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Top 7 Best Pedal Exerciser for Seniors – Read Before You Buy

Nowadays, most people’s work involves a desk job, and right now, you might be sitting at your desk and reading this article. Also, seniors and the elderly will typically spend more time sitting. But sadly, without much physical activity staying healthy doesn’t seem to be a feasible option.

Exercise equipment like seated pedal cycles offers you an option of working out while you are sitting, which can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your lower body muscle, and promote blood circulation without hitting a gym or setting up your home gym.

These foot peddlers are designed especially for older adults. They are portable and easy-to-use and can provide you with a safe and low-impact workout.

With the best pedal exerciser for seniors, you can enjoy a simple yet effective workout option at work or home. Here are our top picks, see overviews, pros & cons below.

What Is a Pedal Exerciser?

As the name suggests, a pedal exerciser is a simple piece of equipment that makes you exercise by pedaling. The pedal exerciser mimics an exercise bike, and you could just call it a miniature exercise bike.

A piece of cardio equipment, this machine could be placed on the floor under your desk to provide an engaging lower body workout. Hence, the pedal exerciser goes by the name of an/a desk bike, exercise peddler, or floor exercise bike.

All you need to do while sitting down on your desk to work is to put your feet on the exercise pedals and start your workout.

Why Choose a Pedal Exerciser for Elderly?

Sitting down all through the day can wear away your physical and mental health bringing in a feeling of frustration and lost health.

This is especially true in the case of individuals aged over 45 years and elderly citizens who suffer from lost mental health due to their depleting physical health.

The primary reason why elderly people are recommended the use of a pedal exercise machine for fitness is because of the equipment’s ability to improve and increase mobility.

I insist that seniors use the exerciser as the machine allows any user of any age to engage in fruitful cardio workout sessions with its simple and easy operation.

We all know that cardio workouts are indispensable for a healthy heart and fit body, and the pedal exercise bike helps you with it.

It primarily focuses on the muscles of the lower body, glutes, hip flexors, calves, hamstring, and quads.

In case you want some upper body workout, you can use the portable pedal exerciser that makes use of your hands to pedal away vigorously.

This way, your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and forearms reap from great workout benefits. So, make use of either type of pedal exerciser (upper or lower body) depending on your requirements.

Benefits of Using a Pedal Exerciser for Elderly

If you are quite inactive and you would like to get into the groove of being more healthy, there could not be another equipment more suitable than a pedal exerciser.

In case you are an elderly adult, the pedal cycle could be used as a leg exerciser, activating your lower body and keeping constantly activated. Irrespective of the age, the pedal exercise cycle can get your heart pumping and keep your mind at peace.

As an elderly, your primary aim would be to skip the sedentariness that could seep into your life, and calorie burning takes a backseat.

The foot pedal exerciser might not be a great weight loss equipment, but it does help you burn a considerable amount of calories. For instance, exercising vigorously for 30 minutes on the equipment burns close to 400 calories.

Main benefits of using a pedal exerciser by the elderly include:

  • One of the best low-impact equipment for strengthening your muscles and joints
  • Promising benefits of improved heart health and blood circulation
  • Improve mental health, wellbeing, focus, and mood
  • Helps you stay on a healthy weight by curbing obesity issues
  • Affordable compared to your regular exercise bikes

How to Choose the Best Foot Peddler Exerciser for Seniors?

You’ve decided to purchase a pedal exerciser, but there are quite a few integral factors that make a piece of equipment worthy of purchase. These factors include size, safety and stability, usability, resistance, straps, storage, noise generated, and warranty.

Consider the below-given important factors before you choose to purchase the best pedal exercise machine for your daily needs.

#1. Size

The small size of the pedal cycle lures many individuals to go for the equipment without doubts. Just like an under-desk elliptical, you can fit your pedal exerciser under any desk that you want.

So, it only makes sense that you are definite about the machine’s height and the height of the desk before choosing as you are going to keep the equipment beneath your working desk.

#2. Safety & Stability

Any exercise machine must promise the utmost safety to keep you at peace. The key criteria for ensuring safety is to look into the machine’s durability and stability.

We call it a stationary peddler, and hence, the equipment must guarantee strong footage on the flooring without any wobbling. Hence, the stability of the machine is extremely important to avoid any injuries.

If you are using a pedal exerciser that workouts your upper body, the machine is kept on your desk.

Find a machine that helps you work out comfortably without locking your knees/elbows and makes it easy to turn the handlebars.

#3. Resistance

Good pedal exercisers that have excellent ratings always come with standalone resistance settings that guarantee to fulfill the needs of the exerciser.

For instance, you might be an 80-year-old individual suffering from arthritis problems or a 25-year-old athlete. The peddler must contain resistance levels to satisfy the needs of every type of user.

Reliable desk peddlers come with different options for an easy, moderate, and vigorous cardio workout, and with numerous resistance levels to help you choose your desired exercise intensity.

#4. Usability

What’s the use of purchasing a piece of equipment if it doesn’t guarantee ease of use? Make sure that your choice of pedal under-desk exercise machine is easy to pedal forward and backward.

Know whether the pedal offers smooth or jerky movements. A good pedal cycler guarantees smooth pedaling and comfortable placement of foot/hands.

#5. Straps

Exercise bikes usually have straps to keep the feet secured while exercising, and the pedal exerciser is no different.

Straps are vital for keeping you safe and comfortable during the work out session. Choose a machine whose straps are comfortable, adjustable, and non-slippery.

Elderly people who use the machine are mostly bound to wearing orthotic shoes, and hence, the machine should have adjustable straps to accommodate the bulky shoes in place.

#6. Portability & Storage

Being a piece of equipment that’s usually placed below the desk, the machine must promise compactness and be of optimal size. So, when the size is compact, the machine surely does promise easy portability.

Portability is important as the exerciser must provide the facility to move it around easily, at home, or the office.

Also, ensure that the machine promises easy assembly. As an elderly, complicated/time-consuming assembly process is never acceptable.

The device must be easy to assemble and disassemble in case you are storing it or transporting it.

#7. Noise Level

Promising to be of help to your fitness while you are at your office desk, the machine must not be a hindrance for others with its constant noise generated.

While some pedal exercisers are 100% noiseless, some others start letting out squeaky sounds with frequent usage.

Try to choose a piece of noiseless equipment by going through user reviews and suggestions made by experts, just like the top best pedal exercisers that I have recommended below.

#8. Extra Features

Additional features of any exercise equipment always depend on the machine’s pricing. Expensive models come loaded with multiple extra features, while cheaper ones are mostly basic.

I would recommend you to look out for one extra feature that could make your purchase a fantastic one—handlebar add-ons that make it simple to convert your equipment from a lower-body workout to an upper-body workout.

Besides this, you can prioritize buying equipment that has a digital monitor that helps you monitor your daily performance and track progress.

If you are elderly, I recommend you choose a machine that has larger and easily readable numbers, including distance, calories burned, and more.

#9. Warranty

Machines come with different warranty periods. Some have no warranty at all, some machines have a warranty for some parts covered for different periods, and some machines have a warranty covered for at least one year.

In general, the frame of the equipment has a one year warranty period while additional parts are covered under six months.

Top 7 Best Pedal Exercisers for Seniors

Given below are the top 7 pedal exercisers recommended, especially for seniors catering to their needs and safety purpose.

#1. Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

At home, workplace, or anywhere, you could use the Cubii JR1 cycling elliptical to exercise away your sedentariness in utmost comfort.

The foot pedal exercise machine is an utter delight for anyone who wants a convenient piece of equipment that’s useful to you but doesn’t disturb others in any way.

This is mainly because of its whisper-quiet operation, smooth functionality, and a built-in monitor that’s convenient for elderly individuals with its large display of calories, strides, RPM, and distance.

If you are interested in challenging workouts, make use of the eight different resistance levels that promise versatility.

As seniors would primarily use the equipment, the manufacturer has taken utmost caution such that it causes low-impact on joints. Use this equipment if you want to build muscle strength.


  • App connectivity helps you connect with others
  • Eight different resistance levels
  • Lightweight and compact weighing only 29.8 pounds
  • Low impact on joints/knees being ideal for seniors


  • Having flimsy pedals, it is most useful for lighter use

#2. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser

The DeskCycle 2 is equally useful and efficient as DeskCycle with the only difference here being the addition of adjustable legs.

You could use it at your office or home while watching TV, speaking on your mobile, or playing video games too.

As a piece of great equipment for general fitness and physical therapy, the pedal exerciser, is one of the best for seniors who want some daily activity to stay in good health.

The equipment makes use of a patented magnetic resistance mechanism that promises smooth operation and minimal impact on the knees and joints, making it highly valued by seniors.

Pedal away whisper on your equipment without disturbing others or even taking off your attention while working. This is possible mainly due to the magnetic resistance and precision flywheel that weighs 40 lbs.

Eight different resistance levels are helping you choose from very easy to very difficult movements. The DeskCycle 2 offers twice the resistance range compared to other pedal exercisers.

The stationary pedal exerciser is mostly suitable for any desk as it is compatible with even desks as low as 27 inches.

The main advantage of DeskCycle 2 is the pedal height of the equipment that’s fully adjustable and could be set to 9 or 10 inches too.


  • 30-day moneyback guarantee and one year warranty
  • 1000 minute and five functions LCD
  • Smooth spinning and quiet operation
  • Lowest pedal height possible
  • Display stand helps to place it on a desk


  • Velcro pedal straps are not quite sturdy

#3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

If you are looking for the smallest pedal exercise machine in town, don’t miss out on purchasing the Sunny Health & Fitness equipment. This is the best mini foot pedal exerciser for the elderly that’s not too lightweight but extremely compact.

The seated pedaling machine has a front-facing knob that easily twists and turns to accommodate any of the eight different levels of resistance set by you. The resistance works principally using magnetic tension.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the Sunny Health & Fitness offers the most sought-after additional feature—handlebar add-ons.

Work out both your upper and lower body using the foot or hand pedals provided by the equipment.

Perform lower body workouts by placing the equipment on the floor and pedaling. For upper body workout, keep it over a sturdy desk and pedal with your hands.

With adjustable pedal straps, this pedal exerciser is suitable for anyone. Still, the only downside is that the equipment can withstand only up to 220 lbs of user weight for lower body pedaling.

Still, heavy users who have worked out regularly on the equipment complain of no troubles with its durability.


  • Easy and readable metrics on an LCD monitor is highly advantageous for seniors.
  • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system
  • Durable
  • Provides both upper and lower body workout


  • Has a maximum weight limit
  • Unsuitable for many under desk spaces as the machine is tall

#4. Vive Pedal Exerciser – Stationary Exercise Leg Peddler

You might constantly be traveling shuttling between office and home, or even commuting to different cities. Whatever it is, the Vive mini pedal exerciser is the best portable pedal bike.

The manufacturer guarantee that the machine fits comfortably under most desks. Still, I recommend you to measure the space and height availability before purchasing it.

That’s primarily to avoid your knees hitting the desk underside while pedaling as complained frequently by many users. In comparison, standard desks don’t cause any such problems.

Be sure of building muscle strength, especially your quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes, besides being an excellent choice for toning muscles, increasing circulation, and also improving concentration levels.

The machine is a good choice for seniors as it is easy to assemble and even comes with a step-by-step setup guide.

You needn’t worry about the machine’s stability as the company guarantees the utmost safety by providing non-slip rubber feet to make it stay intact in place.


  • Simple assembly
  • Built-in display
  • Helps improve concentration, blood circulation, and muscle strength
  • Best portable pedal bike


  • No warranty
  • Some users complain of pedal malfunctioning

#5. Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe

The specialty of this pedal exerciser is that it is easily foldable, making it different from the rest. Designed with a quick folding frame, this Platinum Fitness equipment is extremely easy to move and store as it is foldable.

You might be an elderly adult suffering from mobility issues, needing physical therapy, or rehab for your lower body.

If so, this pedal exerciser is the best fit for you as the equipment promises improved mobility and an increased range of motions for post-op patients, especially those out of knee and hip replacement surgeries.

The exerciser could be used to support upper body workout too by pedaling with your arms. However you use, the anchor straps do guarantee the stability of the equipment.

Choose your color from pink, orange, blue, green, and purple and track your performance using the five function LCD screen that shows time, distance, calories, RPM, and total revolutions.


  • Foldable thereby promising compactness and storage
  • Affordable
  • Anchor straps guarantee stability
  • An ideal choice for seniors and those in rehab


  • Durability is a question mark
  • Not great resistance
  • Cannot perform vigorous cardio exercises

#6. Exerpeutic 7101

As we are looking for a pedal exerciser that’s good for elderly people, it is recommended to buy a motorized pedal exerciser as the motor works advantageous for the disabled and senior individuals.

Use the motor as a guide while exerciser rather than resisting its presence. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the machine.

Though not suggested for a vigorous cardio workout, the equipment delivers both, upper and lower body workouts.

The motor is present to help you perform a rather effortless workout, and if you want some intense sessions, I would suggest to turn off the motor and use the manual mode.

We have a handheld dial that changes motor speed, and this could be placed on the machine’s base or removed for easy access.

You could monitor your progress using the LCD monitor that displays speed, calories, time, and speed.


  • Improves balance in seniors beyond building endurance, strengthening muscles, and promoting blood circulation
  • Motor assistance delivers an easy workout experience
  • Non-slip mat provided as an accessory
  • Great exerciser for seniors and orthopedic patients


  • Higher risks of malfunction due to the motorized system
  • Needs a 120V source power

#7. MagneTrainer-ER

I’ve saved the best for the last, and the MagneTrainer could be recommended as the best pedal exerciser that could be recommended for use by seniors.

With a sturdy steel base and easy to use mechanism, the equipment promises utmost stability. The patented magnetic resistance system provides twice the resistance of other pedal exercisers.

Control the resistance using a dial knob in the front of the machine, increasing or decreasing levels using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign provided.

Besides seniors, the MagneTrainer could be used by pro athletes too due to its excellent training ability and the provision of adjustable Velcro straps that accommodate different foot sizes.

Keep this equipment either on the floor or on top of a tabletop, but I must caution you that its height is pretty more than other pedal exercisers in this range.

This makes it incompatible with lower desk heights, and you must make your measurements precisely before making a purchase.


  • Versatile equipment providing upper and lower body workout
  • Comfortable foot pedals/handlebars
  • Patented magnetic resistance system
  • Excellent stability thereby making it a great choice for seniors


  • Quite bulky
  • Doesn’t fit below-average sized desks

Final Thoughts

The idea to stay active and healthy during your older years is a great one, and the pedal exerciser could be of utmost help with this.

Besides elders, the equipment could be an excellent addition for those with desk jobs too because you are motivated to exercise while working serving a dual purpose.

The only concern here is to choose an exerciser that adapts to your desk height and fulfills your goal.

Go for an equipment that offers both upper/lower body workout provisioning and also covers a reasonable warranty to reap maximum benefits from your purchase.


How to Keep Fit By Using Pedal Exercisers?

You can stay fit using pedal exercisers in not one or two but multiple different ways. Primarily, the equipment helps you get out of your sedentary lifestyle. In a world where inactivity and not doing exercises is common, the pedal exerciser keeps you moving.

The machine also promises muscle toning and strengthening, helps with blood pressure and circulation, and aids in weight loss.

Does Pedaling Help Lose Belly Fat?

In general, a pedal exerciser is a piece of equipment primarily used to keep you fit and active. Weight loss is possible, but not as much as seen in other equipment.

Also, the machine focuses on weight loss all over the body, and hence, loss of belly fat is a part of the weight loss process. You need to cycle for a longer time and more vigorously to achieve calorie loss/weight loss.

Which Muscles Are Involved When Working out with a Pedal Exerciser?

As you can pedal with your feet or hands, the muscles involved depends on whether you are attending to your upper or lower body.

If you pedal with the legs, the exerciser benefits your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads. When you pedal with your arms, it’s the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and forearms that are involved.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Per Hour with a Mini Exercise Bike?

Doing any exercise burns calories, but the numbers vary depending on factors such as resistance settings of the machine and the user’s weight too.

According to SportsRec, a 135-pound person can easily lose up to 123 calories when pedaling for just 20 minutes.

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