Top 8 Best Home Gyms for Seniors 

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If you are reading this article, you are obviously on the hunt for the best home gyms for seniors. These all-in-one home gym equipment provide full-body strength and cardio training for you in a relatively safe way.

Although there is a wide range of home gyms selections on the market, finding the right piece of equipment for seniors is tricky.

There are a few key features that you should look for when choosing a seniors-friendly home gym machine—the safety and the comfort—these two features should be put into priority.

Working out at home is a great idea for seniors because you don’t want to hurt yourself and get enough physical activity to stay fit.

This guide will walk you through some standout home gyms in this category, considering the safety, comfort, space, workout options, and resistance levels.

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The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is beneficial for every individual. But as we get older, we get less work and sit idle for a longer time. This directly affects our mood and health.

When walking is considered the best exercise and advantageous for overall health, other forms of activity are also necessary to stay healthy.

Walking doesn’t provide the right cardiovascular action and stretches for muscles. So it is essential to work out with gym equipment like exercise bikes.

Below are some of the benefits of exercise for seniors:

#1. Prevents Disease

Researches show that exercise prevents heart diseases and diabetes in seniors. It also controls the sugar level if an older person exercises regularly.

Exercise also strengthens the immune system of senior people, which is very necessary to stay healthy.

#2. Risk of Falling Decreases

Older people are at high risk of falling due to imbalance. Regular exercise can help them maintain their stability and decrease the risk of falls. Exercise improves flexibility and strengthens their balance.

#3. Boosts Mental Health

Exercise has everlasting benefits for our mental health. At an age when staying mentally healthy is much needed, exercise works as a stress reliever.

Endorphins hormone (the hormone that helps us feel good) secretes when we exercise, allowing seniors to feel happy. It also induces sound sleep, which is essential for senior people.

#4. Bone Density Gets Better

Regular exercise reduces the chances of fractures and osteoporosis in older adults. Studies say that people are at high risk of breaking bones at an older age and developing osteoporosis.

Exercise helps to get better bone density so that seniors can avoid such troubles.

#5. Lower Risk of Dementia

Physical activities help in better cognitive function and lower the risk of dementia (a disease where memory, thinking, behavior, and the ability to perform regular activities get affected in older people).

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How to Choose the Best Home Gyms for Seniors?

Choosing the best home gyms is an essential part as senior people will use them. You have to take care of certain factors before buying home gym equipment for seniors.

#1. Safety

Safety is the first concern when you buy any gym equipment for any age. It becomes more crucial when you buy it for an older adult. Always check out whether the gym equipment has any harmful parts that can hurt them.

#2. Easy to Use

As older adults will exercise with the home gyms, you have to buy gym equipment easy to use. Seniors will work out on their own, so the machine should be easy to get on and off without anyone’s help.

#3. Adjustable Resistance

Easy-to-adjust resistance gym equipment is helpful for senior people as they can change the resistance level as per their requirements. Always avoid smith machines and power racks that can harm older adults.

#4. Full-Body Workout

A full-body workout is essential for anyone. When you invest in home gyms for seniors, always look for machines that cover full-body workout so that there will be no need to step out of home for exercise.

#5. Save Your Space

Compact home gyms work amazingly. It not only takes less space but also provides enough exercise your body needs. So, choose a home gym that fits your home and is easily transportable. Big size gym machines become a headache later on and don’t provide enough results. Find something that fits your home size.

Top 8 Best Home Gyms for Seniors

Now let’s dive into the main part of the article. There are plenty of home gyms available in the market in various ranges and descriptions. Here we will let you know about the top 8 best home gyms for seniors.

#1. Total Gym XLS All-In-One Home Gym

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS is a budget-friendly full-body workout machine with 6 levels of resistance home gym. It has more than 80 exercises in one home gym. The weight capacity of the machine is 400 lbs, which is enough for a sober weight person.

The XLS is very easy to assemble, and it includes an upgraded squat stand, which is ribbed for extra stability and comfort. Users can do strength training, stretching even cardio on the same machine.

The machine also has a wing attachment, leg pull accessory, and 2 ankle cuffs. It has a padded glide board with head support. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame, 6-month warranty on parts.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • More than 80 exercises included
  • Adjustable resistance levels home gym
  • Beneficial for both beginners and advanced exercisers
  • Includes nutrition guide, five workout DVDs, an exercise chart


  • The product is not for people who lift more than their body weight
  • The limited warranty period on parts
  • Not for more than height 6’2’’ people

#2. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

BowFlex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Enjoy over 70 exercises with Bowflex Xtreme 2SE home gym with Power Rod technology. It has 210 lbs resistance and is upgradable up to 310 lbs or 410 lbs. No change cable pulley system lets you do squats to leg workouts without changing the cables.

This Bowflex Home Gym‘s weight capacity is 300 lbs, and it has a warranty of 7 years on the machine and a lifetime on the rod. The machine doesn’t come assembled, and you have to call the service people to assemble the unit at your place and have to pay some bucks. You can also assemble the unit on your own, but it takes time to do so.

This full-body home gym is the best fit for seniors as it doesn’t require repetitive cable changes. You can do upper body, lower body, and core workouts with the help of this home gym.


  • 70 + exercises available
  • Bowflex fitness guide and body plan included
  • The 210 lbs resistance can be upgraded up to 310 lbs or 410 lbs
  • No change cable pulley system helps in switching from one exercise to another smoothly
  • Impressive warranty period
  • Power Rod technology-enabled home gym


  • Complex assembly and takes longer time to assemble
  • The machine doesn’t have a cardio rowing seat
  • It doesn’t have a weight bench

#3. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

BowFlex PR1000 Home Gym
Bowflex PR1000 home gym is one of the best gym equipment for seniors. It has a good reputation and comes with a weight bench. The machine has over 30 exercises for a full-body workout in one single unit.

Power Rod resistance gives a smooth exercise experience with resistance or weight. The unit has 210 lbs of resistance and multi-use handgrip cuffs to make the machine flexible.

This easy to assemble unit covers total body workout with cardio training. It has a built-in media rack where you can keep your tablet, mobile. You can assemble the whole unit quickly by following the steps mentioned in the purchase guide.

The weight capacity of the machine is 300 lbs. The home gym comes with a warranty period of 1 year for the machine, 5 years for the rod, and 60 days on parts.


  • Power Rod resistance
  • Compact home gym and easy to assemble
  • 30 + workouts included
  • Media shelf attached
  • Bench with incline and decline facility
  • Built-in rowing machine


  • Limited warranty on the machine
  • 310 lbs power rod can not be upgraded

#4. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

BowFlex Blaze Home Gym

If you or any senior person is looking for the best home gym, then the Bowflex blaze home gym is the one. It is one unique gym equipment that comes with a highly flexible resistance rod.

Bowflex Blaze has a padded wide adjustable seat with a horizontal bench press that offers back support and a stable leg to the exerciser. The resistance of the Bowflex Blaze home gym is upgraded from 210 lbs to 310 lbs and 410 lbs. It has multiple cable pulley positions that allow you to change the angle of resistance.

The gym can resist heavyweight people as it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. You can perform over 65 exercises with the gym machine.

The leg extension helps the user to focus on hamstrings and quads. Bowflex blaze comes with a lifetime warranty on power rods and 5 years warranty on construction.


  • 65 + workout options
  • Multifunctional hand grips
  • Lifetime warranty on power rod
  • Low price and best for beginners
  • Offers full-body workout


  • Not ideal for massive muscle build
  • Not ideal for user above 6 feet height

#5. Marcy MWM 990 Multifunctional Home Gym Station

Marcy Dual Functioning Body Fitness Workout 150 Pound Stack Home
Marcy MWM 990 is a mid-range weight stack home gym that comes with over 30 exercises for your upper and lower body. The model has an ankle strap, bar, and link chain that helps in an effortless workout.

It has 150 lbs dual steel weight stack and dual chest press arms. The weight stack can be adjusted in some areas of the pulley.

It has very comfortable padding that helps in smooth exercise. The machine is foldable and easy to store.

This Marcy Home Gym comes with 2 years of warranty. This budget-friendly machine requires very little maintenance. The weight capacity is 300 lbs.


  • The machine comes with a workout chart
  • Stylish design and low price home gym
  • Six versatile workout stations
  • Comfortable padding


  • The machine supports only 200 lbs and can’t be upgraded
  • Not for people above height 6 feet
  • Tools for assembly is not included
  • Only 2 years of the limited warranty

#6. Teeter FitForm Strength Trainer

FitForm Home Gym (Blemished)

Teeter Fitform is a versatile home gym for seniors that can be used for cardio and strength training. It maintains a consistent level of resistance throughout the exercise and evenly engages muscles through a full range of motion. There will be less strain on joints and less muscle soreness.

You can increase or decrease resistance in 1 LB increments up to 65 lbs. There is a one-touch dial that offers micro-adjustment that allows for the steady progression of resistance. You can perform 100 + exercises in one home gym.

Users can switch between upper body and lower body workouts with soft grip handles and adjustable ankle wraps. Free personal training apps and custom workout routines are other advantages of the Teeter flatform strength trainer home gym.

There is also a media rack where you can place your gadgets while working out. Enjoy a gym-quality workout at home with the home gym.


  • Affordable home gym option
  • Easy to assemble and takes less storage space
  • 100 + exercise options
  • Smooth cable system with 65 lbs resistance
  • smooth radial resistance dial to adjust the intensity for every age and fitness level


  • Resistance is too light for advanced lifters

#7. Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

BowFlex Xceed Home Gym

Bowflex Xceed home gym is a mid-range gym equipment that makes the best fit for your home use. With power rod resistance systems constructed from a high-grade elastomer, this machine has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The seats are adjustable and designed with polyurethane foam that brings more comfort and durability. The power rod mechanism can be upgraded from 210 lbs to 310 lbs and 410 lbs.

The gym equipment has a vertical bench press, which helps customize workout programs as per your requirement. The home gym unit has several sets of highly durable cables.

Users can perform many exercises like arm, chest, back, leg, shoulder, and abdominal exercises. The machine is easy to assemble, and it has more than 65 exercise options. Bowflex Xceed home gym comes with a lifetime warranty on power rod and 7 years on frame.


  • Easy to assemble and noiseless when in use
  • 65 + exercise options
  • Perfect for smaller homes
  • Excellent warranty period
  • Heavy-duty pulleys integrating stainless steel ball for smooth operations


  • All tools are not included in the box to assemble the machine
  • No ab crunch harness

#8. Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym

Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym Machine 160-Pound Weight Stack Without Leg
Powerline by Body solid BSG10X is a value-for-money home gym for seniors. This equipment is a versatile machine that can beat any high-range home gym with its excellent workouts and quick assembly features.

It is easy to use and saves a lot of space in your home as it occupies significantly less space. It has a tough, durable, electrostatically applied powder coat finish that gives it a fantastic look.

The home gym is 90% assembled on arrival, and you have to make the rest 10% start the workout. It has over 40 exercise options, and the maximum resistance is 160 lbs.

The 11 gauge mainframe construction ensures maximum strength and function of the gym equipment. 2200 lbs tension strength, military-grade aircraft cables provide durability and less maintenance. It has a ten years warranty on the frame and one year on parts.


  • Easy to assemble and space-saving home gym
  • 40 + exercise option
  • Durable 2200 lbs tension strength cables
  • No cable change design
  • 160 lbs starting weight stack


  • Limited warranty period

Final Words

We have covered the best eight home gyms for seniors in this article. I hope you have a brief idea about the gym equipment and help you with your next purchase.

We recommend you get a home gym for older adults and encourage them to do regular physical activities to stay fit and healthy. Always take proper care of the equipment and buy a safe to use gym machine as older adults will be involved in using such things.

If you like this article, then share it on social media and let other people know about the best eight home gyms for seniors and let them choose the best one too.

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