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How Much Space Do You Need for a Home Gym?

The ideal space for a gym is not defined anywhere. It is always subject to a person’s requirement, living standards, space constraints, and work design.

How much space do you need for a home gym? Perfect space for a gym at home may vary from 50 square feet to 200 square feet, depending on what equipment you have in your home gym. But typically, 36 square feet is enough for most people’s needs (skipping rope, HIIT workout, free weight training, and others.)

Here is a list of the space needed for most fitness equipment:

  • Multi-gym: 30 sq ft
  • Treadmill: 25 sq ft
  • Elliptical machine: 15-20 sq ft
  • Exercise bike: 10 sq ft
  • Power racks: 15-20 sq ft
  • Rowing machine: 20 sq ft
  • Stair climber: 5-10 sq ft
  • Ski machines (Skiers): 10-15 sq ft

Still, find it difficult to determine how much space do you need? Most fitness equipment is measured in inches; you can use this formula to calculate the space you need:

Length (inch) × Width (inch) / 144 = Square Feet

What Equipment Do You Need to Set up a Home Gym?

Having a few types of gym equipment, such as a barbell, dumbbells, resistance bands, and weights are not an ideal concept for setting up a gym at home.

The fitness center at homes must be a place that is well designed with thoughtful thought.

The workout space needs to be safe and inviting to workout.

Believe it or not, home gyms require a lot of planning and execution as well.

You need to think first before going to set up a home gym. And you must be sure that what equipments you are going to use the most or make the most of it.

Going for adjustable dumbbells and benches can be the best idea when a space crunch sets up a gym.

Buying too many dumbbells and benches shall take a lot of space.

Adjustable dumbbells may be a costly affair, but they shall prove to be worth money as they curtail you going out from home to an outdoor gym.

Adjustable benches are essential as they are necessary to exercise on different muscles and get a shaped muscle.

What Exercise Can You Do in a Limited Space?

A few exercises can be done in a limited space, and they are equivalent to the exercises done in an outdoor gym. The only thing required is the determination of a fit and healthy body.

A few exercises are as under:

1. Jumping Ropes

Jumping ropes is the best exercise for a limited space. It is simpler to get expert/master in jumping rope exercise, and they are also helpful in reducing weight speedily. Continuous jumping rope leads to fat burning as well.

There are many advantages of jumping ropes such as it includes the whole body work out, portable to carry jump rope anywhere. It boosts metabolism as well.

The aspect of injury is quite minimal compared to other exercises and gives an enduring shape to calve muscle.

2. Bodyweight Workout

A bodyweight workout needs to be well planned. Hundreds of reps that are not well planned shall not help in any kind of muscle gain, while 15 to 25 minutes of well-planned bodyweight work out shall help your cause of the fit body.

Success thought for bodyweight work out is control over lower body weight.

The relation between lower body weight and mind is significant in this aspect.

We need to understand that the muscle and bodyweight need to maintain equilibrium in this aspect.

If there shall be a well-maintained equilibrium, then muscles shall do the task automatically.

3. HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts, it also refers to High-Intensity Interval Training, are useful when there is a lack of time. Persons having a busy schedule or into corporate can make the most from HIIT workouts. As the name refers, they are quite difficult to do.

Tiredness is quite natural in high-intensity interval training, so it is highly appreciated to have short intervals of 100 to 150 seconds.

One must not stand still or sit during the interval.

Jogging and short boxing slowly are highly suggested during the interval.

It keeps the muscle active and doesn’t let the muscle to inactive mood.

Once a muscle gets into an inactive mood, then pain and cramps shall make it difficult again to revive in HIIT.

Tabata Styles are the most famous styles of workout in HIIT workouts.

4. Free Weight Workout

Free weights workout is the exercise that you need to have a perfect way of lifting weights. Movement and pace need to have proportionate relation and speed to get a shaped muscular muscle. Upper body and lower body workouts are an integral part of free weight workout.

Free weight terms may appear to be confusing, but these are the sets of equipment that are quite popular such as dumbbells, handbells, Barbells, etc.

There are various advantages of free weight exercise: getting you a lean shaped body, the perfection of hormonal health, boosted-up bone density, and under-controlled cholesterol level.

Where Do You Want to Set Up Your Home Gym?

You require at least 36 square feet of space at home to set up the gym. The gym needs not to be located in isolation, but the point to be kept in mind is that the gym should be at a place that must not have a nuisance. It should be in a peaceful place so that you may concentrate while exercising.

Setting up a gym at home depends on the size of the home.

You may have a posh luxurious bungalow with exceptional art a culture, whereas others might have a place that is having 2/3 bedroom hall kitchen apartments.

Wherever you stay, exercise and fitness keeps you motivated and focused.

Fitness equipment at home turns a boring place into an interesting you with a cult of self-motivation.

If you have more room space in your house, it is easy to set up a home gym.

Any unused corner of the drawing-room, bedroom can be exclusively dedicated to sweating & tiring fitness sessions.

If there are empty rooms& spaces, then you should consider himself lucky to set up a gym.

If there is no space, then balconies, covered terraces, porch, or any external place at home may be used for gymming purposes, provided the weather and climate permits to do so.

A few people, such as students or bachelors, maybe having only a single room.

Any spare space in the room or studio can be assigned for a fitness session.

So, setting a gym/fitness center is subject to the size of one’s place.

Another important facet of the gym set up at home is that one needs to be thoughtful with the kind and design of work out to undergo an at-home fitness center.

Whatever be the type of training one undergoes, he must make sure that the gym’s design is as per needs.

Cost-effectiveness and a perfect combination of equipment make the home fitness center more appealing.

Mirrors are the most important part of a gym.

Mirrors are necessary as one can see himself while exercising.

Correct forms and postures are necessary to avoid injuries and for a muscular shape. If there is no one to guide you, then the mirror is the best guide.

What Home Gym Flooring Is the Best?

The gym’s flooring is another major feature of the gym set up at home as unsuitable flooring may give person injuries in bones, joints, and economic hardships such as floor damage. These damages can be long term damages, so it is necessary to have a perfect blend of the gym floor at a home-based fitness center.

The decision of flooring is quite essential to set up a gym.

Traditional old school flooring at homes can easily be broken with the dumbbell/barbell/weights pressure.

Suitable options for home-based gyms are to use rubber, foam, carpet, turf, and vinyl flooring.

The gym’s flooring is subject to space captured by the gym, so the best idea is to have puzzle sized pro source foams.

If the area captured is more, buy a dozen foams or buy a few as per the requirement if the area captured is less.

Flooring needs to be hard and stiff as there may be instances when dumbbells or weight rods shall be kept carelessly at the floor after tiring reps.

Jumping on the floor also needs a floor, which is quite hard or able to cope with the gym requirements.

There is a wide variety of floor covering options available for home gym flooring.

Often, picking out the right solution can seem like a difficult task.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a home gym is a remarkable and considerable thought.

Fitness and sound health are the major requirements in the present scenario.

Setting a health center at home gives liberty to exercise in the way you want.

Awareness of sound health and fitness are the tag lines of every educated human.

Home gyms are free from the crowd and ensure hygiene.

The gym at home is inexpensive rather than spending thousands of money at a fancy gym.

Restrictions of gym owners aren’t there. Privacy is also well maintained.

Much of the space is also not captured, and the exercises are easily accessible through social media campaigns.

The design of the home gym and exercise schedules should be made well advanced for a home gym to be a successful endeavor.