The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer is a very best pocket-friendly home-based fitness equipment created with a design that will offer you a low-impact and safe workout experience.

Teeter FreeStep is becoming popular recumbents by the compact size and a reasonable price.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

What Is the Recumbent Cross Trainer?

A recumbent cross trainer is a piece of equipment that is prepared to combine a recumbent bike and an elliptical trainer.

This equipment is easy to use & comfortable because it has a chair where you can sit and work out just like you are riding a bike.

The only difference is that you won’t be pedaling circularly. Instead, it will be in a back & forth motion. It has a handle just like regular elliptical equipment.

This exercise movement is low impact, even lower than usual ellipticals as the user stays in a sitting position. This is the reason for this equipment being widely used in a therapy clinic.

Even patients with arthritis and painful joints can opt for working out using these instruments.

Overview of Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

The Teeter was launched by Roger Teeter, who is an engineer and has started working on pain-relieving benefits for the long term.

Thus this company is still specialized in inversion tables and products designed to improve spine health.

These recumbent devices have been widely preferred for home use for being smaller in size, less expensive, and durable.

This device belongs to the stabilization series of their products meant for strengthening muscles & recovery from injury to keep active and fit.


  • This device’s size is compact
  • The price of the product is reasonable (under $1000)
  • Acting upon linear pedal motion, this equipment is low in impact
  • The seat & the handles are adjustable
  • Whisper quiet functionality
  • Easy to move to have wheels at the bottom
  • The footprint of 54 inches and 38 inches. Weights around 110lb


  • The warranty is not up to the mark
  • Workout programs are unavailable
  • Lacks online connectivity


a) The resistance of Magnet: This equipment comes with a silent magnetic control system that can be adjusted by dialing the keypad near the seat. This feature is indeed great, but users are interested more in making this a bit more challenging by increasing the resistance.

b) Handles are Adjustable: The arm handles can be adjusted to control emphasis on different target muscle areas. For example- You can rotate the handle if you want to work out on your biceps, triceps, chest, or back.

c) Digital Console: This device has a little battery-powered digital screen, which helps to track the workout status, time, speed, distance & calories.

d) Digital Stand: Maybe it seems that it is a negligible thing to mention, but the user will enjoy working out in this equipment and rather spend a long time as having a digital stand on it. Users can keep/attach a tablet, smartphone on the machine, and enjoy the workout along with a movie, song, or something else.

e) Bottle Holder: This equipment has a water bottle holder to keep your bottle handy at the time of need.

f) Zero-Impact Recumbent Workout: The impact is lower than normal ellipticals, so safe for your knees, hips, and back.

g) Total Body Workout Available: Also, you can burn calories of your upper or low muscle groups.


  • 54 x 38 x 52.5 inches


This machine comes with a nice and adjustable seat, which allows the user to adjust height & recline settings freely so that the user can be comfortable enough while working out.

The height adjustment present can control the seating position by increasing or decreasing the horizontal position.

In terms of seat comfort, it can be said that though the seats can be made softer and users are happy with the seat size. We can say that the seat is larger than other equipment seats.

Anyone with the height range 4.11 inches to 6.6 inches can use this instrument.

Pedal Motion

This recumbent cross trainer instrument can have a direct of spherical pedal motion. It conventionally has a more direct, stepping like motion as it’s usually more comfortable, focused on arthritic knees and hips.

This linear pedal motion will lessen the stress a body goes through during an exercise session.

The pedals are large enough to accommodate your feet. The pedals move back and forth a bit with a little push using the ankle.

This feature can be more comfortable as if the pedals were stiff and the limbs can lock at its place.


Checking the weight capacity of the equipment is very important. The first parameter to choose equipment is that it should be safe to use. The second one is that it should be strong & durable enough.

Both features are already present at this machine. This device has a weight limit of 300lbs, which can be enough to house most personal or home purpose users.

Teeter FreeStep Assembly

Using the FreeStep cross trainer device together is an attractive up-front. The instructions/ manuals include vast & easy to understand demonstrations step-by-step. It is appreciable how transparently all of the parts are distinguished.

The only instrument you will need is a little screwdriver combo, and it’s already included in the kit.

To assemble the equipment, one has to inlay the machine on its back to affix the pedals- contingent on your size and fitness level.

It can be useful to get another person available to help in this step. Hence it can be said that the assembling of this device is not so problematic.


  • 1-Year Full Warranty.

The Footnote

This Teeter FreeStep recumbent cross-training devices are the best choice if you have certain injury or disabilities but still want to workout. Like people with arthritis and paining joints can use this device with ease.

Also, it can be considered as one of the most comfortable instruments to workout. This reasonably priced, commercial-grade recumbent has many benefits like adjustable seats, durability, comfort, etc.

So, there is no reason – not to choose this device for you. But still, there is a negative aspect of the warranty viewpoint. As the tenure of the warranty is lesser than the other competitive brands.

It can be considered the best equipment for senior persons willing to workout, and they can get a gentle and comfortable workout experience.