How Much Space Do You Need for a Treadmill?

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If you are planning to set up a home gym in your house due to a variety of reasons, I presume that a good-quality treadmill would be one of the most sought-after equipment.

You might start exploring various models on the Internet or even schedule a visit to the store. Before that, I recommend you ensure that you have enough space for the treadmill.

I recommend that you have around 6 feet of space behind the machine for your safety, around 2 feet of room space on either side of the equipment to let you get on and off the treadmill comfortably, and another 2 feet in front of the equipment for optimal ventilation.

Logically speaking, the optimal space to set up the equipment is not all that’s needed, but we need a dedicated space where we can set the equipment and have much space around it.

How Much Clearance Do You Need for a Treadmill?

We set up a piece of equipment to work out on and reap 100% benefits. Hence, the machine must be comfortable to use for which clearance space is essential.

What is the clearance? Clearance is nothing but the vertical space between the floor and your ceiling. And hence, practically an 8 feet clearance space between the floor and the ceiling is enough for using your treadmill at home.

You arrive at the required clearance space by adding your height to the height of the treadmill deck and add 6 inches to it.

Subtract the total from the height of the ceiling where you would like to install the treadmill. Is your answer 14 inches? Then, this would be your perfect choice to set up the equipment.

Though it might necessarily not be 14 inches every time, I recommend you to ensure that the sum of your height, the deck height, and an additional 6 inches together is always lesser than your ceiling height to place your equipment.

Only when you make sure of optimal clearance space, you can be sure of avoiding any injuries to your head, thereby elevating your safety levels.

Also, make sure that you have adequate clearance space if you are interested in running on the machine or if any other family members taller than you would be using it.

What Is the Best (Belt) Width for a Treadmill?

Many walk on the treadmill, but there are ample others too who would love to run on the machine, maximizing their calorie-burning efforts.

But what is the best belt width for a treadmill? If you plan to run, ensure that the belt width is at least 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. If you are over 6 feet tall, ensure that you purchase a machine that has at least a 52-inch belt for walking and a 54-inch belt for running.

Where Can You Put Your Treadmill on?

While most of us love to have a dedicated room for home gym equipment, not all of us can afford one. It is always better to put your treadmill in an empty room in your home, but I also recommend placing it in your bedroom.

We do reap from advanced features and technologies inbuilt in our machine, one of which is the folding feature available on a treadmill.

You can work out in your bedroom space and store it away under your bed or inside your closet too.

Some of you might not like the idea of installing gym equipment in your bedroom. If so, you could always install it in your garage or basement, but be aware that these places have lower ceiling heights compared to other rooms.

Always ensure that you have enough clearance space if you plan to put your treadmill in your garage/basement, and a low-profile treadmill should be your go-to choice.

What Is the Average Size of a Treadmill?

It is always great to be certified by a well-reputed organization and when a highly acclaimed organization such as the American Council of Exercise (ACE) gives us clarity on the recommended size of the treadmill we needn’t take a second look at it.

ACE tells us that an average treadmill measures 64 inches long and 28 inches wide. Each treadmill comes at a different size based on the manufacturer—some might be larger than the average size measurement here, and some compact treadmills might be smaller.

What Is the Average Weight of a Treadmill?

The weight of the treadmill is a primary determining factor that talks about the machine’s sturdiness and construction. Although the treadmill weight varies from brands, frames, and other more factors, the average weight of a treadmill is 300 pounds.

Treadmills are of different weights, and the number depends on factors such as size, material, frame, and design primarily.

You could opt for a folding, manual, or motorized treadmill. Each of the variant’s weights is different, and the motorized treadmill is comparatively heavier than the manual model because of the motor that’s present in it.

Of the three, folding treadmills would be an apt choice if you suffer from space crunch as they are portable too.

Will a Treadmill Fit in Your Car?

You have made your treadmill purchase after ticking off all your essential features in your list, but now comes the big chore of bringing it to your home. Or out of other reasons, you have to move your treadmill to another place.

So you may wonder if a treadmill will fit in your car. A treadmill should fit in your car if you plan to drive back with the equipment. But finalize on carrying the machine in your car only after doing your math accurately and after ensuring that you have assistance. 

Treadmill Alternatives

If you cannot fit a treadmill in your home or wish to go for some other equipment, don’t panic as you always have other options. You can purchase an elliptical, rowing machine, or an exercise bike too.

You need at least 8 feet long and 4 feet width of space for an elliptical with at least 4-6 inches of clearance space above your head.

If you plan on purchasing a rower, always remember that a rowing machine needs ample space around 8 feet by 2 feet.

An exercise bike is also a good choice and occupies lesser space compared to the other two (ACE tells us that exercise bikes require only 10 square feet of space).

Final Thoughts

The treadmill is a piece of versatile equipment that serves your purpose when you buy the right model and install it in a comfortable place in your home.

Walk or run during any time of the year using the treadmill but before buying one, know how much space you would need—this would help you buy the perfect unit and place it in a room where you can exercise safely.

Measure your free space before selecting a good treadmill, but remember to add the clearance space too to exercise safely.

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