Titan T2 Series Power Rack Review and Comparison

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The Titan T2 Series is a budget-friendly weightlifting power rack for beginners and people who want to perform squat safely and effectively. This squat rack and lifting cage will make the most out of your workout, and you can perform workouts on a total of 28 possible positions at different heights on this Titan rack.

If you want to perform bench presses, place a bench underneath the power rack and start your workout. A disadvantage to the Titan T2 is its minimal accessories. Although this lowers the overall cost, it also cuts the versatility of the whole power rack. But still, you can order the accessories and attachments you need, and all of them come with free shipping.

The Titan T2 comes in two variants: short and tall versions. You should consider the tall version only if you are taller than 5 foot 11 inches and your house has enough clearance as the taller T2 rack is 83 inches. The short version of the Titan T2 rack comes with a height of 71 inches, and this short low-profile rack is recommended for those who live in a low ceilings room.

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack, 700 LB Capacity

One frequently asked question by the customer is the weight capacity of the Titan T2 and does it need to be bolt down. And it’s optional if you’re going to use weights under 500 pounds. If you’re going to exceed the limit, you may experience some shaking, but there are minimal chances to fall.

However, for safety, you may want to bolt down the power rack for better stabilityOnce bolted down, it won’t shake even at 850 pounds.

What I Like About

  • You can have 2-inch spacings between the safety bar hole.
  • It is very strong, highly durable, and made of 11-gauge steel, so without any doubt, it has the best material in that price range.
  • It can take around 2 weeks to deliver to your doorstep, but it’s free of cost.
  • It would be preferable to choose the short one for you as it fits a low ceiling home. Whereas if you own a gym or house with high ceilings, you can shift your focus to the tall one with 83 inches.
  • It is pretty simple when it comes to assembling the parts. Most trainers and professionals have confirmed that the instruction manuals are up to a point, and you can assemble the whole rack within 45 minutes. The J-Hooks will aid as well for the easy installations.
  • Titan T2 power rack can hold weights up to 850 pounds once bolt down, and it won’t shake or wobble. And it will run around 500 pounds if not bolted.
  • If you are into free weight exercises, its 2 catches will act as spotters and are beneficial.
  • The Titan T2 Power Rack offers a warranty of a year.

What I Don’t Like

  • There are hardly any attachments and accessories you get with the power rack. They invested more instability and strength than attachments, and that’s why to balance out the price, the accessories are excluded.
  • Whether you are going to use heavy weights or not, it is a recommendation that you should bolt it down for better stability.
  • You may knock your head for doing full pull-ups if you have lower ceilings.

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Who Is This Power Rack For?

Consider it an option if you are looking for an affordable power rack under $500 to increase your strength and perform various strength training safely. This compact power rack is versatile enough and will help you work out in 28 different positions. With this Titan T2, you can exercise your various body parts like triceps, biceps, pectorals, abs, etc.

When it comes to customer service and satisfaction, The Titan T2 is dedicated to that part. Ask any question you have in mind, and they will answer those queries as fast as possible. They know very well what their customer is asking and how to solve it.

Titan T2 vs. T3

Titan T2

  • Weight capacity of 700lbs
  • Total height of 83″ (just under 7′)
  • Pull up bar height is 80″
  • Footprint (floor space) is about 48×48 inches
  • Uprights are made of 2″ powder-coated steel
  • Comes with weight holders at the back of the rack

Titan T3 rack

T-3 Series Tall Power Rack | 24" Depth | V2

  • Weight capacity of over 1,000lbs
  • Total height of 92″ (just shy of 8 feet)
  • Pull up bar height is 82″
  • Footprint (floor space) is about 48×48 inches
  • Uprights are made of 3″ powder-coated steel
  • Comes with weight holders on the sides of the rack
  • Uses Westside hole spacing (tons of flexibility here)
  • Must be secured to the ground using plywood or some kind of platform

Alternatives to the T2

  • Titan T3: Titan T3 is another great choice if you increase your budget. The weight capacity increases to over 1000 lbs, and you will have safety catches on the sides. The rack will contain Westside Spacing that will aid in better flexibility. However, the height jumps to 92 inches, and the footprint is around 48 x 48 inches, which might be bulky for most of us. If you are an elite trainer, then consider opting for The Titan T3.
  • Rogue R3:  Rogue power rack is known for its accessories and attachments. And Rogue R3 power rack is one of the best power racks for beginners and advanced trainers because of its versatility and value. Plus, its assembly is quite easy, and it offers a simple-to-follow manual. Rogue R3  power rack can hold maximum weights of over 1000 lbs, but at the same time, it has a small footprint which makes it perfect for a small home gym.

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