How to Set Up a Home Gym in Apartments and Small Spaces

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Having a gym in your home is wonderful, but if you live in an apartment, does it mean that you have no chance to build your home gym? Not exactly.

Although the spaces and perhaps the comforts will not be the same as if you live in a house, you can set up your gym in your apartment, even in the bedroom.

So you should not worry, it is a matter of organization. I will show you some useful tips that help you build your home gym in a limited space.

How to Make Room for Your Home Gym in a Small Space?

Sometimes, the apartment’s dimensions are not large enough to have the comfort you want, but there is no reason to lose motivation.

On the contrary, it is one more reason to turn the omelet around and continue with the goal you set for yourself—exercising.

Buy a piece of furniture with enough space to put your TV on top and with compartments where you can store your dumbbells.

When you get up, the first thing you will see will be those weights that will motivate you to spend time.

They do not have to be many, just enough so that they do not come out of your cabinet or that they look empty.

3 compartments are enough to store 2 to 3 dumbbells, depending on their size.

As you will notice, storage and organization are the keys to carrying out your home gym in your apartment.

So if you are a music fanatic and have your CDs on those shelves vertically on the floor, you can safely place them on shelves that go over the wall.

Thus, you will have even more space for your exercises.

On the other hand, if you were planning to remodel your spaces, this is your opportunity. You can remove the table with the dining room chairs and opt for a bar or counter with stools in the kitchen.

In this way, you can replace that space you used as a dining room for your home gym. I can say that your apartment will look even more modern.

What Equipment Do You Need to Set up a Home Gym?

There are a series of essential equipment for every home gym user that does not require a lot of space and is also affordable.

Exercise Mat

Stretching is a must for stiff muscles, and doing it on the exercise mat is an excellent option.

This equipment is essential and will protect you if you want to perform dynamic stretches for your hip and spine, two of the areas that need more stretching after spending the whole day working sitting down.

You can place your exercise mat on the floor to avoid slipping, or in case you have a carpeted floor, it will preserve it from any damage.

The best thing of all is that obtaining this item is very accessible, you will find it at excellent prices, in different thicknesses and colors.

Also, if you plan to perform HIIT workouts, you will need an exercise mat. A great HIIT exercise mat reduces your body’s most impact and offers you a secure and comfortable exercise experience.


If space is the issue, I recommend starting with small weights of between 5 to 15 pounds, although smaller ones are like 3.5 pounds.

Another option is to buy some dumbbells that allow you to change the desired weight. As time passes, you will be able to organize yourself better and add more options.

The weights are made of cast iron or plastic (iron with an outer layer of vinyl, rubber, or neoprene.)

This last option is more comfortable and safer to use at home, protecting the floor and being less noisy.

Kettlebell or Russian Weights

It is a traditional weight consisting of an iron ball, similar to a cannonball with a handle. Find them in all sizes and materials since they have become a fundamental accessory in fitness.

Kettlebell workouts increase strength, endurance, agility, balance, challenging muscle strength, and the cardiovascular system. The excellent advantage is that they do not require a lot of space.

Pull-Up Bar

The Pull-up bar is a classic among the gym elements to work primarily on the upper body using our body weight. It is relatively affordable, takes up very little space, and is highly versatile.

The key to this item is to place it (on a wall or above a door) and make sure you anchor it properly to avoid problems. It is best to place it on the door since you can disassemble it when necessary.

Resistance Bands

Another element that gives good results despite its apparent simplicity is the elastic bands. They take up very little space, and I can say that almost nothing, so they fit in any corner.

It is an excellent option for your home gym for its compactness, lightness, and versatility. Besides, it is very safe and allows you to work your whole body without fear of hurting yourself perfectly.

Workout Videos

Watching training videos provided by professionals while working out will help you motivate yourself, have time control, feel safe and oriented, and, of course, not get bored.

You will find excellent DVD options to have at home and watch it as many times as you need.

Fitball (Exercise Balls)

Although they are large, fitness balls are beneficial for their versatility and ease of use. With them, you can work your abs, strengthen your core, glutes, and build muscles.

There are exercise balls of various sizes ranging from 55 centimeters in diameter to 85 centimeters. To know your ideal size, you must base yourself on your height. Thus, the more height you have, the bigger the fitness ball will have to be.

The good thing is that being very light and hanging them by creating support on the wall.

Step Platforms

The wooden step is a platform-shaped sports tool that you can place at various heights.

It is widely used in aerobic group classes, especially, but it has more uses and functions.

With this gym device, you can do cardio work at the same time that you tone your legs, hips, and glutes.

Exercising with a step platform is like climbing stairs.

You can also use it to do squats, exercises on the floor or mix it with dumbbells or discs. It is an element that does not take up much space.

Weight Bench

The weight bench is a good complement to your home gym. Although if your space and budget are a bit limited, you can do without it.

The weight bench is useful for lifting and working your chest. If you want to have one in your home gym, I recommend one with which you can take a wide tour. This will allow you to work better and keep your body stable.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

Another perfect accessory to incorporate into your training routine and that cannot be missing in your home gym are the ankle and wrist weights since they will allow you to gain space and efficiency.

Just like normal dumbbells, they help you work on strength, muscle tone, core training, and rehabilitation, but at the same time, you can have your hands free.

Exercise Equipment

Depends on the space left, you can buy an exercise bike, a rowing machine, a treadmill, or even an elliptical machine.

Many of these machines are folding, and you will fund them in different models and sizes, surely you will be able to find a suitable one for your apartment.

Regardless of the equipment you choose, don’t forget to decorate your home gym so that your motivation never disappears.

For example, you can add a mirror to the wall from floor to ceiling to see yourself when you exercise to correct your movements. Also, don’t forget the music either.

Tips for Setting up Your Home Gym

Having a home gym has many advantages, and you can adapt it according to your convenience. To achieve this goal, here are some tips to help you carry it out.

Install Your Rubber Flooring

Gym flooring plays a key role in setting up the gym at home.

You must condition the floor of your home to protect it since apart from cushioning the fall of some heavy element, avoiding both its wear and the possible deterioration of the floor covering, reducing the sounds, it will also attenuate the tension that your joints endure when subjected to continuous pressure on the ground.

Consider having rubber flooring in all areas where your exercise equipment will be located, including under the bike or treadmill.

Get a Bumper Plates

If you live in an apartment, noise reduction is essential, especially if you train early in the morning.

For that, having bumper plates is an excellent idea since they are made of rubber. They can be replaced by iron ones since they are safer and do not make as much noise.

Similarly, if you plan to buy dumbbells, they are also available in rubber.


They are not for decoration. They are also not designed for athletes to admire the muscles.

The mirrors’ objective is that we focus on technique, posture, and the way we execute the movements when exercising.

This does not imply that we cannot look at how the toning of the body progresses.

It is not only about vanity since when reflecting on the mirror, but it is also easier to find the defects and those points where it should be improved, such as the feet’ support, when it comes to bending the back, etc.

Consider placing a mirror in your weights or squat rack area.

Use Power Racks or Multi Gym

Another tip to set up your own home gym that can help you save space is to be able to buy a power rack where you can place a bench with weights and shelves where you can place them, all in one, in this way, you can have a better space available.

Proper Ventilation

This is an important factor to consider. If you do not have air conditioning, try to set up your gym in a space with windows that allow fresh air in and out and, at the same time, transfers natural light.

Anyway, placing a fan on is a perfect idea for the air to circulate and help the room temperature drop.

Remember that if you do not have the proper air circulation, the room can turn into a sauna, producing headaches.

When exercising, feeling comfortable is essential.

Keep Your Gym Organized

There is nothing more motivating than seeing an organized and clean space. You must respect your exercise elements and take good care of them.

For that, you must keep your home gym organized, and in this way, you will be able to find what you are looking for more easily.

The key is to use an element and then return it to its place. Dumbbell racks are a great option to help you keep the order you need.

Find Quality Fitness Equipment

When deciding to set up your own home gym, you need to think about acquiring your good-quality fitness equipment and items.

Therefore, you must bear in mind that the budget is essential since having good quality equipment will last you for many years.

Take into account the brand, its materials, the guarantees they offer, etc.

You should also know that having outstanding and durable quality equipment will give you greater security, a critical point when having your home gym.

In Closing

As you can see, living in an apartment does not impede not setting up your own gym.

Now you can apply our tips to save space, and also, now you know what you need to start to get your home gym ready.

I know that some equipment involves a considerable investment. Still, they are the highest quality equipment designed to last for many years and give you the best performance and quality of exercise, making them worthwhile.

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