How to Maintain Your New/Used Treadmill at Home?

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Treadmills have been the machine of choice for maintaining fitness at the convenience of your home. They do not need much learning curve, easy to use and suitable for all ages, and last long.

However, they do wear with time like any other machines or fitness equipment, but still, you can prolong your treadmill lifespan with proper maintenance. Another good reason to maintain the treadmill is to prevent the issues that can become bigger if you neglect them and get them running efficiently for years.

When you follow the below tips on how to maintain your new/used treadmill, you can make sure that your equipment will run smoothly without any hassle for years to come. These are simple tasks, and a little effort will go a long way.

Why Should You Maintain Your Treadmill?

If you want your treadmill to perform as well as new for its lifetime, then you should maintain your treadmill. Sometimes with good maintenance, your machine can last longer than expected.

Aren’t these good enough reasons to start maintaining your treadmill? Apart from the above two, there are several other advantages to doing so.

Your equipment might be brand new or an old machine, but you will see the difference in its working once you start maintaining it properly.

A well-maintained machine operates smoothly without any annoying noises or glitches. If you start tending from the beginning, then your brand-new machine will retain its excellent function for a longer time.

Even when you work on older machines, they seem to get a new life, and you find them more efficient than before. In short, you will have a better working treadmill when you maintain it than the unmaintained one.

Cleaning Treadmills for Home

Parts such as the belt and deck are prone to wear more than usual due to dirt accumulation. When you clean them regularly, they are protected from premature deterioration and keep them going well for the promised lifetime.

It will suffice if you clean the belt on both sides and the exposed deck area of your home-use treadmill once every month. Similarly, sponging or wiping down the machine using a damp cloth every week will ensure the treadmill stays clean.

Coming to the motor part, you need to check it every 3 months and make sure you clean it only after checking the manual on how to do it. Do not use a wet cloth for motor cleaning. Make sure the power is off, and you can use a vacuum to clean the dust around the motor.

Cleaning the motor ensures that it will run at maximum efficiency. Let us check out in detail a few other routines that will help you keep your treadmill well-maintained.

Common Treadmill Problems

Here are the most common treadmill problems:

  • Burning Smell
  • Slipping Belt
  • Slowing Down
  • Display Error
  • Elevation Problem
  • Stuck on the Incline
  • Erratic Speed
  • Motor Problem

You can find solutions to these treadmill problems in this article.

The Three Important Treadmill Parts That Need Cleaning

Anytime the treadmill is due for maintenance, the three most important parts that must be attended to include the :

  • The mechanicals of the treadmill include the roller drive motor, incline mechanism, incline motor, and deck suspension system
  • The treadmill belt is one of the most important parts that protect the functionality of the machine
  • The console which includes the control panel, the display screen, and the built-in multimedia display

Make sure that all these three parts are up and functioning, and be sure of having a well-functioning treadmill. Not all of them must be cleaned simultaneously, as each has a separate schedule for maintenance.

How to Maintain Your Treadmill? (10 Tips Provided)

Maintaining a treadmill is not a tedious chore if you keep up with your tasks at set intervals and then continue the schedule. You will enjoy doing it once you check how smooth your treadmill runs after following the tips mentioned below.

Place the Treadmill on a Level Surface

Choose a well-leveled place with no uneven surfaces to place your treadmill. When you place it on an uneven surface, it causes extra stress on the belt, which leads to its breakdown sooner than it must.

In a few instances, it can also cause the belt to slide to either left or right, where it must be exactly in the middle. It is harmful to the belt, and the user as the whole balance goes sideways.

It is not always possible to have an even floor, especially if you plan to keep your treadmill in an attic or a garage. In that case, you can adjust the leveling feet that are usually available on the bottom of the deck.

Beat the Sweat Out

The cleaning schedule is for the overall maintenance of the treadmill, but we sweat every time we use the home gym machine. Such sweat must be removed immediately after using the treadmill.

Go through each part of the unit in detail and make sure that they are wiped clean without any sweat using all the tools and techniques elaborated below.

Sweat is something that’s very commonly observed in all individuals exercising, and most people sweat profusely. Some of us start sweating just a couple of seconds after starting to work out. The sweat spreads to the console, the belt, the arms, the floor, and the frame.

Hence, leaving it as it is without cleaning can result in permanent stains and marks. Before cleaning anything else, wiping away all the sweat takes priority. Never leave the sweat on the machine, even for an hour or two but clean it immediately every time someone uses the machine.

Also, never use the sweaty workout towel as the sweat already present in the towel simply gets once again smeared all over the machine. Instead, make use of a clean and fresh microfiber towel to do away with any sweat present. Even a damp towel is ok, but the most important factor is to “clean” away from any sweat present.

Lubricating Your Treadmill

Check your user manual to see if your treadmill model is self-lubricating or not. Consider lubricating only if it is necessary as per the manufacturer. Find the correct kind of lubricant suitable for your treadmill and use it as per the instructions in the owner’s manual.

In general, you will need to loosen the belt and apply the lubricant underside, i.e., the side that comes in contact with the machine and not the walking side that comes in contact with your feet. You need to work on this part of your belt only once a year.

Center Your Treadmill Belt

Make sure that your belt is running correctly in the middle from time to time. They do shift place after a few uses, and when you take notice and realign it correctly in a shorter time frame, your belt will be safe.

If your belt does not seem straight in the middle, i.e., right down the center of the deck, you need to put it in the correct place. You can do so by adjusting the bolts on the rear of the machine, which are placed on each side.

Check your progress after each adjustment and make sure that you do the process little by little until you get the accurate position. This positioning will reduce the chances of asymmetrical wearing of the belt.

Tighten the Loose Treadmill Belt

After using a treadmill for a considerable time, the belt stretches out, causing it to slip, which leads to damage to the belt.  When it becomes loose, you need to adjust the tension such that the belt does not slip.

Make sure that you keep it exact and not too loose or too tight. If it is tight, it will cause damage to the rollers and motor. As you get accustomed to your treadmill, you can recognize it when the belt moves too much then it must.

Again, the bolts mentioned above will come in handy to make this adjustment. However, always refer to the manual before you make any adjustments.

Replace the Worn-Out Belt

Belts of treadmills wear out as they are the most used part with a lot of direct impact on them. When they start to feel rough and worn out as you run your hand under the belt, understand that it needs a replacement.

Make sure to check for these signs every three months. Once you find out that it’s time to replace it, do not delay, as the worn-out belt causes your deck to wear out faster.

Though decks also tend to wear out, replacing the belt as soon as it is time to extend the life of your deck. This is a little tricky operation, and if you are not handy with the instructions, it is better to go for professional help.

Connect the Treadmill to a Properly Grounded AC Outlet

Connecting a treadmill to a properly grounded AC outlet is important to prevent it from tripping the circuit breaker.

You can also consider a dedicated circuit for your treadmill. A surge protector is also a good option to keep your treadmill from getting damaged.

Be cautious to never use a glass cleaner to clean the console. This applies to any electronic screen, right from the smartphone to the TV.

The entire console and not only the screen must be protected from such glass cleaning products. The primary reason behind this is that the console comes with thin plastic layer protection, and this layer might get disturbed when we use a glass cleaner.

Place a Treadmill Mat Under the Machine

Placing a mat under your treadmill is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally useful.

It helps protect your floor from scratches, stabilizes the machine, and keeps the dust and pet hair from accumulating under the machine.

Also, vacuuming becomes easier. When you stay on the second floor, it prevents the noise from reaching the people living below.

Vacuum the Area Around the Treadmill

Vacuuming around and under the treadmill once every week will keep away the dust and dirt coming from your soles. When you do not allow dust to pile up in the surrounding areas, there are fewer chances to get onto the machine.

This ensures that your motor and belt will be free from pet hair, dust, and other possible debris, which eventually increases the machine’s life. You can check the motor and vacuum it every year to remove the debris and help the motor run efficiently.

Check for Wear

Observe cautiously once every week for any noises or any other kind of unexpected behavior by your treadmill. The issue might be simple or big but identifying it in the beginning stages makes things easier. So, a regular check will ensure that you catch such glitches early on, which avoids further harm to other parts due to the other damaged parts.

Final Words: Don’t Indulge in Action that Can Nullify the Warrant Offered

We get a warranty with most electronic gadgets, and we must be familiar with the warranty offered with the treadmill.

Being unaware of the parts covered under warranty or doing some inadvertent action that can nullify the warranty becomes a total waste.

The better the build quality of the treadmill, the longer the warranty offered with the machine.

Most machines offer a 5-year warranty on the frame, a 10-year warranty on the motor, and 1-year on the parts and labor.

So, make a wise investment in a treadmill that gives a good warranty for the price paid. Also, don’t do anything that could ruin the warranty covered.


There is a discoloration of the treadmill belt due to sweat accumulation. Is there any chance of fixing it?

Try cleaning the particular spot with water, cloth, and gentle soap. Despite this, if the discoloration doesn’t go away, nothing else can be done.

If the sweat dries up and prevails as white spots, they could come off, but nothing can be done if the same salt has discolored the belt.

All that can be done is replacing the belt.

When someone has used WINDEX to clean the console, are there any ways to fix its spots and streaks?

Though most times, the consoles work even when a glass cleaner is used for cleaning them, the damages done to their appearance cannot be reversed.

What can I do if my vacuum does not have a hose?

Firstly, try using a broom to reach on the underside of the treadmill and clean the dust. Though this might not be as effective as a vacuum, it does help in cleaning the treadmill area much better than doing nothing at all.

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