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Will a Treadmill Damage the Laminate Flooring? What About Carpet?

If you finish your workout room, you may want to put your fitness equipment on the floor.

Are you wondering if this will damage your flooring? Especially when you installed the laminate flooring.

The laminate flooring is not a hardwood flooring, but if you put a treadmill on the top of the laminate, it would still be noisy.

Will the treadmill damages the laminate flooring? Yes, a treadmill is a heavy machine that can cause extensive damage to the laminate floor. It can cause dents, scratches, or worse damages sometimes in the course of use.

Why You Shouldn’t Put a Treadmill Over Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring underneath exercise equipment neither reduces noise nor vibrations, both of which can irritate the person exercising and also all others in the house.

Lightweight treadmills can slide on the floor, causing slippages to the user or prominent scratches on the laminate flooring.

To avoid all such damages and problems, it is necessary to use a treadmill mat in between the flooring and the treadmill to offer protection to both the floor and the equipment.

The last thing that you would wish for is to damage your flooring only because you did not take enough caution to protect it using a high-quality, thick mat that serves your purpose.

Most US homes have carpeted flooring. It’s no doubt that carpets add luxury, comfort, and beauty to a place.

But once you have purchased the treadmill and finalized the ideal place for it in the house, the main question now is whether or not to place the equipment directly on the carpet.

Will a Treadmill Damages Your Carpet?

It depends on your treadmill weight and how you use the treadmill. But mostly, treadmills will cause damage to carpet in different degrees. But carpet might be your only choice sometimes, and they could have dents or holes when a treadmill is placed. So having a mat over the carpet is quite necessary.

Should I Put My Treadmill Directly on the Carpet?

You could, but the maintenance of the treadmill should be considered. Beyond damage to the carpet, this aspect is critical in deciding whether or not to place a treadmill directly on a carpet. 


Because carpets are solid grounds for the accumulation of dust, debris, and fiber.

And a gradual accumulation of these can lead to permanent damage to the treadmill in the course of time.

This is mainly because dust and fibers could seep through important parts of the machine like the belt and the motor.

So, if you have no other choice but to place the treadmill on a carpet, ensure that you maintain it well by regularly cleaning it as there is no way in which you can prevent dust/debris accumulation.

The cozy carpet could be ok with your treadmill, but you don’t feel great in the course of time as this decision not only ruins your carpet but the expensive treadmill too.

Don’t hesitate to shell out some money in investing in a mat that could protect everything—the floor, treadmill, and the user. See my choices of the best treadmill mats over the carpet.

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