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Top 5 Best Power Racks for Low Ceiling – Read Before You Buy

Power racks, one of the most versatile weight training equipment, are generally heavy and tall to provide stability and help the individual lift weights safely.

But if you have a low-ceiling room, then choosing a short power rack that’s sturdy and of high-quality is a tricky thing.

We did wide research and list down our top 5 picks of the best power racks for low ceilings rooms below. In a hurry? Check this list:

How to Determine If a Power Rack Fit Your Low Ceiling’s Room?

First and foremost, before proceeding to choose from a list of short power racks, it is mandatory to determine the maximum power rack height that could be accommodated in your room. This is a simple three-step process:

1. Determine the total vertical height of the room

You might have your room’s floor plan, which gives the readymade measurement.

But you must also remember that the flooring (sub-floor) could be covered with tiles, wood, carpet, or a combination of any of these.

You might know that the room is 8 ft high, but now it becomes necessary to measure the height manually.

Standard heights are measured from the bottom (sub-floor) of the floor that’s covered with your favorite choice of tiles/carpet to the ceiling with the help of a measuring tape.

2. Protect your flooring from the power rack

Power racks are rock-solid equipment, and we must protect the flooring on which we place the equipment.

So, any protection that goes underneath the power rack occupies additional space.

The protective flooring’s height must be deducted from the total available vertical space of the room to come up with the perfect height available for installing a power rack in your room.

3. Add some generous amount of space for doing pull-ups

You are quite happy with the final available vertical height measurements as there are quite several power racks that fulfill your height restrictions.

But you need to remember that there comes the need for an additional 1-1.5 feet above the equipment if you plan on performing pull-ups. Don’t forget to add this too!

4. Calculate the final rack height for the room

After you have done a few calculations adding the height from the flooring to the ceiling to come up with the total vertical space height, subtracting the protective flooring height from the total available height and giving an extra one foot for pull-ups you have the final figures which should be of aid while purchasing a power rack. Putting it in the form of a mathematical formula:

Ideal Power Rack Height=

Room Height – Gym Flooring Thickness – ( 1 ft to 1.5 ft for a pull-up bar )[optional]

Using this formula, if your room has an 8 ft floor-to-ceiling height, 0.5 in sub-flooring, and another 0.5 goes in protective flooring, we are left exactly with 7.11 ft.

Subtract another foot for pull-ups, and all that we are left with is 6.11 ft to accommodate a power rack.

Other Factors

Once you’ve figured out the exact height available for your power rack, it is essential to consider other few critical factors before purchasing a power rack.

These include the frame quality, adjustability options, rack type (full cage, compact racks, squat stands, and collapsible racks) and price.

Top 5 Power Racks for Low Ceilings

Based on the factors above, we have come up with the best power racks that could do great in low-ceiling rooms offering ultimate exercising options and versatility.

1. Ollieroo Barbell Rack (range 40.6 inches to 64.2 inches)

This should be one of the rare tracks that have the smallest heights with its double-height adjustability option.

The bracket height ranges between 41 and 65 inches while the base range is between 31 and 49 inches to accommodate bench press exercises.

If you are looking for a piece of versatile equipment that helps you perform a full-body workout that helps to tone different muscle groups, achieve core strengthening (with the help of dual-resistance springs that support ABS too), and fulfill your cardio goals, choose the Ollieroo barbell rack without second doubts.

You might be a novice to fitness, an expert fitness trainer, or an intermediate who is looking for a versatile power rack for increasing resistance.

The adjustable resistance option provided by this equipment makes it suitable for all levels of trainers.

The barbell stand, squat stand, and the entire equipment are made of high-quality steel that makes it durable.


  • Offers various workout options
  • Non-slip & abrasion-resistant rubber caps
  • Simple to assemble and ideal for home use
  • Suitable for any trainer level


  • Maximum weight capacity only up to 480 lbs
  • Average-quality product

2. TITAN FITNESS Short Power Rack T-2 (71.5 inches)

Having a total height of just 71.5 inches (not even a full 6-ft height), this short TITAN FITNESS power rack is the optimal choice for individuals having small-height rooms and basements.

It also occupies a smaller footprint measuring just 48 inchesx58 inches of the floor.

The equipment comes with a pull-up bar that’s placed 68.5 inches above ground level.

So, the presence of this pull-up bar makes it necessary for users to make sure that the ground-to-ceiling height is at least 83.5 inches to accommodate different exercises done using this pull-up bar.

Else, be sure of hitting your head on your low-ceiling height.

It must be mentioned here that this equipment is heavy close to 123 lbs and is strong to support up to 700 lbs of user weight.

The frame is made from heavy-duty steel that promises durability and longevity.

Though short in height, unlike most power racks that boast of greater heights, this product guarantees versatility.

Be sure of performing numerous exercises, including chin-ups, curls, deadlifts, dips, and squats comfortably using the power rack.

If you aim to do bench presses, don’t worry. All that is to be done is to place a bench underneath and perform the exercise to become slim and trim.


  • The product comes with J-hooks which means that you need to spend minimum time possible assembling it
  • Low power rack height
  • 100% of the steel body guarantees lifetime durability


  • Many missing parts
  • Bad customer service

3. ROGUE 70″ MONSTER LITE SML-1 (72 inches)


You could call the ROGUE SML-1 power rack as a hybrid unit—somewhat of a crossover between a power rack and a squat stand.

The primary feature which makes it stand out from the rest of the power racks is its smaller footprint and lower height, making it suitable for low-ceiling rooms.

The complete unit is only 6 ft tall (72 inches) with a footprint of 48” x 49”. This makes it ideal for most home gyms, basements, and garage workouts.

The equipment has excellent frame and construction made from heavy-duty 11 gauge steel; precise laser-cut holes that snugly fit your barbells and comes with a smooth black powder-coat finish that makes the unit dashing and powerful.

Just place the order for the rack and relax as the SML-1 comes with the entire set of accessories and hardware that’s needed for setting the squat stand.

By the entire set, I mean the complete package right from bolts and fasteners to J-cups that come with protective inserts.

The product does not include provisional holes for a pull-up bar, which means that you don’t require additional clearance space from the power rack to the ceiling to do pull-ups.


  • Weight capacity up to 1000 lbs
  • Small footprint and ideal for low-ceiling rooms
  • Heavy-duty steel and powder coating
  • The power rack can be combined with additional ROGUE accessories


  • No pull up bar holes provided

4. REP FITNESS Short Power Rack (72 inches)

Wouldn’t it be lovely to choose a power rack that fits our ceiling height and our budget too?

The REP FITNESS power rack simply could be the best choice to buy for your garage gym or to put it in your spare bedroom.

The entire unit is only 6 ft (72 inches) in height, 48 inches wide, and 48 inches deep, providing aplenty working space for doing your exercises.

The equipment has a weight capacity up to 700 lbs while the pull-up bar and dip bar have a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 lbs each.

This makes it clear to us that apart from the 72 inches height, users need another 12 inches clearance space up to the ceiling to perform pull-ups using the pull-up bar otherwise which you can be sure of ending up with a concussion in your head.

The back of the power rack is provided with weight storage pegs that increase the overall stability and utility of the unit.

The unit is sturdy and durable as it comes with black powder coating and J-cups with a plastic covering that gives a perfect look to the rack and protects bar knurling.

The laser-cup holes present at a 2-inch spacing throughout the length of the rack, are numbered at every 5th hole, and the unit comes with an extra bar holder in the front for safety.


  • The power rack comes with two pull up bars: 1.25 inch and 2-inch grips
  • 6 ft high making it suitable for low-ceiling rooms
  • Durable and stable with a high-quality finish
  • Weight storage pegs improve the utility and safety of the rack
  • Comes mostly assembled


  • Does not come with a dip attachment or bench
  • Not compatible with REP lat/row attachment due to its short height

5. Titan X-2 Series Power Rack (78 inches)

This 9-gauge power rack with a rock-solid steel body and welded side bracings makes it one of the strongest equipment one could purchase for your low-ceiling homes.

Are you a beginner trainer, an athlete, or a weight lifter? Don’t worry as this product is compatible with all levels of trainers.

Engage yourself in performing a variety of exercises and workouts with the help of the Titan Rack Mounted H-PND, which doesn’t disappoint you in terms of muscle building and toning too.

Exercise using the power rack to find that the glutes, hamstrings, legs, calves, and back are well-toned.

This could be the ideal product for trying out a variety of options right from weight lifting and strength training to CrossFit training and core strengthening.

The frame and construction have been well done as the equipment is built with a heavy-duty and premium-quality steel frame that assures durability and sturdiness.

Exercise productivity improves greatly with varying resistance levels, and the Titan power rack doesn’t disappoint us in this aspect.

The H-PND comes with a cross brace that helps trainers benefit from varying difficulty levels with the addition of different resistance bands.

Though the entire rack measures only 78 inches, you need another 12 inches for doing pull-ups comfortably.

Hence, ensure that you have a total vertical height of 90 inches before you proceed to buy this power rack.


  • Extremely simple to assemble
  • Two different pull-up bars provided—1.25 inch and 2 inch
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Quite expensive

How Tall Is the Ceiling in an Average American Home?

Most American homes/garages have a ceiling height of 8 feet, and we are talking about traditional homes here.

Newly constructed homes have taken care of the ceiling height aspect, ensuring that they have higher ceilings.

But when it comes to basements, new or old don’t matter as most of them have lower ceilings that are only 7 feet high, which means that your power rack should measure not more than 6 feet in height if you are going to set your home gym in your basement.

How Much Clearance to the Ceilings Do I Need to Do a Pull-up?

The extra height needed for performing pull-ups depends on both your height and the ceiling height.

Ensure to leave some extra headspace, at least 18 inches above the power rack, if you plan to fully utilize the pull-up bar not compromising on the range of motion.

It will also help if your power rack holds the pull-up bar a little below the maximum height of the equipment, just like in the case of the TITAN T-2 short power rack.

Is It Possible to Cut Down a Power Rack?

You may be shifting to a low-ceiling house that cannot accommodate your older power rack.

If so, you might even think about cutting it to match your ceiling height.

It is, in fact, possible to cut your rack to suit your height requirements. After cutting, though, you might be required to drill a few extra holes.

Final Thoughts

In a time when home gyms are becoming popular, especially when most people set up home gyms in their garages or basements, choosing a low-ceiling power rack (a must for most home gym users) becomes a mandatory requirement.

Power racks are mostly tall, and choosing a short rack needs much probing. The TITAN T-2 power rack is a killer choice for people with low ceilings.

It’s affordable, the specifications are unmatchable, and the pull-up bar is even placed 3 inches below the power rack height giving the user extra clearance space while doing pull-ups.

Whatever might be your final choice to ensure that the power rack you choose fits your maximum height, is durable and sturdy, and above all, fits your bill.