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Top 8 Best Treadmills with Large TV Screen for 2021

You are passionate about setting your picture-perfect home gym in your apartment that would keep you as fit as possible. But a home gym primarily involves buying a treadmill that offers a great cardio workout usable by any level of trainers.

Treadmill workout might be monotonous and boring. Although using a treadmill with TV might not directly invoke an increase in fitness levels, it complements achieving your exercise-related goals. Moreover, bring more fun to your exercise as well.

In a hurry? Here are our top 8 picks of the best treadmills with television screen:

See the overview, pros & cons below.

Why Get a Treadmill with a TV Screen?

The treadmill is a piece of exercise equipment that primarily helps us stay fit, healthy, and maintain an active lifestyle.

But, let me assure you that the combination of a TV and a treadmill is a superb one that can do wonders for your body as given below:

  • Truthfully, many of us detest working out every day as all you do is walk, run, or jog on the exercise equipment or lift some weights. But, if the same equipment (in our case, it’s the treadmill) will surprise us with entertainment benefits as well, who wouldn’t want to work out daily? Make use of the TV monitor on the treadmill to listen to peppy music or watch your favorite series. The presence of a TV makes your exercise time fly away instantly that you look forward to your next workout with josh and enthusiasm.
  • As we know, a treadmill is a piece of integral cardiovascular equipment that offers you ample benefits when you walk/run/jog on it. Using your treadmill with TV regularly improves your blood circulation, decreases BP levels, and makes your heart stronger.

I think these benefits are more than enough to convince you to go for a treadmill with a TV.

Moreover, you can connect your treadmill with a fitness App, mix up running with some serious fun elements in the form of video games. And Zwift is such an App that provides these possibilities. Read more Zwift treadmills here.

Apart from enjoying the unlimited entertainment offered by the device, the availability of a TV motivates you to exercise daily without giving lame excuses or miss out quoting that it’s time for your favorite program on the TV—after all, you have the TV attached to the treadmill, don’t you?

How to Choose the Best Treadmill with TV

There are numerous brands in the market offering attractive additional accessories and features to lure you as a customer.

I recommend you go through the vital pointers below to help you choose between models and pay the price for the best treadmill that fits your bill.

#1. Treadmill Size & Your Available Space

Before you start looking out for models, I recommend you take a perfect measurement of the available space in your place.

Ensure to measure the length, width, and height of the available space. In case you would be going for a foldable treadmill, make sure to measure the space needed for storing it.

Compare the dimensions of the equipment with your measured specifications to ensure that both match each other.

The running space of the belt size impacts the size of the treadmill. For instance, if your primary focus is running or an expert running, you need a 22-inch wide belt.

Whereas, if walking is your main requirement, a belt size of 20-inch width is sufficient.

Lengthwise, it should measure 55 inches in case you are a runner and 50 inches if you are a walker. The height of the user also affects the size of the equipment required.

Tall users over 6 feet must ensure that the belt size is 60 inches long.

#2. Horsepower

Every treadmill survives on its motor power, and the motor capacity is denoted by strength (maximum it can reach or the continuous power [CHP]it can provide).

Get to know about the CHP measurements before buying any treadmill, but the primary question now is how much is good enough? This again depends on your requirements.

If you would be using the treadmill for walking, you must buy a model with at least 2 CHP, and if you want to run/jog on it, choose a model with 2.5 or 3.0 CHP.

Besides this, user weight and your intensity of workout also determine the CHP numbers needed. In a nutshell, any extra pressure imposed on the treadmill needs extra pressure and relevant CHP.

#3. Speed & Pitch

Every treadmill has a different maximum speed and pitch. The treadmill’s speed, inclination, and decline movements are vital factors that affect the choices made by a buyer.

If a treadmill can reach 10 or 15 MPH, it is as good as six miles per minute. Inclination levels also determine the challenges that a treadmill poses to you.

A 10-15% inclination is the standard requirement, and hence, you must do the same.

Decline options are also offered by the treadmill, which gives you a similar experience as running down a hill.

#4. Flexible Movements

For those who haven’t set a perfect home gym, the idea of simply getting a treadmill and installing it in your living room is not going to be a great home décor addition.

In this case, I suggest you look for a treadmill with a video display that’s foldable and provided with transportation wheels.

It would be even better to purchase a model that uses hydraulic technology, as this makes lifting the equipment extremely easy.

#5. Workout Programs

Even though you can develop variations in your workout routine, the availability of pre-loaded health or fitness programs can help you reach greater heights in your workout routine.

Without variations in your exercises, the body becomes used to the activity and doesn’t bring about your desired results.

Also, you need to follow a disciplined diet schedule and plan your activity smartly to reap the benefits of exercising using preset workout programs.

Above all, these programs break the monotony killing away boredom and bringing innovation to your fitness routine.

#6. Connectivity

You start working out but find it tiring by the middle of your exercise. Having a TV in front of you helps you overcome this tiredness and motivates you to complete the last mile of your activity.

You could even check out treadmills with provisions for auxiliary ports or Bluetooth options.

#7. Installation Choices

Fortunately, most treadmills come with easy-to-install options, which are highly beneficial for most people. Even if you must do the installation by yourself, don’t panic as it’s easy to complete well under 75 minutes.

Else, you could even pay for getting it installed.

#8. Weight Capacity

In general, treadmills come with a maximum weight capacity of between 250 and 400 pounds.

Remember that it is always better to purchase a treadmill that withstands at least 50 pounds more than your body weight.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your workout intensity at any point in time. You could keep up the rigor and pace throughout the session at peace.

#9. Usable Features

Though not every feature installed in the treadmill comes of help when you want to lose weight or gain muscles, it is also no secret that extra features make the routine fun-filled and even extend your exercising schedule.

Choose from ample different features offered by different machines and choose a model that provides you whatever you want—it might be an iFit membership, speakers, water bottle holder, heartbeat monitors, etc.

My only recommendation is to choose those features that motivate you instead of distracting you.

Top 8 Treadmills with Built-in TV Screen

Listed below are the best treadmills with TV options that enhance your overall exercise experience taking it to the next level.

#1. NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill with Screen (Commercial 2950)

A model manufactured by one of the well-known brands in the fitness industry, NordicTrack, this treadmill meets the commercial expectations setting the standard pretty high for other treadmills in this category.

I was amazed by the motor power offered by NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill–with a 4.25 CHP motor, and you can be guaranteed excellent machine performance.

The maker has cautiously designed the equipment: flex cushioning to minimize the impact on joints/knees when you run/jog/walk fast using dampeners or bringing about a real road running path.

The inclination is a must when you use treadmills, and this model provides you with one-touch incline and decline options that make it easy for you to work out or change programs on the tv screen without hindrance.

The company provides you with a one-year iFit membership, which could be used fully as the running surface can be adjusted from -3 to 15% slope. This helps you enjoy real-time simulations.

Whether you want to run or do interval training, this treadmill should be your default choice as you can go up to a maximum speed of 12 mph on the machine.


  • 40 different inbuilt workout programs provided
  • Helps achieve weight loss, muscle gain, or strength using the present programs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Provisioning for keeping your water bottle
  • One-touch incline/decline movements


  • Inbuilt programs take time to boot up
  • Not the ideal device for pro runners

#2. NordicTrack T 8.5S Treadmill

Are you suffering from the monotony of your daily exercise ritual? Switch over to the NordicTrack T 8.5S treadmill, which comes with a 10” HD Interactive Touchscreen display.

You can watch your favorite movies, learn from workout videos, and even stay updated with daily happenings using your picture-perfect TV.

The treadmill has a 3.5 CHP DurX Commercial Plus motor (self-cooling DURX motor, which has minimal belt vibrations) that ensures the machine’s optimal functioning.

The speed of the NordicTrack 8.5S treadmill can reach up to 12 mph. You might want to run, jog, or walk on the treadmill, and I assure you that it is possible to do any of this as the belt size is pretty large.

Make use of the 0-12% incline possibility to keep yourself challenged and reap benefits from the FlexSelect cushioning that helps you choose various cushion levels.

If you love running on the roads, this treadmill should be a blessing as it mimics real-time road running impact to give you the road-like feel.


  • Built-in auxiliary port helps you connect your headphones
  • Accessories such as 2-inch speakers and cup holders included
  • iFit enabled
  • Withstand up to 300 pounds of user weight
  • Smart motor functioning enables endurance, speed, and interval training


  • Not a top-quality equipment and hence, durability is an issue

#3. Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill with tv

How about getting yourself a luxury treadmill within the four walls of your home? Yes, the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series treadmill is available in four different finishes and three different consoles, motivating you to buy anything of your choice.

The treadmill comes with a 4.0 HP motor that supports high-intensity training and long-durations runs/walks.

Surprisingly, the treadmill can go up to 8.0 HP at peak without making the slightest noise and go as high as up to 12 MPH.

You can vary inclination levels up to 15% in 5% increments, and the Flex-Deck provided with eight shock absorbers helps you reduce the impact on joints by as much as 30%, which is amazing.

The consoles provided are valuable, and you could choose any of the three premium consoles depending on your budget. This way, you get access to limitless user profiles and various fitness courses.

Any user up to 400 pounds of user weight can safely use this treadmill with super-quality TV for a wholesome fitness experience.


  • Different frame colors and premium console designs
  • Reduces impact on joints
  • Extra accessories such as a reading rack, accessory tray, and water bottle holder
  • Enhanced safety due to the presence of side rails
  • Lifelong frame warranty


  • Expensive pricing
  • Occupies much space and heavy
  • Some find the step-up height to be inappropriate

#4. Life Fitness Elevation Series Treadmill

Life Fitness Elevation Series Treadmill

Life Fitness has come up with a classic treadmill that combined both quality and technology in a balanced way.

The FlexDeck shock absorption technology implemented ensures that you exercise safely with minimal impact on your knees/joints—reducing impact up to 30%.

The Elevation series’s specialty is the HD touchscreen provided, which keeps you entertained as you sweat it out vigorously on the treadmill.

Stream videos, enjoy limitless access to the Internet and watch TV on this tech-savvy equipment that blends technology with health in a superb way.

You get to enjoy a whole range of in-built programs that include fitness tests, heart health, and more.

There are controls available on the handrails and on the consoles helping users swiftly switch between different speeds (from 0.5-14.0 mph). You can also change incline levels up to 15% using the same controls.

All of these features can be enjoyed by anyone who is under 400 pounds.


  • Access to LifeScape interaction courses helps you enjoy different locations virtually
  • Polar telemetry for hands-free heart rate monitoring
  • Available in different colors
  • 19-inch integrated touch screen with integrated TV and interactive running trails


  • Expensive
  • The product is quite heavy

#5. Life Fitness Integrity Series Treadmill

Life Fitness Integrity Series Treadmill

Here is a refurbished commercial treadmill that solely serves your home gym requirements.

Refurbishing is a great strategy that helps many of you enjoy a luxury treadmill’s perks at a much lower price.

Performance-wise too, this treadmill beats other models, even commercial ones.

The company has taken ample care to come up with a model that offers you a spacious workout area and a Flex Deck provisioning for minimizing the impact on the joints.

The 4.0 HP motor promises noiseless functioning even at high-intensity training levels.

You can go from a speed of 0.5-14 mph and a 0-15% inclination that keeps you challenged and interested through your workout.

Choose from different inbuilt programs —you even get to enjoy a heart rate-controlled workout that adjusts incline levels to keep you in the targeted heart zone.

Prepare for your runs using the preset programs that offer you 5K and 10K options.


  • Wide tread belt
  • 400 pounds user weight capacity
  • 29 different workout programs and fitness tests
  • Enjoy viewing a 17-inch TV with 1000s of channels


  • The treadmill weighs around 425 pounds
  • The warranty period of one year only

#6. ProForm Pro 5000 Treadmill

Wanting to provide you with a piece of commercial-quality gym equipment, the Proform company has come up with an expensive-quality treadmill that’s priced affordably.

You can decide to workout using any of the 32 inbuilt workout programs and follow-up on your performance by viewing different metrics such as distance covered, heart rate, speed, and calories burned using the 10” Smart HD Touchscreen display.

Besides this, you can also measure your heartbeat pulse using the EKG grip available in the handles.

Though the Proform Pro 5000 treadmill’s belt dimensions are not as commendable, the design is great, giving you the required elbow room and facility for running/jogging without any hiccups to it.

The 3.75 CHP motor power and the maximum speed of 12 MPH help you run/jog intensely on the machine without problems.

Proform Pro 500 has a digital quick incline control from -3 to 15%. Change your speed and incline/decline movements based on your workout program choice.

Though the treadmill has a built-in TV, it occupies a small footprint making it suitable even for those homes that suffer from space crunch.

The iFit compatibility and the TV screen keep you entertained, taking you through virtual tours, thereby enhancing your overall exercise experience.

You could also learn new fitness lessons from trainers globally.


  • ProShox cushioning makes your running session more comfortable
  • The commercial-grade motor ensures quiet functioning
  • Easy to store
  • iFit compatible
  • Maximum user weight up to 325 pounds


  • Unreliable customer service
  • Inconsistent performance

#7. ProForm PRO 9000 Treadmill

Get trained exclusively by reputed fitness coaches, access professional workout programs, and enjoy challenging your friends using the iFit coach membership that keeps your fitness routine interesting.

The HD smart touchscreen helps you regulate your performance by looking at various stats such as speed, distance, calories burned, and more.

The PRO 9000 model comes with a 4.25 CHP motor that’s appreciable for a piece of equipment that comes with a 10 inches full-color touchscreen. Such high-end motor capacity keeps you going without interruptions when you work out intensely or run for a few extra minutes.

You could make this model a luxury-end product by adding Proshox cushioning and increasing the running track dimensions.

Switch between inclination levels (from 3-15%) and exercise at any speed up to 12 MPH reaping benefits by using the inbuilt training programs.


  • Mimics real-time outdoor training experience
  • Foldable
  • Excellent motor functionality
  • Accessories include a 3-inch speaker and an auxiliary port
  • 10-inch full-color touchscreen


  • Console reboots frequently
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

#8. FreeMotion 890 Treadmill With TV

If the large display is your preference, don’t miss out on the FreeMotion treadmill as it comes with a 15-inch high definition TV besides functioning well.

You might weigh as much as 400 pounds but never cease to think twice before buying this model as the machine withstands up to 400 pounds of user weight.

Watch Netflix, enjoy videos, and experience exhilarating simulations using the iFit membership, all of which more valuable to the TV present in the equipment.

Don’t hesitate to work out for extended hours or even worry about taking a break in between hectic workout sessions as the machine comes with a 4.25 CHP motor that’s as good as using for commercial purposes.

The FreeMotion treadmill is the ideal choice for any trainer, beginner, intermediate, or advanced, as it has a maximum speed of 12MPH. You also get to use the Polar HRM chest strap that helps you monitor your heart rate while running/jogging.

You can be assured that you are making the right choice purchasing the FreeMotion treadmill as it is backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, five years warranty on parts, and a 2-year labor warranty.


  • Free iFit membership for one month
  • Easy to assemble
  • Small footprint
  • Withstands up to 400 pounds of user weight


  • The customer service might be poor

Final Words

Combine exercise with entertainment by purchasing a good-quality treadmill with a TV option.

Prioritize your requirements and specifications before choosing a treadmill with a TV. Whatever is your choice, make sure that you reach your health-related goal without fail.

Make use of the treadmill with the TV options given above to buy a product that fits your budget and satisfies your requirements.

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