TRX Training Requirements: How Much Space Do You Need?

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Most spaces like apartments, offices, etc., do not have the leisure of the great and spacious outlines. Hence, it is not easy to get an effective workout. However, the TRX suspension trainer system will be the solution for your small space or apartment workout.

Suspension training is initially designed for navy seals to boosts their workouts, and it is also a simple and convenient way to work out at home. This equipment is durable, weatherproof, and safety tested. It uses your body weight as resistance and helps you build your muscle, balance, and flexibility by challenging your body in conditions of instability.

Being a piece of versatile equipment, you can use it both indoor and outdoor. But if you have space crunch, you might start thinking “how much space do I need for TRX training.” Well, we are going to talk about this in this article.

Although the TRX training system is smaller than ordinary training equipment, like free weight, exercise bikes, or multi-gym, it does need space requirements. You might need at least 8 feet long by 6 feet wide to get a full range of motion and allow you to stretch your arms and legs on a flat, non-slippery surface.

What Is TRX Trainer?

TRX trainer is a total resistance exercise system for home use. It is a suspension band or a strap that needs to fixed or anchored to a steady surface like a wall or a door in order to provide you a low-impact full-body workout.

The band is anchored in a way that has two halves on both sides in the form of V. These two halves will have handles fixed at both ends to provide a gripping surface for the user to hold and work with.

Then you can suspend yourself against gravity in various forms and positions, which make specific muscle groups work against your weight and gain fitness benefits. For those who want to develop muscle stability and strength while simply leveraging gravity and their body weight, TRX trainers are the best solution.

TRX trainer is easy to use and can be effectively placed in any space. With the widespread trend, these tools have crept their way into homes, gardens, offices, and much more.

Where Should You Place Your TRX Trainer at Home?

For those who want to work out while their time at home, a TRX trainer is worth considering. And you can mount your TRX trainer indoor or outdoors.

#1. Indoor Options

The indoor options necessarily include easy and tidy methods to use a TRX safely and securely. These are just the everyday spaces that can be turned into an effective training spot:

  • A door is the right answer for fixing a TRX trainer. It is easy to set up and can be put and removed at will.
  • A ceiling strongpoint is equally good or better than a door, given that it gives much more versatility. But you need to make sure the strong point is either an integral part of the roof or strongly bolted.
  • The beam can be an ideal place to mount the TRX trainer around and use it for training. It can provide more mid and lower-body core training options.
  • Railings are often the right place to secure a TRX trainer suspension strap. However, it must be a surety that the railing has a solid foundation and is not prone to breaking or flexing.
  • Power rack. If you have a durable power rack in your home gym, you can mount your TRX trainer around the top of the rack (or pull-up bar). This adds versatility to your squat rack and you can enjoy a more enjoyable workout. But before doing this, you should bolt down your power rack to the ground to get maximum safety and stability.

#2. Outdoor Options

The outdoor options often utilize the lawn or the garden space. These could incredibly useful, especially for those who have a spacious outside to their homes and are willing to utilize them:

  • The Tree. For those who have a large garden with old trees, you can mount your TRX system to the tree branches. However, the branches should be strong to offer enough support and suspension and capable of bearing your weight.
  • Railings that are rugged and have a solid foundation are also an effective option for outside TRX training setup.
  • Fences could be the right option too. Slide the band through them and wrap it for an effective mid and lower core regime.

How to Set up Your TRX Trainer on the Door?

Setting up a TRX trainer against the door is the most effective and easy option for a place with limited space. Moreover, the setup process is not tricky and has no catch to cause any harm to the user.

  • Place one end of the trainer over the door frame, attach that end to an anchor (or a TRX trainer anchor, which holds the TRX trainer in place better) and make sure it is properly attached.
  • By keeping the door in a semi-locked position, slide the anchor over the door and close it tightly.
  • In this position, the TRX trainer’s band is towards your side of the door in a V form.
  • The anchor is on the other side of the door and pushed against the door to take your weight. And then you can start your workout.
  • Do not forget to bolt the door from your side to ensure no accidental slide or opening happens.

Will Trx Damage the Door?

The idea is that there can be possible damage to the door through the Trainer’s anchor. However, the manufacturers have already assured that no such incident is possible even for the slightest chance.

While most people rely on fixing the TRX trainer to the door, some are skeptical.

What Should You Keep in Mind When You Mount the TRX on the Door?

The only conditions that are required to be met to make sure the door does not get any damage are:

  • Make sure the anchor is completely onto the other side and not dangling in-between when exercising
  • Make sure the foundation and the hinges of the door are in good condition and not rusted or worn off
  • Ensure that the door is properly closed and can be opened only by the person who is exercising to prevent any damage through accidents

Is Trx Door Anchor Safe?

The TRX trainer’s door anchors have certified prototypes. These are made well beyond the estimated factor of safety. So the TRX door anchors are completely safe and secure to work with.

Moreover, the anchors resistant to damage and tamper through any significant impact.

However, these must not be left exposed to rough weather or open rains for a prolonged period.

TRX Suspension Trainer Mounting Methods on Various Surfaces

#1. How to Install TRX Trainer on Your Ceilings?

For the most dedicated users who are ready to commit their roof, TRX ceiling attachment is the right option. By using an X-mount, the TR suspension band can be secured to the ceiling with a minimum of fuss.

The steps involved in the setup are:

  • Use an X-mount, which has two holes in it. The holes are for either rivets or bolts to go through.
  • With a measure of the dimension, make the identical two holes onto the ceiling surface.
  • Mount the attachment and tighten the bolts and check it for the weight suspension.
  • Use the 360-degree wide motion range provided by the attachment for the TRX suspension.

#2. The Way to Mount Your TRX Trainer on Beam and Railing

Mounting the TRX trainer onto the beam and railing is a convenient way of making it available for exercise. It gives a wide range of motion to every prospective user and hence gives the right flexibility.

However, it can be risky if the person does not secure the trainer anchor properly, as it can slip or slide through.

Hence, it is necessary to follow the given steps:

  • Mount the anchor or the extension for the TRX trainer onto the beam or railing.
  • Give it at least 2-3 turns to make sure the trainer does not slip.
  • You can increase the number of turns given the kind of tightness and height required.

#3. How to Wrap Your TRX Trainer around the Gym/Weight Racks?

If you want to wrap your TRX trainer around the weight racks, you should follow the procedure to make a secure arrangement:

  • Check the foundation bolts of the rack and see they are fixed and grounded.
  • Wrap the anchor and the extension for at least 2-3 turns on the frame
  • Make sure the motion is free of any sharp edges.
  • Make sure the space is free from obstruction for any passerby as well.

It is an easy task and a convenient one to wrap the TRX trainer around the weight racks or machine frames.

Moreover, these can be easily removed and taken away at the person’s convenience.

However, safety is the main concern when doing so.

#4. How to Mount Multiple TRX Trainers on S-frame?

The S-frame is the commercial anchoring solution provided for anchoring and supporting the TRX trainers. The S-frame needs to be secured at a certain location that has directional access on all four sides.

On the top, the frame consists of the monkey bars in addition to the mainframe.

The bars are utilized to secure the anchor and the extension of the TRX trainer and suspend it through.

Since the height of the trainer is quite high, six trainers can easily be secured on a given side for training.

In addition to this, the S-frame would also support the power ropes.

Even the weight bags are easily supported onto the frame for further training processes.

Various additional attachments are available for the frame, depending upon the usage requirements.

#5. How to Mount TRX Suspension on Stairs?

If you want to mount the TRX suspension trainer onto the stairs, refer to the following:

  • Make sure the stairs do not have rough edges for damaging the suspension.
  • If the stairs are with intermediate spacing, the trainer can be mounted directly onto the stair. Alternatively, the frame of the stair railings can be used for mounting purposes.
  • If mounting onto the frame, give it multiple turns to adjust the height and prevent slipping.
  • Additionally, the anchor can secure the TRX trainer suspension when mounting it onto the stair.

The versatility of the TRX trainer is in the fact that it can be easily mounted onto a plethora of surfaces.

The only concern is that the surface for mounting the trainer should not have loose ends or sharp edges.

Also, the surface should be tightened or fixed because the trainer relies on weight.

Any movement of the mounting surface can leave the person in a precarious position related to their safety.

TRX Mounting Essentials

The following essentials are important to be understood for a safe workout with TRX trainers.

#1. How High Should Your TRX Suspension Be Mounted?

In general, the standard height for securing the anchor for the TRX suspension is 9 to 11 feet from the ground. Moreover, the point of anchoring should be strong enough to support the individual’s weight easily.

For ease of exercise, the anchor point needs to have flexibility.

And put the anchor point in a position that higher than your height. It will be beneficial for variable motion.

#2. How Much Weight can TRX Hold?

The myth of TRX trainers not being safe is completely baseless. People have often been careless when it comes to securing the suspension. For instance, sharp edges and loose ends must be avoided. A standard TRX trainer can safely bear up to 1400 pounds of weight.

Hence, the trainer is suitable to support the largest frame of human beings possible straightforwardly.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling to find a portable home gym, then the TRX suspension trainer is a considerable choice. It will bring your workout to the next level.

With this trainer, you will increase your flexibility and strengthen your upper body strength without worrying about occupying too much space.

You need to mount your TRX suspension trainer on the place you want, and you can start your workout.

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