350 pounds of maximum user weight capacity
  • A 2-in-1 design
  • 20 different preset programs and interesting secondary features
  • Movable arms help you reap upper-body workout benefits


  • The 15-pound flywheel is not optimal
  • Unimpressive warranty offered
  • iFit Subscription is not free
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Best Proform Elliptical Machines – Proform Carbon Series

Proform Carbon E7

Sign up for a three-year iFit membership and get the Proform Carbon E7 elliptical free. Isn’t this a lovely opportunity when we look into the advantages offered by this machine?

Mainly, you get a 19-inch adjustable stride length suiting the needs of both tall and short individuals. Speaking about the flywheel, the 25-pound inertia-enhanced flywheel provides you with a smooth and noiseless operation that helps you work out during any time of the day.

Plenty of challenges awaits you once you start working out using this elliptical, as the manufacturer has provided 24 levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR).

Add more intensity using the adjustable inclination feature—go from 0-20 degrees instantly.

The machine also guarantees comfort with adjustable and oversized pedals, non-slip, and soft upper-body grips.

Once you have started working out on the machine and are looking forward to following up on your exercise goals, you can make use of the 7-inch HD touchscreen to enjoy the benefits of your iFit membership.

You can monitor your heart rate using the EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Sensor to keep track of your wellness.


  • 325-pound user weight capacity
  • 3-year iFit family membership
  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • Front-mount wheels help in easy transportation
  • The quick speed button helps to change incline and resistance levels swiftly.


  • Not foldable
  • No preset programs are available
  • Longer stride length for short trainers
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Proform Carbon EL Elliptical

The most affordable elliptical in the Carbon series comes with optimal basic features, but you could add additional entertainment features like iFit if you wish.

The Proform Carbon EL Elliptical is a front-drive elliptical that lures many individuals to feel comfortable working on it. The machine is also compact, helping you save a lot of space.

The 15-pound flywheel might not be great provisioning. Still, it’s good enough, given the pricing of the equipment.

There is optimal inclination provided with 5 different ramp levels. Change the incline levels up to 20 degrees to target various muscle groups in your body and become fitter.

For more challenges, make use of the 18 levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance and follow up on your exercise progress using the 5-inch high contrast display.

If you want, you can place your smartphone in the holder provided and stay connected with your iFit trainer for better results.

Using the built-in EKG heart rate grip sensor, get details about your heart rate. Getting an iFit membership is up to you, and to be true, you can use this elliptical without it too.


  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • Oversized pedals and levelers provided
  • Solid steel construction promises durability
  • iFit-ready
  • 5 ramp levels and up to 20 degrees of inclination


  • Simple console
  • iFit subscription is not included in the purchase
  • Manual incline
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Proform Carbon EX Elliptical

ProForm Carbon EX Smart Elliptical with Adjustable Power Incline and

You can experience excellent fitness training levels using the Proform Carbon EX Elliptical that’s iFit-ready.

The 20-pound inertia-enhanced flywheel helps you achieve a natural stride experience and promises a smoother operation.

If you are looking for the best-suited machine for the whole family, it is recommended to use this model as the 19-inch stride length suits tall and short individuals’ needs.

You can experience challenging workouts using the 20 digital resistance levels to enjoy a versatile exercising experience.

This elliptical helps you target various muscle groups, including your quads and glutes, using the inclination option that’s available.

Change the incline to 20 degrees and ensure that you are motivated to try various fitness levels and goals.

Get a total body workout using the soft-touch upper body grips and oversized pedals that makes this elliptical an engaging machine for all, and view your progress using the 6-inch high-contrast display.


  • Good features include a water bottle holder, air fan, and speakers
  • 1-year iFit membership included
  • 325-pound maximum weight capacity
  • The quick speed button helps you to adjust the resistance.


  • Keeps rebooting frequently
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Final Thoughts

Proform ellipticals are a great choice for any home gym setup as they are available in different models and varying budgets suiting the needs of all.

All models come with many exciting features, and the top-end models fairly cover all your requirements without any doubt.

Above all, the machines are iFit-ready, and some of them are even available for free when you choose a long iFit subscription.

It’s mainly in the stride length, resistance levels, and inclination options that all these ellipticals vary between each other.

Hence, make an informed choice by setting your exercise targets and, going forward, purchasing an elliptical that meets them.

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