Top 5 Best Treadmill Mats for Carpet

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A treadmill is an excellent choice for achieving the ultimate cardio workout in a home gym setting.

Buying the right equipment is critical for a fulfilling exercising experience, but even before making a purchase, selecting the best treadmill mats for carpets and all flooring types is mandatory as this prevents ample nuisances and unwanted expenses.

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Why Use a Treadmill Mat?

While eliminating noise while exercising is the primary purpose of buying a mat, there are numerous other reasons which make a treadmill mat an indispensable accessory. These include:

1) Reduces Dust

Maintenance is the key to longevity. Howsoever you might keep the treadmill well-maintained by cleaning its belt and other outside parts, and it is essential to maintain the inner parts (such as motor and other mechanical parts) of equipment.

Dust and debris present in our flooring or carpets get easily sucked onto the motor, which might stop working in due course.

Setting a treadmill directly on the floor/carpets never protects us from such mishaps for which buying a treadmill mat becomes of utmost importance.

A mat’s PVC or foam surface repels away dust/debris, thereby safeguarding the motor and offering ultimate protection to the equipment.

On the other side, the treadmill could also give away mechanical debris that might damage the flooring, which is once again protected when we use mats.

2) Avoids Slipping

Treadmills used directly on the surface or on a carpet can cause frequent slipping, damaging both the flooring and the equipment.

A good-quality mat has one surface that helps prevent the mat and the machine from any movement.

It also has the other surface that prevents any movement of the equipment on the mat.

Imagine the misery caused to the user and the machine if the treadmill starts to move while exercising!

3) Protects Flooring

Our home is our safety abode, which must be maintained with 100% care. The concept of a home gym is inviting and a great initiative.

But much exercising equipment such as the treadmill is extremely heavy and could damage the flooring if placed directly on the surface.

Placing a treadmill mat gives your flooring or the carpet much-needed protection against dents and scratches, besides preventing slips that could otherwise result in tears and cuts.

Working out brings about ample sweat, and hence, choosing a water-resistant mat is integral for protecting the flooring from odor and sweat.

4) Prevents Noise

Your family or roommates might not be as interested as you in your weight loss endeavor.

While running or walking on a treadmill every single day boosts your spirit and helps you reach fitness goals, the same equipment might be a piece of irritation for others.

That’s mainly because of the noise generated while using the machine that’s not restricted to your exercising room.

The noise is amplified even more if the equipment is not on the ground floor.

Treadmill mats, which are mostly made from PVC or foam, absorb sound reducing noise that’s generated from the motor as well as your run/walk.

What To Consider While Choosing a Treadmill Mat for Carpet?

Various factors must be considered to ensure that you have made the right choice. These include:

1) Mat Size

The right treadmill mat would completely fit your entire equipment right on top of it. While most mats measure 3.5 feet by 6 feet, it is necessary to take exact equipment measurements before making a final choice on the mat to fit right.

2) Floor Surface

These days, homes come with all kinds of flooring, depending on their tastes and budget.

It, therefore, becomes essential to choose the right mat that would be suitable for your flooring choice.

For instance, hard-surface flooring such as tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood would require a thick mat for ultimate shock absorption.

In contrast, floorings with carpets laid on top would require mats that provide both grip and thickness to prevent the treadmill from moving on the floor.

If you want to choose treadmill mats for high pile carpet, pay attention to the thickness and weight.

Because a thicker and well-weight treadmill mat will provide more stability, ensuring safety while performing a workout.

3) Water-Resistant

We are prone to sweat hard, and hence, the mats that we choose must provide ultimate protection against sweat and must be water-resistant.

Only then would our flooring be protected while we are protected from any nasty odors.

4) Non-Slip Grip

The mat that you choose must provide ample grip without any slips to protect both the flooring and the user (who might even be thrown off balance) from any damage.

5) Odor

Some mats come with an unpleasant odor along with their protection significance.

Such odors do vanish in due course of time, but you can prevent heavy odors by going through user reviews carefully and choosing a mat made of PVC material.

A mat made from sustainable raw materials emanate reduced odor or even be odor-free, and it is wiser to choose such products.

6) Density

Thicker the mat better is the protection. Though most mats are 1/4 inch thick, there are some which are 3/8 inch thick.

While foam mats perform well with 1/4 inch thickness levels, PVC mats need to be thicker to offer noise-protection benefits.

7) Warranty

A good-quality mat shouldn’t cause certain problems that occur regularly, and some manufacturers even cover these damages in their warranty cards.

Though the warranty is not the top priority while choosing a mat, it is ideal to go for one that offers a decent warranty if we have different choices that suit our budget and requirement.

Top 5 Best Treadmill Mats for Carpet

Given below are our top 5 picks. Enjoy!

1. SuperMats High-Density Treadmill Mat

SuperMats High Density Commercial Grade Solid Equipment Mat 29GS Made

Does your home comprise hardwood flooring, or do you have end-to-end carpets that add glam to your room?

If your answer is yes, then it’s preferred that you choose the Supsermats High-density Treadmill mat as it provides ample cushioning for both hardwood floors and carpets.

The mat is made from vinyl composite material, which repels dust and debris from the carpet surface that could ruin your treadmill’s motor and other mechanical parts.

This material promises greater protection against dents compared to foam and rubber mats.

It is mainly designed for treadmill use and efficient for other exercise equipment. The mat comes in five different sizes, the most popular of 3 feet by 8.5 feet.

This mat’s main advantage is that it’s made from non-toxic material that makes it the ultimate choice for small kids or pets in their homes.


  • No bad odor
  • Performs great on hardwood surfaces and carpeted floors
  • Durable


  • Could cause equipment slips rarely over time

2. YOGU Puzzle Exercise Floor Mat (Best Treadmill Mat for Concrete)

YOGU Puzzle Exercise Floor Mat EVA Interlocking Foam Tiles Exercise

As the name suggests, this mat is like the puzzle pieces that must be interlocked to provide an optimal cushioning effect on concrete surfaces.

Each piece of the mat is made from high-quality EVA foam that gives ultimate protection to the treadmill motor from carpet/floor dust and makes the exercising experience as noiseless as possible.

The main advantage of using the YOGU mats is that they can create an even flooring surface irrespective of the dimension of your room. Every mat tile measures 24” by 24”.


  • Useful for the treadmill as well as other equipment such as yoga and weight lifting
  • Waterproof construction makes these mat pieces easy to clean
  • The non-slip grip makes them ideal for concrete flooring as well as for tile, vinyl, and laminate floors


  • It doesn’t perform well on carpet flooring
  • Foam mats are at a greater risk of dents

3. Rubber-Cal Rubber Treadmill Mat

Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat, Black, 3/16-Inch x 4 x 6.5-Feet

The name says it all! This mat is made from 100% recycled rubber that is extremely durable and constructed to sustain through the most abrasive environment.

The mat is so durable that it could outperform the treadmill and last longer than your cherished piece of equipment!

The main advantage is that the mat is made from rubber, which absorbs vibration, thereby protecting the treadmill and the flooring (from damage and scratches).

And a treadmill mat made of rubber is great for noise reduction. Although it is not a good choice to put on the top of a thick carpet, it’s okay to put on a low pile carpet.

The Rubber-Cal mat is available in two different sizes: 48” (W) by 78” (6.5 feet) (L) and 48” (W) by 90” (7.5 feet)(L).

Both sizes offer the same thickness of 3/16, and it might make you feel good to realize that the mat is completely made in the USA.


  • Performs the primary purpose of reducing noise generation very well
  • Provides ultimate shock absorption, impact protection, and grip
  • Constructed from recycled rubber makes the mat highly durable
  • Protects carpets and any flooring, including tiles, laminate, and wood from scratches and damages


  • Being heavy, storing the mat away might not be as easily done as said

4. Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch), Black

If your treadmill is pretty huge and you are on the lookout for a large-size mat that’s easily foldable, then the Stamina Fold-to-Fit mat should be the right choice.

The mat is divided into seven 12 inch sections that easily fold the mat to the required length as peruse.

This option of folding and using makes it ideal for numerous exercise equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills, rows, ellipticals, rebounders, cross trainers, and more, besides making it the ideal choice for treadmill use.

Made of foam, a closed-cell construction design, the mat exists as a proud accessory that reduces any impact caused by the machine.

Above all, if you have carpeted flooring, using this mat protects the treadmill from carpet fibers. And using a treadmill mat can protect your floor away from crushes tat caused by a treadmill.

The mat has an above-average length measuring 36” wide and 84” long. It has a standard thickness measure of 1/4”. The textured pebble surface of the mat is easy to clean, making it a huge attraction for many buyers.


  • An admirable non-slip surface that prevents any mishaps to the user or the flooring
  • The adjustable size that makes it popular and worthy of purchase
  • The foam material used in the mat provides great protection to the treadmill from carpet fibers


  • For those who don’t make use of the folding sections, it might seem to be a waste of space and highly unpractical

5. Body-Solid Tools Treadmill Mat (RF36T)

Body-Solid Long Vinyl Heavy Duty Exercise Equipment Mat (RF36T) for
The Body-Solid mat is a great buy for treadmill use but could be a good choice for other cardio equipment such as ellipticals and other machines.

The mat is made from high-quality PVC material and designed with utmost caution to provide maximum protection against heavy treadmills.

Noise is a great disturbance when you work out in your home gym, and this product ensures that your workout area is as quiet as possible such that there is no disturbance to others living in your house.

The Body-Solid mat reduces vibrations, thereby ensuring minimal wear and tear on the equipment, increasing the treadmill’s longevity, and offering greater protection to the flooring.

The mat is 36” wide and 78” long with a thickness of 1/8”. These might not be great measures, but the performance depends on various factors such as the machine’s weight, your bodyweight, the flooring, and training intensity.


  • One year warranty on the mat
  • PVC is a great material that offers optimal protection against dust from the carpet, which guarantees greater protection to internal parts of the treadmill
  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth


  • Comparatively thin making people doubt the effectiveness of the mat
  • PVC is not a great material choice that’s preferred by all

Final Words

When you make the final choice for buying a treadmill, it becomes indispensable to make the right choice for buying the correct mat too.

Any mat that you choose must fit the treadmill perfectly and possess other distinct features such as easy cleaning, water resistance, ample grip, and good thickness.

If you are doubtful whether you must be choosing foam or PVC, it depends on the user as both materials offer different benefits—foam offers excellent noise reduction, and PVC offers great durability.

Choose the right treadmill mat to reap 100% benefits of working out on your treadmill without succumbing to falls or creating dents/scratches in your flooring.

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