Top 23 Best Gym Fitness Equipment Brands

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When a customer sees the best brands at your gym, they get a favorable impression. Top-of-the-line strength equipment exudes confidence and safety. Thus gyms with such equipment attract more customers. Investing in the best equipment is essential for attracting new members.

High-quality gym equipment looks fantastic, is easy to use, and offers better value for money because it lasts longer.

However, many gym owners find it difficult to find a top gym fitness equipment brand. If you’re one of them, we might be able to help.

We’ll introduce you to the best gym equipment companies in this guide and help you make an informed decision for your gym.

Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness, one of the leading gym equipment manufacturers globally, is mostly known for its elite line of treadmills.

This US-based manufacturer has the most versatile treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, climbers, and much more that they ship worldwide.

They began as hotel-focused fitness equipment service providers. Still, once the outside world got a gist of their premier-quality equipment design, Sole Fitness capitalized on this to deliver gym-grade equipment for personal and home use as well.

They have as many as 8 types of treadmills and more than 5 kinds of ellipticals, giving you an idea of the expertise and innovative impact this brand has had on the gym equipment world.

When was the last time you heard a company promise a 30-year warranty? Yes, this company offers that on its motors.

They also have other warranties on the body’s electrical equipment, including free installation and repairs. Yes, limited to two years.

This brand has a high trust value in the gym world and is the best gym equipment brand if you are looking for one.


Launched in 1986, this brand is a veteran in the fitness equipment industry in the truest sense.

Bowflex is a brand that once teamed up with NASA to build muscle mass and bone strength reviving gym equipment for the astronauts who returned from space has highly-advanced technology equipment for every workout.

They essentially focus on home workouts and have got amazing gym equipment for you to build your body and stay fit at home itself.

The Max Trainer is an elite elliptical and stair-stepper crossover, making cardio training very compact and effective. It comes with a screen, customized workouts, and coaching for an amazingly healthy experience.

Their home gym includes the famous SpiraFlex Technology used by NASA Astronauts, which offers the highest level of linear resistance to emulate the resistance of weights in a gym.

Their soon-to-be-out treadmill is also a great one where the JRNY experience has been coded in the machine to make it highly smart for your home.


NordicTrack came into existence in an unconventional turn of events by two ski enthusiasts to win a ski competition- Ed and Florence Paul.

Their ski machine was praised by a cardiologist who touted it as the best cardio machine ever built.

This led to the Paul brothers getting into the cardio exerciser equipment business they were previously doing part-time.

Their ellipticals and treadmills, including the inclined and commercial treadmills, are top-notch and globally the best gym equipment.

The iFit application helps you serve you completely personalized training to build your cardio and take it to higher levels.

This application is amplified and integrated with trainers who control your performance and speed as you exercise.

Yes, real-time training, whenever you want to, is made possible with its high-end technology and a large screen through which you can see the trainers and your performance.


Like its competitors, Pro-Form has made a name with top-notch treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, or HIIT trainers.

They offer you the chance of being members rather than customers so that you can easily relate or connect with them to resolve your issues in real-time.

An elite pack of trainers always makes sure to provide them with the best speed, resistance, and great incline.

The Proform elliptical line has simple workout routines to easily burn your calories and build major muscles in your body.

3G Cardio

3G Cardio launched gym equipment that primarily serves cardio purposes in 2015.

Athletes and fitness geeks who are very particular about their cardio use 3G for their training purposes.

From treadmills to bikes, 3G Cardio is on its way to making a name for itself in a very short amount of time. The highest level of gym equipment manufacturing is already studded with great brands, leaving zero to no room for competition.

Apart from treadmills, they have some amazing recumbent bikes that provide the highest convenience among cardio equipment.

Their machines are very effortless to use and understand, making them very user-friendly from the word go.

To add to it, the technological features that these machines come with are so fantastic that you can exercise and increase your cardio by folds without any training expert or expertise.

These machines also have in-built fitness tests, and their courses are sure to make you buy them even more.

Rogue Fitness

Rogue fitness focuses on strength and conditioning, separating itself from the previously mentioned gym equipment brands.

Their roster includes weightlifting bars, plates, power racks, pull-up rigs, and many other types of equipment related to conditioning, gymnastics, body weight, and much more.

This company which takes pride in its self-labeled Industrial Revolution 2.0, was started in 2006 by Bill Henninger.

They then set milestones according to the growing demand in the US and kept expanding in terms of workmen and work area.

They also have cross-fit training equipment to develop conditioning and strength to an extremely high threshold.

Some of their equipment is customized, and there are not many brands in the industry that offer such amazing products to suit your gym needs.

This brand knows what it is doing, and this can be affirmed by the involvement of physical therapists and fitness experts in developing such gym equipment.


Paramount was founded in 1954 and is also a true veteran in this industry. It primarily caters to fitness enthusiasts and professionals in the United States, but it also caters to people worldwide.

Paramount focuses on the strength aspect of fitness with presses, weights, rows, and weight machines.

They have some benches which can be used in 20 different ways, and such equipment is great for use at homes where space is scarce.

Depending on the number of exercises you can do, these benches are called 5-piece suits or 7-piece suits.

Such products have made paramount a favorite in households and many gyms with less space.

Paramount is a brand to trust if you are looking for a fitness brand that caters to home users for weightlifting or strength building.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness has defined itself as an innovator in the fitness industry and that too, since the last 50 years. And this is apparent when you discover their line of highly versatile products to help their customers discover their fitness abilities.

They are more about humans than machines or equipment, which is at the core of their business and their products.

Their equipment is digitally advanced as much as mechanically and scientifically.

Apart from their world-class equipment, they have been very interested in educating their clients on fitness’s importance and various aspects.

Their bikes are also highly advanced and promise to offer a highly realistic bike experience.

Their gym equipment promises to offer more freedom with more breadth, which will likely take up a lot of space.

The treadmills are made for commercial gyms, but they are very budget-friendly. They have aesthetics designed to cater to every fitness professional’s comfort and equipment durability.

The cross-trainers are highly equipped with advanced aesthetics and functions, amplified using consoles and software.

True Fitness

True Fitness has two primary categories of service, as do most brands. They are intended for home use and commercial purposes as well.

Established in 1981, True Fitness promises to partner with you on your fitness-bound journey.

Their products are highly reputable, and they have machines of great durability and quality.

They offer ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills which you can use to work out at home or any facility.

Their products are easy to do a good workout on and very easy to maintain due to their simplicity in user experience.

They also have great strength-building equipment known as the Quickfit, which is highly versatile and focuses on all the major muscles in your body.

These machines also take up a lesser area than some other brands.

The best part about True Fitness is that they aim to be ahead of their competition in repairs and maintenance. This gesture is very likely to build a strong reputation for them based on trust.

Cybex International

Cybex International is a brand that wants to make fitness entertaining and comfortable for its patrons.

This brand has been catering to its customers for more than 45 years, and it also looks promising to continue the same in the future as it is also one of the fitness equipment companies to be listed in NASDAQ.

It has a strong foothold in more than 80 countries and is headquartered in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Minnesota.

They began manufacturing fitness equipment for rehabilitation, but after the acquirement of Tectrix, they started manufacturing bikes.

In 2016, Cybex became part of the Life Fitness group due to a deal with Brunswick Corporation.

It rubs shoulders with some other amazing brands under the same umbrella.

With a heavy focus on cardio equipment, this brand looks promising and has ventured into the strength equipment industry.

Their company is focused on research to bring you the best results while ensuring that your body is doing things the way it is supposed to.

Star Trac

Star Trac is a brand that focuses more on cardio and less on strength and conditioning. However, their brands are one of the few brands which focus on human relations rather than just machinery and equipment.

Offering treadmills and ellipticals, the Star Trac FreeRunner is one of their flagship products which is a highly innovative and performance-enhancing treadmill.

It is very easy on your body due to its strong aluminum deck and suspension system, which effectively reduces the stress on your joints and muscles.

Coupled with modern technology like the OpenHub Console, which has a very aesthetic and appealing interface to keep you hooked and interested while exercising.

The flagship elliptical of this company is the VersaStrider which is a very robust and dynamic elliptical.

Meant for all workout levels, this elliptical is flexible and automatically adjusts to your body movements without the need to set it up for those adjustments.


Founded in 1980, this brand has a wide foothold in over a hundred countries.

This brand hopes to differentiate itself from other brands by adding a personal touch to the equipment they manufacture and deliver.

They cater to commercial clients, fitness centers, and professionals who want to use their products at home.

They also give great emphasis on customer service as well as customer care.

Their services are guaranteed even before you buy their equipment and even after you buy them to ensure that nobody else beats their service in the industry.

They manufacture ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, and climbers to make sure they fit in any space, at home or the fitness center. They have a wide range of products to ensure that you have a great product rightly suited for the space you desire.

Their 800 Line, which consists of treadmills and ellipticals, is a unique line that promises and delivers a top-notch customer experience.


Another sister company of Precor under the Core Health & Fitness roster, this brand uses HIIT to augment its innovative capabilities and dare you to do what it takes to meet your fitness goals.

With its flagship product, the 10G, StairMaster has done a praiseworthy job of delivering the highest level of innovation and revolutionizing the stair-climbing industry.

This stair-climber has been built carefully to give you the most realistic climbing experience.

The ergonomics and mechanisms of this machine are very sound and comfortable for the exerciser but challenging and push you simultaneously.

The HIIT rower is another new addition to the roster apart from the bikes, as are the best structures for high-intensity training.

The treadmills are as good as the StairMaster 10G, which challenges fitness enthusiasts’ robust build.

One of the noteworthy products on its roster is the BoxMaster which is very well-designed by boxing professionals for boxing professionals.

Hammer Strength

This brand is part of the Life Fitness line, which speaks volumes about its quality and caliber.

They started with strength training in 1989, revolutionized it to make Hammer Strength a torchbearer in this industry, and made a strong name for themselves.

Their machines are built for a heavy workout, fascinating professionals and beginners alike.

The equipment is very versatile, unleashing infinite possibilities for the strength training of elite athletes.

As mentioned earlier, their machines are highly robust and durable, making them the perfect equipment for high-intensity training and workout sessions.

They have amazing line benches- flat, inclined, adjustable, and great shrugs, curls, presses, rows, crunches, etc.

These machines make Hammer Strength a true pioneer and partner for all fitness professionals or beginners alike.

So, if you are one of those athletes who want to vent it all out at the gym, this brand is one for you!


SunSai is an Indian Gym Equipment Manufacturer. Based in Pune, this brand caters to all your cardio, strength, and conditioning requirements.

Providing a complete fitness solution for health professionals and health centers, this company has treadmills, cross-trainers, bikes, steppers, benches, plates, racks, and a ton of other gym equipment.

Their treadmills are heavily commercial and robustly built, leaving no room for complaint.

Their cross-trainers are designed with great thought to biomechanics and engineering.

Their design team has gone to great lengths to ensure that your body is not under stress during your exercise but that you have a very challenging and satisfying gym experience.

Their rowers are also one of the best that you can find around and give great attention to your body’s muscles and bones, which might be under stress during rowing.

Their heights and weights are easily accessible and adjustable from the seating position on the rower.


Syndicate Gym is another Indian manufacturer which focuses on gym equipment. They have been in this industry for more than 8 years and deliver great results worldwide.

They promise to make high-end products available to people at economical and affordable prices.

Their designs are one of the most outstanding ones, which will be proven once you get your hands on them.

Unlike other brands, this brand caters to all types of equipment, including gymnastics equipment.

Their multigym is one of the best standalone products with great versatility in terms of the wide range of exercises that allow you and the wide range of muscles it caters to and strengthens.

Apart from their multigym, they have a great line of weights, plates, barbells, and dumbbells.

Their products are meant for home use as well as fitness centers as well. They are highly affordable, providing great returns over extended lengths.

Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness is a brand that focuses on home users by promising to bring the gym to your home. Their brand is proof of this promise as it ships award-winning gym equipment right to your door.

Their elite treadmills promise to deliver an unmatched experience to the gym and that at the comfort of your home.

This brand has very simple products to operate so that you can focus on your fitness rather than worrying about how to operate the treadmills.

Apart from treadmills, they also have ellipticals and high-performance indoor cycles.

The ellipticals keep you engaged with their high-technology comprising integrated speakers, device holders, and Bluetooth to stream your media.

They can be easily operated with a single touch, which is great about this equipment.

Their treadmills are also integrated with apps and have fitness classes loaded with powerful motors and good incline capabilities.

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness is one brand that brings strength and endurance exercise to your home’s comfort.

Titan Fitness has some great power racks to help you build your muscles and increase your strength. Their range starts from 2,200 lbs to 10,000 lbs.

And all these racks are shipped without any additional charges. These racks can be easily anchored on the floor or also on walls.

Apart from power racks, they have gym machines for each exercise. You will find the best gym machines in their inventory, from hyperextensions to leg presses, functional trainers to curls and squat machines.

They have barbells of all types, ranging from technique barbells to specialty ones.

All in all, this brand promises to bring the strength-building experience from the gym to the confines of your home, and it conveniently sticks true to it.


Body-solid is another versatile brand that offers gym systems, all-in-one home gym machines, functional trainers, treadmills, rowers, etc.

The gym systems have great functional trainers, cable crossovers, cable columns, etc. They are very robust and have training methods that can be altered according to each user or fitness practitioner.

They have another line of home gyms, which are affordable but adhere to good quality standards in the industry. They have great functional pulleys, which are very flexible and dynamic to allow various body movements.

Apart from that, their gym accessories seem designed to provide good robustness to the products.

With their ellipticals and treadmills, you can amplify and take your cardio to the next level and make your body a versatile one.

The bikes offered by Body-Solid are stationary bikes that have programs of various degrees and levels to learn and unlock.

Icon Fitness

This brand was founded in the 1970s in a small house by two entrepreneurs who wanted to find opportunities in the market and make the best out of these opportunities.

This gave rise to ICON, and since then, they have been advocating gym equipment at home and for home.

With their deep engineering knowledge, they designed the best treadmills that could be folded.

By doing this, they innovated in this sphere by introducing the SpaceSaver and took off from there.

Part of their roster is NordicTrack and Proform’s well-known brands, which we have already discussed above. Even IFIT is one of their brands.

Nordic Track focuses on home users to train with the best interactive experience they could ever have.

These trainings are monitored and catered to you by personal trainers who make sure you get things right.

ProForm is for professional fitness enthusiasts who take fitness seriously or have a higher intensity of workouts.

Inspire Fitness

This brand was founded in 2003, and they have been delivering gym equipment to their clients worldwide.

This brand delivers all-in-one home gym equipment for strength as well as for cardio enhancement.

Their line of striders, rowers, functional trainers, and cycles can be viewed on their website. These machines are very swift and offer an effortless operation so that your body is not stressed out during the exercise.

The main goal of these machines is to become stronger, and that’s how they promise to work out together, which is a great way of adding a personal touch to the brand.

There are particular training programs as well that come along with these machines. This trend is a good one, and now almost all brands have trainers who assist you in your training journey.

Their mobile apps also help you work out with live workouts being served to you through their platforms.


BodyCraft is a brand that was founded in the 90s. Its equipment is a standard in the industry. The brand is not very famous in the industry, but its quality is very consistent throughout the equipment’s life.

They ship the equipment to your door without any additional charges.

Their treadmills are very smart with a big screen and a console in front of you where you can listen to music, watch movies or track your performance.

So, even if you cannot go out due to the weather or some other conditions, this treadmill will come in very handy to allow you to keep your fitness exercises and drills up and to run.

The rowing machines help you burn fat with no impact on your bones or muscles. Your joints are taken care of with the aesthetic and biomechanical design.

Apart from these equipment types, BodyCraft offers bikes, functional trainers, benches, racks, multi-gyms, etc.

Concept 2

Concept 2 is a brand founded in 1976 to prepare for skiing. However, the products have evolved, and today, this brand mostly focuses on indoor rowers.

These indoor rowers have received credibility from homes to fitness centers, etc.

Their focus on cardiovascular workouts and muscle movement has been very critical to the band.

The rowers are portable and can be assembled easily with the right tools into the ergonomic build of the gym equipment.

This brand also teaches and educates beginners about fitness and shows them how to do it rightly.

Progress is tracked, and accordingly, actions are taken towards the fitness expert individual.

They also have monitors to provide an immersive training experience.

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