How to Make Treadmill Running More Fun?

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While the treadmill is celebrated for its numerous advantages, it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea. Some people thoroughly enjoy treadmill workouts, but others might find them monotonous.

If you’re in a group that finds running on a treadmill less exciting, don’t worry about missing out on its benefits. Instead, it’s worth exploring ways to inject some fun into your treadmill sessions.

Luckily, several strategies and tips can transform treadmill running from a dull routine into an enjoyable experience. Let’s dive into these game-changing techniques without further delay.

Ways to Make Treadmill Running Less Boring

You can kill the boredom that comes with your treadmill workout using the following tricks.

Using an App

Did you know that there are various mobile applications revolving around treadmill running workouts? Take advantage of such apps to make treadmill running more fun.

Some popular treadmill apps include Zwift, Nike Training Club, and Strava. However, don’t limit yourself to the trio since the options are quite many.

If you are interested in marathon training, look for an app that suits your needs. The same case applies to other goals, including weight loss.

The bottom line is looking for an app with treadmill sessions to help you meet your goals.

Some provide running tips to ensure you do what will yield the results you seek. Consequently, it saves you time and effort you would use on unrewarding workouts.

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Listening to a Podcast

If you haven’t had time to catch up on a certain podcast, doing so while running on a treadmill can make a huge difference. It makes the time you spend exercising move quite fast.

After all, besides treadmill running, you will also be listening to an amazing discussion. You also learn new things, thus adding fun to your workout sessions.

Listening to an Audiobook

Since not everyone loves podcasts, there are other alternatives to consider. One notable option is an audiobook if you love reading.

You get to catch up on a great story as you work on the treadmill. Consequently, you don’t have to look at the monitor the whole time.

Listening to Music

It is high time you create a playlist that will last throughout your workout session. Ensure you include your favorite songs to enjoy every second of them.

Take advantage of the various platforms suitable for creating playlists. The common ones include Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Besides entertaining you, music also encourages you to work out again, thus promoting essential consistency. Remember to select a playlist that works with your pace and accommodates various workouts.

For instance, use relatively light beats when interested in an easy jog. Ensure that the playlist is different for a fast run.

The songs should also reach your soul and heart to give you peace of mind. After all, the state of your mind matters whether it is for stress relief, cooling down, or warming up.

Setting Goals

It is vital to have goals when indulging in a demanding task such as treadmill running. Consequently, every time you start finding it boring, you will choose to focus on what you want to achieve instead.

As you think of what you want to achieve, you will get the encouragement you need to keep going. Track your progress to see how rewarding your efforts have been so far.

If you aren’t making any progress, consider going for routines that match your goals. Remember to set achievable goals, too, to avoid unmanageable expectations.

Streaming a Movie or a TV Show

Thanks to the various streaming platforms, it is impossible to run out of movies or TV shows you can watch while treadmill running. Combining sessions with an interesting movie or TV show makes your sessions more fun.

You can opt for platforms such as Netflix and Hulu for an amazing experience. Considering streaming a live match as you work out would be best.

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Diversify Your Workout Sessions

If your workout session should last for about half an hour, doing the same thing this entire time will make it boring. That’s why you should try several types of workouts within that period.

You can do a high-intensity interval training workout for a while and then shift to incline workouts. After some time, shift to treadmill sprints and kill the boredom.

Mix things with shuffles and lunges if you are warming up on a treadmill. They are ideal for working out all the muscles and preventing injury.

Important Choices that Can Make Treadmill Running More Fun

It turns out that some choices you make are responsible for how your treadmill running experience will turn out. So, choose them wisely to make it more fun.

These crucial decisions include the following;

The Treadmill to Use

It is no secret that there are various treadmills available. Whereas they are similar, they offer different experiences.

For any treadmill routine to be comfortable and smooth, you need to choose your treadmill wisely. Consider your body and goals as you choose your treadmill.

For instance, the ones that offer simple movements may be inadequate for someone looking for intense workout sessions. So, look for the features it offers before settling for it.

If you want built-in training plans, ensure you choose a treadmill that offers that. Others will track your heart rate throughout the sessions.

Some treadmills are also smart enough to serve as personal trainers. It is crucial to consider whether you are looking for a treadmill for walking or running.

Other factors worth considering are the decline and incline options available. It would be best to look for extras such as Bluetooth speakers and a cooling fan for a better workout experience.

Running Shoes

Scientists from the universities of Virginia and Colorado, in collaboration with JKM Technologies, conducted a study that indicates the potential benefits of running barefoot on a treadmill over using running shoes.

This research revealed that when running in sports shoes, the rotational forces on the knees and hips are significantly higher than when running barefoot or with socks. Such increased forces might lead to a higher risk of typical injuries in regular runners.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that barefoot running, particularly on a treadmill, may not be universally appropriate. Individual factors, including foot structure, past injuries, and unique running styles, should be taken into account.

Moreover, treadmills are primarily designed for being used with shoes, and running without them can cause discomfort because of the belt’s texture and the generated heat.

Given these considerations, for beginners, starting with running shoes on a treadmill is a sensible approach. This method can provide the necessary support and comfort while adapting to the treadmill’s environment.


It turns out that you can make treadmill running more fun even before jumping on it. The first step towards that is choosing the right machine for the job.

Even with the best treadmill, the wrong running shoes can water down those efforts. So, be willing to invest in quality when choosing your pair.

You can use the other means discussed above to add fun to your workout sessions. They revolve around multitasking to ensure that you lose track of the time you spend on the machine.

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