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Top 5 Best Durable Mats for Jumping Rope

A mat can turn any space into a place to perform your workout. If you are going to buy a mat for jumping rope, I am here to provide you detailed and useful information that can help you make a better decision.

I am going to show you 5 best exercise mats for jump rope, and also, you will learn how to choose jump rope mats correctly and why it is important to choose the right one.

For those who just want to see my top picks of the best mats for jumping rope, here you go:

See the overview, pros & cons below.

How to Choose the Best Exercise Mats for Jumping Rope

The jump rope mats are made of different sizes, materials, and are at various costs. These are pretty subjective criteria, but there are also some other factors you have to consider when choosing a mat for jump rope, such as grip, durability, portability, length, thickness, cost, brand, and customer reviews. 

1. Grip

The grip is the most critical factor in choosing the perfect mat for jump rope. A decent mat must be slip-resistant. The non-slippery mat offers desirable help on each landing and prevents the jump rope from dragging and slowing down as you jump.

Some mats have extra thick surfaces. This would absorb the moisture and avoid slipperiness if the mat was to get wet.

Whenever you’re playing out a sort of exercise that will have a substantial effect load, for example, jumping rope, you need a mat to protect your joints.

The quality of your jumping surface is essential for jumping rope. Jumping rope on hard surfaces like concrete and cement are harsh on your knees and ankles.

Likewise, it makes your rope wear out rashly.

Preferably, you need a surface that gives some adaptability and offers you support when you land, however not all that delicate that the mat hinders the rope as it goes beneath your feet.

2. Durability

This is one of the most vital considerations that you should never leave out on your list. The thickness of the foam is also vital for a jump rope mat.

The shock-absorbing capability of mats depends on the thickness and material of the mat and this kind of capability determines the durability of the mat.

Look for the mats that are designed to hold up a lot of force. In general, the thicker the jump rope mat, the more durable it is.

3. Portability

One factor that you simply have to be compelled to seek is that the mat is easily portable. You furthermore want a mat that rolls up effortlessly and can be taken anyplace you go.

The average weight of a mat is around 7-8 lbs, and your mat should better not weigh more than that.

And there are some mats that have straps to preserve the mat rolling back out as you convey it.

4. Length & Thickness

The ideal size of a jump rope mat is 3 feet wide by 4 feet in length. Some mats are specially designed for jumping rope, and some are not. There is also a kind of round jump rope mat—rush athletics jump rope mat—that about 1.4m diameter and 4mm thick is also great for skipping

Other mats, for instance, yoga mats, are a bit longer than jump rope mats.

Most of the mats are a ¼ of an inch thick. Be that as it may, a few mats can be as much as ¾ of an inch thick.

The thickness of the mat affects the grip and durability of a mat.

5. Cost & Brand

With mat, there is almost no relationship between higher expenses and higher performance. However, some mats are cheap, and you may start encountering varied problems no sooner you get them.

A famous brand mat can offer you better quality in most cases. There are huge amounts of jumping rope mat brands in the market so in this way, you have to pick astutely.

Despite ensuring that you pick the right brand, you should, in like manner, ensure that you get them at the ideal price.

6. Reviews

It is, for every situation, better to check customer reviews, overviews, and examinations before arriving at conclusions. Customer reviews tell us a lot about the product detail that the seller won’t let you know.

Why Should You Choose the Right Mat for Jumping Rope?

Choosing the right mat for jump rope is critical because jumping rope off of cement, concrete, or any other type of hard surface, you may damage and cause pain to your knees and ankles. Having a right jump rope mat can provide you a softer landing to lower impact on your joints.

A jump rope mat must be thick. Extra thick and high denser foam is a plus. So typically, the thicker the foam, the better.

Mat with thin foam tends to tear up over time. And the slippery surface of a mat could leave you with an injury.

The extra-thick surface can absorb the moisture and reduces the hazard of injury.

But the difference between jumping on a mat and a hard surface is huge.

Jumping rope on mat feels more comfortable, confident, and safer. Likewise, it encourages you to remain set up without moving around your head when you jump rope.

Whether you are working out at home or outdoor, jump rope mat will always be the best option.

Jumping rope on a surface is either too hard or too soft; it can make your workout somewhat troublesome.

On the other hand, a jump rope mat gives you a perfectly soft place to jump on.

But with these mats, you own the freedom to jump anywhere.

Top 5 Best Durable Mats for Jump Rope

#1. Premium Large Extra Mats by Gorilla Mats

Gorilla Exercise Mat is twice as big as the standard-sized mats, you can feel the difference instantly while working on it.

Feel free to do your cardio workouts, strengthening exercises, dance on it, or perform jump ropes with ease and comfort on this premium-grade Gorilla mat.

The mat is made of top quality non-toxic material and can provide unmatched performance in terms of durability, high-density, cushioning effect, and non-slip grip.

The manufacturer has taken every care to ensure the sustainability of our world and hence, has made them using eco-friendly material that’s stable as well as subtle on nature.

Never make the mistake of working out directly on the floor–we don’t want to entangle ourselves with precarious damages done to the flooring as well as our joints.

Exercising is already a pain for many, so why don’t we make it as convenient as possible by using this shock-absorbing mat that’s easy on the knee, ankle, elbows, and spine?

The company cares for its end-user and hence, has taken utmost care to include essential accessories, including a 100% microfiber towel that gets rid of moisture, a comfy carry bag, and two Velcro straps that help you carry the product anywhere you travel.


  • 100% money-back guarantee if unsatisfied
  • Extra accessories included for convenience
  • Circle-pattern bottom grips and double-sided design assure non-slip grip


  • Only 1/4″ thick
  • Slippery for bare feet

#2. Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Mat

Sunny Health & Fitness, the manufacturing company, has come up with an excellent jump rope mat that helps you exercise with ease and comfort.

They use high-density PVC foam that guarantees the utmost resistance to sweat and water, the mat stands the test of time surviving through the most intense exercising sessions.

These mats are essentially used to protect the flooring, the user, and minimize vibrations due to home gym equipment.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Mat accomplishes all of these requirements—it absorbs maximum vibrations protecting your equipment and the flooring, provides a non-slip grip, and offers excellent cushioning and durability.

Jump ropes require constant jumping, and this means that you are at a higher risk of slips and regular wear and tear.

The mat is 100% waterproof and designed to last long, matching all your requirements.

The product is compact and space-saving, enabling users to roll it and store it away out of sight.


  • Available in three different sizes
  • Waterproof and sweat-resistant
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Heavy-duty material promises durability


  • Relatively thin
  • Might be smaller for some people

#3. Elite SRS Jump Rope Fitness Mat

For those who love jump rope training, the Elite SRS Jump Rope Fitness Mat could fit your bill irrespective of whether you love to train indoors or outdoors.

The mats are manufactured from tough, high-quality vinyl foam; they are specifically designed to reduce the bounce of cable speed ropes when they hit the ground—ensuring minimal wear and tear of the rope.

Jumping involves your entire body and is an exercise that ensures both upper and lower-body workouts. In such cases, there is always the lingering doubt of injuring your knees and joints.

But this mat reduces every chance of injury to any part of your body, making jump rope routines as safe as possible.

You could lay the mat on the carpet, directly on the flooring or anywhere outdoors too.

The high quality and construction of the mat minimize vibrations, and any noises generated to help your neighbors and family members stay undisturbed while you are exercising.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Minimizes vibrations and noises generated
  • Minimizes wear and tear of jump ropes due to its ergonomic design


  • Mat is smaller than expected

#4. Zeny High Density Fitness Mat

Are you looking for a protective layer between your flooring and the exercise equipment that guarantees reduced noises, vibrations, and protected joints?

If so, go for the Zeny Treadmill mat that’s been made using premium-quality thick PVC material.

Although this is a ‘treadmill mat’, it is also suitable for use as a jump rope mat.

You can use your jump rope without any hesitation to reap exercise benefits as the mat is designed with a textured surface on either side.

These cushioned mats support a non-slip grip and guarantee non-movement of any exercise equipment while performing your fitness activities.

Save maximum space and reap maximum benefits using the rectangle-shaped Zeny mat that provides the ideal platform to do your jump rope routines with ease.

Another great feature here is that you can exercise any time of the day as per your convenience as the mat guarantees maximum noise absorption creating a quieter environment even when you are working out.


  • Large-sized mat adept for performing any exercise
  • Easy to clean as the mat is oil- and waterproof


  • Too large for some space

#5. SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

If you have a dedicated home gym set up with ellipticals, treadmills, and other equipment, including jump ropes in your place, the heavy-duty mats from SuperMats would come handy while doing exercises.

Made in U.S.A using good-quality raw materials that contain no toxic chemicals or heavy metals, the mats are an embodiment of safety and convenience to the exerciser.

Hop on to the mat and enjoy full-body workouts doing jump ropes without harming the flooring or ruining your equipment.

No more worries due to damages or debris due to heavy exercise equipment as the mat assures toughness and quality.

The mat is available in various sizes. Go on and pick the right size of your choice to experience good cushioning effects while training.

The vinyl material used for constructing the mat guarantees protection against vibrations, dampens noise generations, protects the flooring, and also increases the longevity of your exercise equipment.


  • Made from non-toxic material and devoid of any chemicals
  • Big and large to fit different exercise equipment


  • Would cause indentationin the mat

Other Jump Rope Accessories You May Want to Buy

Having a decent mat is not sufficient enough to protect your knees and ankles appropriately. Having the right shoes is also important. And a jump rope timer can help you keep track of your workout without continually checking your watch.

Jump Rope Shoes

A correct pair of shoes can have a massive effect on how you feel, yet additionally with how you perform.

Shoes you’d wear for high impact activities like basketball or running are also suitable for jumping rope.

Most trainers recommend picking a pair with a lot of cushioning on the ball of your foot and a fortified toe to keep them from destroying untimely.

Jump Rope Timer

Although buying a timer is no longer quintessential if you have a smartphone or a smartwatch. Just download an app, and you’re all set.

Can I Use a Yoga Mat for Jump Rope?

Using a yoga mat is not safe to perform jumping rope. Lack of thickness of a yoga mat keeps it from engrossing the shock. Also, its delicate nature clips and drags the rope a lot, which would possibly disturb your flow and make you fall with your nose on the floor.

How Thick Should a Jump Rope Mat Be?

The thickness of the mat affects your ease of use, comfort, and your chance of getting injured. A decent jump rope mat should be at least ¼ of an inch thick.

What Is the Best Surface to Jump Rope on?

The rope will, in general, make more noteworthy friction on harder surfaces and can cause you to trip over on the floor. So the surfaces you jump on is important. The softer surface will create little friction and keep you away from injuries.

Most of the people prefer the mat over the hard surface to jump rope. Moreover, better shock absorption of soft surfaces will let you feel much better and comfortable.

Rope jumping injuries are very common.

You might have had at least one injury along the way to your fitness goal. Moreover, wounds are in no way, shape, or form pleasant to deal with.

Be that as it may, if you still want to wind up jumping on hard surfaces, you should keep jumping intensity lower.

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