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JOROTO X1S Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Read Before You Buy

JOROTO X1S is a great stationary bike that allows you to perform a low-impact exercise at home comfortably. This indoor bike is trendy for being a very resistant exercise bike since it is built-in steel and a corrosion-resistant coated and has a very remarkable aesthetic.

JOROTO X1S indoor bike has also gained popularity because this one is lighter compared to other stationary bikes.

Also, it has something that many other bikes do not have—an adjustable stabilizer, which means that you will be safe doing your exercises regardless of the type of floor you are on.

Even so, you have the possibility of moving and changing it thanks to its two front wheels, which facilitates this action.

To discover more details about Joroto X1S, we have prepared an informative review to analyze its characteristics and benefits in-depth.

Pros & Cons


  • Its construction is robust and safe and supports overweight people (280 pounds).
  • Striking and futuristic design.
  • It has stabilizers at its base, which can be adjustable for greater safety.
  • It has two front wheels that facilitate its transport.
  • You can change its handlebar’s position.
  • Safe and resistant crank for high intensity pedaling and in a vertical position.
  • Its seat can be adjustable in four different directions.
  • The seat can be moved forwards or backward for better space.
  • Its seat is reinforced, padded, and lined with anti-breathable material.
  • The seat also has an irregular shape for better comfort.
  • The seat can be changed when necessary.
  • Your flywheel has a resistance of 35 lbs.
  • It includes a tablet holder.
  • Its pedals are wide, comfortable, and safe with a basket to place your feet.
  • Its drive chain is of high quality and can be changed when necessary.
  • Monitor to control physical condition capable of verifying RPM, calories, time, etc.
  • Its assembly is straightforward and fast.
  • It does not need much maintenance.


  • Its monitor does not have any light.
  • No place where to put water of bottle.

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JOROTO X1S Monitor

There is nothing safer than when you train; you can have many controls in one place.

For this reason, this indoor bike, apart from being chosen for its great resistance, is chosen by many users for its fitness meter located on the front of the bike.

This monitor is much more sophisticated than ordinary stationary bike monitors.

This monitor stands out for presenting five different windows where you can view the time you have exercised, the distance, the speed used, the RPM, and the number of calories you have burned.

You will be able to observe in large size, each one of the metrics separately, for a few seconds on the top of the screen.

You will be able to configure both the time and the distance and calories you want to burn as a target; thus, you will see how time runs regressively for these values, and in another part of the screen, you will see the remaining values.

Thus, you can improve yourself day by day.

This monitor works with batteries, and you will start it up just by pressing the mode button, but it also turns on automatically when you start pedaling.

In case you want to take a break, the monitor will automatically pause when you stop pedaling and continue when you continue the activity.


This bike has been designed for intensive spinning type workouts.

For this reason, it is manufactured with very resistant and good quality cranks so that it can support people who are overweight up to 280 pounds in case they want to continue pedaling vertically.

To follow a safe workout, it also features two pedals made of high-quality nylon and where they have an adjustable cage where you can place your feet.

This ensures that the feet stay in place on high intensity pedaling. It should be noted that these cages are suitable for standard size shoes.

In case you have difficulties putting your feet on the pedals, or maybe because of their constant use they have been damaged, you can easily change them when you think it is necessary.

You only have to screw the left pedal to the left and the right pedal to the right to change them.

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JOROTO X1S Flywheel

When talking about this magnificent JOROTO bicycle’s flywheel, it should be noted that it is very quiet even though it is integrated with a chain.

While training, you can watch TV, listen to music, or have fun with your tablet as the bicycle will not make any annoying noise.

This flywheel has a resistance of up to about 35 pounds; this means you can intensively work your legs and gain muscle mass.

You can calculate this just by moving its adjustment knob for resistance. You will also see that this flywheel’s cover is very striking due to its red, black, and chrome colors.

This gives it a special touch, and its design is easy to clean.

This bicycle is stationary, which means that it moves in conjunction with its pedals thanks to its flywheel design and internal chain.

This provides two pedaling directions, right and reverse, to vary exercise movements. It should also be noted that the pedals do not stop until the flywheel does.

The flywheel does not need a lot of maintenance since its cover is also made of a scratch-resistant material; you only need to clean its exterior with a towel, especially to avoid dust accumulation.


This popular stationary bike features a standard resistance system that works by friction, connected to the tension dial located on its structure’s main tube obliquely.

Each time this dial is turned to the right, the friction increases and is felt on the flywheel when pedaling.

This means that the resistance increases and can be felt when pedaling.

It should be noted that the tension does not have numbers as resistance levels; to apply it, it will only be necessary to press down until you obtain the tension you need at the time of your exercise.

This is just like any other bike model you can spin with.

The resistance can be of such difficulty that you will feel almost impossible to pedal. This pressure can be felt in your muscles.

On the other hand, this tension dial also functions as a brake in case of an emergency.

This means that you can press it to make the flywheel to stop.

Since it has a chain system typical of a common bicycle, if the flywheel keeps running, the pedals also do it; that’s why in an emergency, you can use this brake in case you can’t continue pedaling.

We would also like to clarify that this tension dial can be replaced when the original one wears out due to its continued use.

Besides, you will need to lubricate it to prevent it from making noises.

Drive System

The JOROTO X1S bike is characterized by a chain drive, making this stationary bike have many benefits.

On the one hand, its chain’s material is highly resistant, which makes it very durable.

You should only provide the care it needs, such as lubricating it from time to time.

Doing so will last you for many years, even for life.

However, if, over time, you notice that when you exercise, it slows down, you will have other chains at your disposal to be able to replace it easily since it is a chain of a common bicycle.

Besides, the bike owns a flywheel weighing 35 pounds.

This weight makes the bicycle more stable when pedaling and helps the training to be intense so that the muscles work properly.

Besides, these characteristics make it a bike suitable for high-performance exercises or spinning.

However, this flywheel allows pedaling in the right and the reverse, i. e., it provides a two-way movement.

This way, you can choose how to exercise your legs.

Also, it is worth mentioning that its flywheel is not very large in size compared to other stationary bikes, so this bike does not need a large space to be stored.

Its dimensions correspond to a height of 42.5 “, a length of 43″ and a width of 20”.

You can easily place it in a garage if you wish.

Handlebars & Seat

This stationary bike with which you can exercise your body safely has a wide and very comfortable seat.

People of different heights can adjust it depending on their comfort since it has 4 different directions.

This is something that you can notice in its vertical bar where it shows the different positions to adjust it to the desired height.

However, it will also allow you to move it from front to back so that your knees do not bother you if you are tall, or you do not find the handlebars too far away in case you are shorter.

This bike also supports a weight of up to 280 pounds so that overweight people can train easily.

Speaking about the seat structure, we can say that you can enjoy your training without interruptions because it is made with internal cushioning and covered with leather, which gives extra value.

Its comfort is also due to its irregular shape, as its surface is not flat like many stationary bikes.

It should also be noted that it is made of an anti-breathable and hypoallergenic material since perspiration is a corrosive component.

This way, this seat will last you a long time.

Anyway, if you decide to change the seat one day, you can replace it with another one of your likings since it is considered a standard design and you will find many compatible models.

On the other hand, as for its handlebar, it is made of urethane, which provides a secure grip that you can move up or down, depending on your comfort.

Thus, it is considered a multi-grip handlebar.

Also, it features a stand/support to place a tablet to watch your videos or listen to music while you train.


As for its warranty, you can enjoy one year if any of its parts are broken or damaged.

It should be noted that this warranty does not cover damage from user use.

You should contact your seller if you receive any of the damaged or bad parts, as well as if you have not received any tool or any of its specific parts.

Also, we can mention that you may find your accessories available at your purchase, such as the spinning belt.

Although another of its accessories, such as the phone holder, is already included.

A one-year warranty may be a concise period for many users, but compared to other stationary or spin bikes, the JOROTO 1XS is the best.


This stationary bike’s main structure is already assembled, i. e., the flywheel, the resistance system, and the chain are already assembled.

In this way, you only have to place the pedals, the seat, the console, and the base’s stabilizers.

You will be able to complete this task in about 30 minutes thanks to its instruction manual, where you will have the steps to follow to assemble piece by piece in detail and with graphics for your better understanding.

Also, you will receive the specific tools to finish assembling your bike easily.

As for its maintenance, as we mentioned before, it is recommended to lubricate the chain at least once every two or three months, and for this, you can use any lubricant that you have at home and that you also use on your regular bike.

It is also recommended that you wipe the perspiration in all the tubes and the seat with a clean towel, at least once a week, or if more than one person uses it, it should be cleaned after each workout and check that the screws are secure and its place.

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Final Thoughts

Doctors recommend doing physical activity daily.

Although many people are aware that following an active life and having a healthy diet is the best thing, we can do for our health.

Therefore, more and more users are choosing to exercise at home.

One of the most popular machines and recommended by professionals is the stationary bike.

For this reason, the JOROTO X1S is gaining popularity since it is possible to follow training where the joints are not damaged.

For example, it is known that for people who have had knee surgery, for the postoperative, there is nothing better than starting to ride a bike at home.

For those who want to follow more intense training, this bicycle has a friction resistance, which you only have to press until you obtain the desired resistance.

It also has very safe and resistant cranks for those who want to do spinning exercises in a vertical position.

The cranks will hold you effectively for as long as necessary.

Besides, thanks to the changes in position that the handlebars allow you to do, you can move them up or down to position your arms comfortably when you decide to spin vertically.

This is very personal and will depend on the choice and comfort of each user.

Don’t forget that you can control the training time or calories burned thanks to its included monitor.

You can lose weight safely and quickly if you exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

It is suitable for both men and women who want to change their lifestyle.

Finally, it should be noted that its price is very affordable compared to other stationary bikes.

We firmly believe that it will be a good investment for your life but above all for your health.

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