Total Gym Fitness Fusion Review – Is It The One for You?

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One of the machines that you can try and buy is the Total Gym Fitness Fusion, which is ideal for training in the comfort of your home. It is foldable and can be stored anywhere. Its qualities are excellent, and it allows to work of all the muscles for any objective and without impact.

Discover how easy it is to get and stay in shape with this machine. Take advantage of gravity and your own bodyweight on an incline bench to perform more than 60 different exercises thanks to its 12 resistance levels and all the accessories it includes.

Strengthen and tone your body in just 20 minutes a day with cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts, all in one machine. Also, it adapts to any level, from beginners to more demanding athletes.

The Total Gym Fitness Fusion is easy to assemble and requires no tools. It folds up easily for storage and offers 12 incline levels to increase or decrease training resistance.

Total Gym Fitness Fusion Full Body Workout Home Fitness Exercise

Moreover, Total Gym Fitness Fusion offers a training card deck, an on-demand video system, and a “Start It Up” DVD—a personal training guide that guides you through set-up instructions, tips, and techniques.

You’ll be using about 60% of your body weight at the maximum setting, and you can even add a weight bar to add more resistance. But to note that to exercise safely on this machine, you’ll need about 10 feet in length and up to 6 feet of width clearance.

What I Like About

There are many things that I like about Total Gym Fitness Fusion, starting with the variety of exercises you can do (60), such as row movements. In other words, you can never get bored, and this is possible thanks to the accessories that it includes with its price, such as a pilates toe with the toe bar.

To change the resistance up to 12 levels, you don’t need extra weight. Just change the incline of the bench to go against gravity and generate more weight. I also like that thanks to the pulleys, the exercises are low impact, so take care of your joints.

Another point in its favor is that it includes 5 DVDs as a guide to training and a nutritional plan to lose weight.

What I Don’t Like

I don’t like the Total Gym Fitness Fusion because it is quite heavy to move by oneself compared to other Total Gym models. Besides, it does not include transport wheels.

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Total Gym Fitness Fusion Available Workouts

Get ready to do more than 60 different exercises with a single machine. You can do cardio, strength training, stretching, and Pilates. The machine adapts to the user’s training level by changing the resistance levels.

On the other hand, if you have spinal problems or are rehabilitating after surgery, with Total Gym Fitness Fusion, you can do low-impact exercises without problems for your joints.

As for what specific part of the body is worked is worth mentioning that the whole body, arms, shoulders, back, abs, thighs, and calves.

Accessories and Attachments

With your purchase, you will receive:

  • Dip bars.
  • Wing attachment.
  • Leg pulley system.
  • Squat stand.
  • AbCrunch accessory.
  • Pilates kit with toe bar.
  • Fitness and nutrition guides.
  • Total Gym TV access.
  • 5 workout DVDs
  • Rosalie Brown’s Fitspiration Guide.

Resistance Levels

This incredible home machine offers 12 levels of resistance, i. e., and you can start from simple workouts to intense strength exercises. The Total Gym Fitness Fusion offers us more training possibilities by regulating its bench position in different ways.


The Total Gym Fitness Fusion comes practically assembled. You have to place the accessories to start training. You don’t need any special tools to do it. You don’t have to be a professional or need a lot of help.

Its measurements are 93L x 43.25H x 15.5W inches, and as the machine does not include transport wheels, try to keep it always in the same place or do not move too much. Still, you can fold it and store it under the bed if necessary.

Weight Capacity

The frame of this machine is made of steel, so it supports a lot of weight. We are talking up to 375 pounds of user weight capacity. The Total Gym Fitness Fusion is very stable, robust, and durable, so feel safe training with it.


The company offers one year warranty for its frame. For some users, it is not enough, but many of them did not have problems due to its structure is very resistant.

Still, if you have some doubts or problems, the company’s customer service is always available to assist you in any of your inquiries.

Final Words

Total Gym has been on the market for many years and even receives support from big Hollywood stars. In this case, the Total Gym Fitness Fusion is no different since you will do more than 60 exercises using your own body weight.

Exercises the thighs, back, arms, shoulders, abs, glutes, pectorals by adjusting the inclination angle to adjust the resistance. It is a very resistant, stable, and solid structure for intensive use and is suitable for all ages, for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

Check the price of Total Gym Fitness Fusion on Amazon.

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