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Top 8 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $500

Recumbent bikes are the best options for those who have lower back pain as compared with other exercise equipment, they provide additional support to your back, which provides more ease to your cardio workout.

With optimum footing, back support, and seating space, these bikes are an all-out winner.

However, the price of recumbent bikes is varied. You can find a recumbent bike with a priced tag over $1000 in the market, and you can also get one for under $200.

The recumbent bikes under $500 have been the market favorites, so if you don’t want to spend that much money on it, but on the other hand, also concern about the bike quality, it would be your best choice.

Here are the top 8 best recumbent exercise bikes under $500:

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Recumbent Bike?

Just like any other cardio support machine, the recumbent bikes also have specific properties. These are highly important to ensure a great workout session for strength buildup and fat loss. The following prominent features are what you should look for.


The angle of recline for recumbent bikes plays a crucial role. Some of them have rigid, while some have adjustable attachments. The user should select these as per their suitability.


It may sound a cliché, but the paddle is another factor you should look for. Recumbent bikes have forward-positioned paddles, and the altitude is important for selection. An overall extension with a paddling angle of 20 to 30 degrees is prescribed.


The seating should be accommodative and adjustable for people of all ages. Most often, the recumbent bikes have the option to set the gradient.


Modern-day choices for recumbent bikes have multiple modes of operation. This basically means that there are pre-set exercise routines and toughness levels to follow.

Control Panel

The control panel is another important feature of recumbent bikes. While some would have touchpads, others would use quick keys to navigate. Options such as cooling fans, music sync, etc. also depend upon price range.

Ease of Moving

If the recumbent bikes are for gym layout, rigid ones are preferred. However, for home or working spaces, portable and lightweight designs are preferred.


While some recumbent bikes have only basic panels, others have sensors on the handles for pulse measurement.

Handle design

Most of the recumbent bikes under $500 would have either an upright (front) or parallel (adjacent to seat) handles. It depends upon user discretion as both are rigid.

Top 8 Best Recumbent Bikes Under $500

1. Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series – Nautilus R616

The reputation of Nautilus speaks for itself when it comes to recumbent bikes. Nautilus R616 is another addition to the already excellent series of productions.

With adaptable seating, near-perfect paddles, state of the art automation, and diverse connectivity features, the product is a hands-down champion.

  • Resistance: The bike has a total of 25 different resistance levels that are easy to use upon once click. It makes life really easy for the user to select and move along a level.
  • Display: The product boast an LCD display with USB ports, inbuilt speakers, easy keys, cooling fan, and much more.
  • Special App: The product can sync with the trademark World App. It provides the user with an interesting feature to connect with real-time users pan-world and exercise together.
  • Back Support: The design has proper seating with the right-back support for middle and old-age users.
  • Perimeter Flywheel: Low-inertia design to provide smooth starting and running-in features for the bike.


  • The product is loaded with features which are rare to find in its class
  • Budget orientation for economy buyers
  • Connectivity features for modern-day fitness enthusiasts
  • Sliding design for seat position
  • Low inertia starting principle


  • Little bulky to move around
  • Needs at least a moderate amount of space to use freely

2. Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series – Nautilus R614

The Nautilus R614 is a compact design and multiple functions-enabled entries among this list of recumbent bikes. The product has the right amount of input given by the traditional Nautilus design.

Also, the company is famous for making its recumbent bikes in a way that they are usable across ages and genders.

The typical robust framework with sensors and necessary automation makes the product a worthy buy. The key features of the Nautilus R614 are:

  • LCD Display: The screen has a brightly lit LCD display with easy access to readings of time, calories, etc.
  • Sliding seat: The slide and lock feature for the seating is an easily adjustable one which is a user-favorite.
  • Multiple Resistance Levels:20 resistance levels make it highly adaptable and efficient for the user to extract full advantage.
  • Programs: The product features a set of almost two dozen programs that feature different modules and inbuilt routines.
  • Inertia Drive: Low starting inertia and high drive inertia means there is no abrupt loading on the user’s muscles.


  • Inertia drive for a smoother transition and no jerks
  • Sliding and adjustable seat
  • Multiple resistance modes for a customized exercise regime
  • Easy USB plugs and interactive front panel


  • A restricted inclination for sitting arrangement
  • Little bulky to fit in tight spaces

3. Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 4000 has the traditional magnetic system at the helm for developing resistance.

This means it is one of the more robust designs of recumbent bikes in the market. The independent flywheel system means that the design has an easy to start feature.

There are a dozen workout program modules, and the design has comfort at its heart.

With optimum hand support and seating ease, the product is highly popular in the category too. Some of the key features of the Exerpeutic 4000 are:

  • AIRSOFT seating: One of the most prominent features of the model is in its seating, consisting of the airsoft technology.
  • Moderate weight: The design has a moderate weight level, and it provides it easy movability.
  • Hand Support: Cushioning on the handlebar with the same airsoft padding provides the much-needed hand support.
  • V-Belt Drive: This makes the design more robust and the transmission system simple to deal with.
  • Mobility: The design has wheels at the bottom for transportation and mobility.


  • Moderate weight design for easy movement
  • Comfortable seating with airsoft seating technology
  • Hand rest and upright handles
  • Magnetic resistance for a tough design feature


  • The basic design of the control panel
  • More rigid seat movement

4. Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike

The place where the Velocity design beats the other recumbent bikes is a wholesome body motion. In addition to the lower body exercise, the design has a rotational handle feature on top.

Syncing the body motion, it provides the ability for hand to move along as well.

The upright back supports, along with the traditional front flywheel rounds off the full-body support and aesthetic movement. Some of the key features of the design are:

  • Weighted Flywheel: The 5K design for the front located weighted flywheel provides a smooth load transition.
  • Compactness: In comparison to the other bulkier designs, this one is relatively easy to move around.
  • Extended Back Support: The seating has full size, relatively upright back support for a comfortable workout session.
  • Front Grip: The front handle design with wholesome motion provides mull body workout.


  • Fixed wheels for moving the bike around
  • Light-weight and comparatively easy to handle
  • Perfect for tight spaces and squeezes
  • Full body upright support for no extra stress


  • Relatively simple and basic control panel
  • Only manual dial feature for tension adjustment

5. Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 2000 has a light design with only 63 lbs. weight. It has the traditional approach of deep seating along with the straight armrest.

The armrests have the advanced cushioning for elbow and forearm support too. The Exerpeutic 2000 is one of the most-friendly options for users who move a lot.

Because of the low weight and ease of dismantling, the product is easy to carry and assemble upon the user’s choice.

  • Extendable support on Panel: The front panel has extendable support on top for keeping tabs or mobile devices.
  • Light-Weight: It is easily lifted by even a single person and can be moved around and handled easily too.
  • Reclined Back Support: The back support is around a 20-degree angle and optimum for rest and support during the exercise.
  • Magnetic Tension: Enables the product to be robust and maintain a pocket-friendly estimate too.


  • Easy to move and a solid base for securing
  • Armrest and elbow support for upper body ease
  • Reclined back support for avoiding any pain
  • Lock seating feature to secure proper posture


  • Basic panel for display and control
  • Lesser number of modules

6. Marcy NS-716R Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

Marcy NS-716 is a lightweight product that can be easily handled by a single person and moved around.

On the contrary to the normal products with seat slide, it has an extension rod and knob at the bottom.

The system has eight modules and can be used to regulate the pre-programmed regime.

Marcy NS-716R is one of the sturdy bikes of this list, and the design of Marcy NS-716R has a fixed level of recline for back support.

  • Extendable bottom: With a leverage bar and locking knob, the bottom base of the design is extendable. This is friendly to accommodate people with different heights.
  • Magnetic Resistance: The design has a magnetic resistance feature to ensure the various levels of resistance training.
  • Bottom Rolling Wheel: The light wheels help to move around the bike with minimal effort.
  • Easy operation: The product has an easy operation feature with direct keys for checking modules and calorie count.


  • Easy to move and suitable for tight spaces
  • Reclined seat for back and lower body support
  • Extendable structure for accommodating different users
  • Easy support through handlebars for body frame support


  • Basic panel with not many automation features
  • Only dial-knob to adjust tension and resistance

7. ProForm 325CSX Exercise Bike

The ProForm 325CSX has comfortable seating with a broad design for providing extra cushioning and support. The seating also has a slide mechanism with the lever-locking feature to shift and lock the seat easily.

The recumbent bike has an enhanced panel with a bright and wide display counter and easy-keys for controlling resistance. Moreover, the design also has dual handles for customer ease.

The parallel handles along the seat have to cushion while the upright ones in the front have sensors for heart rate and other parameters.

  • Chair-like Seat: The design has a seat that is more like a supportive chair and helps to avoid back pain or stress.
  • Multiple resistance levels: There are 20 different levels of resistance to provide ambient training conditions.
  • Multi-functional panel: The panel has multiple easy keys and also a cooling fan design for ease of users.
  • Cushioning: In addition to the seat, the handlebars also have to cushion for easy workability.


  • 20 resistance and functioning levels
  • Easy storage for bottles and electronic devices
  • Handle-embedded sensors for heart rate monitoring
  • Chair-like seating for the comfort of customers


  • Heavy to move around and use in tight spaces
  • No appropriate support for elbows on the hand rest

8. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RBD4703

The tough framework and quick adjustment design are the high points of this recumbent bike’s design. It has the rare feature of a front-loaded tray to keep essentials and gadgets.

The platform also acts as a support base for the hands and elbows while working out. The base of the chair, as well as the front platform and their height, is extendable and adjustable.

There are other additional features to keep bottles and other items.

The display is digital along with easy keys to enable easy-functioning for the users.

  • Extendable: With the help of simple levers, the seating arrangement and front platform become extendable.
  • Portable: The design is made in a way that the bike remains easily portable across halls and spaces.
  • Reclined Chair: The seating arrangement is reclined to provide ease of posture while working out.
  • Body support: The platform provides not only a base to keep things but also the right body support for the upper half.


  • Comfortable for usage because of extra platform support
  • Easy sliding chair with easy lock feature
  • Various modules for variable training parameters
  • Extensions knobs that are easily accessible


  • Resistance adjustable only through know
  • The front platform can sometimes be space-consuming for tight places


These recumbent bikes provide the right satisfaction to users at an affordable price. In addition to budget-friendly nature, comfort and workout efficiency always remain paramount.

Easy features to dismantle and assemble also make these recumbent bikes appropriate for working out anytime.

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