Top 5 Best Treadmills Without iFit Subscription – Read Before Buying

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Looking for the best treadmill without an iFit subscription? While iFit is a fantastic smart technology that many people adore, some want a treadmill without the iFit Coach feature.

There are numerous fantastic non-iFit treadmills available (from various companies), providing you with treadmills with high-quality structure, functionality, and entertainment.

But if you are searching for a Nordictrack treadmill without iFit, you won’t get the product you want in this post, unfortunately. Because all Nordictrack treadmills come with iFit.

What’s the good news? You can still use the Nordictrack treadmill without activating the iFit or try iFit for free and then cancel it at no charge.

Top 5 Best Treadmills without iFit Subscriptions

Horizon 7.8 AT Smart Zwift Treadmill

Horizon 7.8 AT is one of the best smart treadmills without iFit. But it is compatible with Zwift (a home running virtual app), so people who want to get a virtual running experience will enjoy this machine.

This Zwift treadmill provides superb construction with a 4.0 HP motor, a 15 percent inclination, and a 60-inch running deck. In addition, the RapidSync motor responds to inclination and speed adjustments quicker than conventional treadmills, making it ideal for HIIT.

A multi-color console with two separate locations to put your tablet is also included with this treadmill: This treadmill’s console was created particularly for streaming cardio courses from your iPad.

You may link your tablet to numerous streaming exercise applications like and enjoy fitness courses on your treadmill using Bluetooth connectivity and media shelf.

The disadvantage is that you must make the inclination and pace changes yourself to stay up with the class if you do it this way. (On the Nordictrack treadmills, you may use iFit Coach to make the modifications for you, which is more convenient.)

However, if you’re looking for a good treadmill that’s comparable to a Nordictrack treadmill but doesn’t include iFit, the Horizon 7.8 AT is worth considering. To obtain a free discount code for 5% off, use the link below to go straight to the Horizon maker.

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Horizon T101 Home Treadmill with No Subscription

The Horizon T101 non-iFit treadmill is suitable for folks who are just starting in fitness or want light to moderate workouts. It’s one of the best-selling treadmills in its price range, and it’s a wonderful choice if you want to walk or jog on one.

With its strong build, a fair choice of training routines, energy saver mode, and whisper-quiet operation, the Horizon T101 is sure to amaze. It’s a terrific treadmill for casual home usage because of these characteristics.

You can run on it as well, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re seeking a more serious workout (training for a marathon, etc.).

You will love the Fat Burn program if you want to lose weight, and you will enjoy the My First 5K, Distance, and Heart Rate training program if you want to build endurance.

T101’s 2.25 CHP engine is whisper quiet and strong enough to power extended workouts at speeds between 0.5 and 10 mph. With an inclination range of 0 to 10%, you can raise the difficulty of your exercises, which is a feature we don’t frequently see in this price range.

Horizon’s “FeatherLightTM” hydraulic lift mechanism with two hydraulic shocks is also included on the T101 to let you lower and raise the deck vertically for storage.

Horizon T101-04 comes with a wide variety of training programs (40 in total) to ensure that you never get bored and keep focused during your workouts.

It also has superior 3-zone Variable ResponseTM cushioning than most other ‘cheap’ treadmills. So jogging on the Horizon T101 is far more pleasant than running on the pavement.

The pulse grip heart rate sensors on the treadmill’s handlebars are another feature I enjoy about the Horizon T101. These are incredibly simple to use and have consistently provided your heart rate.

I especially appreciate the MP3/iPod/Phone audio jack, which allows me to listen to music or podcasts while working out.

Finally, this entry-level treadmill comes with a fantastic guarantee. The frame and engine are covered by a lifetime warranty, while parts, labor, and cushions are covered by a one-year warranty.

With several other companies no longer selling treadmills in this price range, the Horizon T101 is an excellent choice for individuals searching for a low-cost, high-capacity treadmill.

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Xterra TR150 Treadmill – Best Budget Treadmill without iFit Subscription

The Xterra TR150 is an excellent option for walkers who take their training routine indoors. It comes with an LCD console and Hand Pulse Grips to help you keep track of all your feedback and stay focused on your fitness objectives.

The TR150 also has a 2.25 HP motor that keeps you moving at speeds ranging from 0.5 to 10 mph for a smooth and effective exercise.

The 16″ by 50″ size is ideal for shorter strides and has integrated accessory storage and a reading rack. For tall people, the walking area may be tight.

The Xterra TR150 is a good alternative among the numerous that have crowded the market today, and it isn’t a complete waste of space.

It has most of the normal functions of treadmills in this price range. However, it cannot incline automatically.

You don’t want to quit your machine, reset your inclination, and then restart your workout when you’re in the middle of it. It also only has three manual inclination levels to offer.

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Lifespan 5500i Treadmill – Best Running Treadmill Without iFit

Lifespan is a modest American fitness brand that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. But the reality is that they create some excellent treadmills, and the Lifespan 5500i is one of them.

This one appealed to me since it has certain features with Nordictrack treadmills, such as a new, extra-large 10-inch touch-screen dashboard.

The console allows you to perform various exciting activities, like creating your exercise.

There are also over 50 pre-installed workouts, such as races, fitness tests, and training programs, as well as several dashboard display settings. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled so that you can connect your workout information with your fitness apps afterward.

This model’s craftsmanship is extremely outstanding. You get a powerful 4.0 HP motor that will easily push you through extra-long exercises.

The Lifespan 5500i has up to 13 degrees of inclination and 2 levels of drop. If you’re looking for a treadmill that’s comparable to Nordictrack in terms of quality and builds but doesn’t have iFit, this is an excellent option to explore.

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Sole F80 – Best Commercial Treadmill Without iFit

Sole treadmills have been around for a long, first in hotels and then progressing to residential models. Sole has a reputation in the industry for producing durable, robust treadmills.

The Sole F80 is their crown jewel, offering a nice balance of sturdy craftsmanship and reasonable pricing.

A powerful 3.5 HP motor with big rollers and a 60-inch belt is included.

The device is also extremely hefty, weighing roughly 278 pounds, which helps with stability. CushionFlex Whisperdeck cushioning is also included on the F80, which can lessen the impact on your joints by up to 40%.

There are extremely few entertainment/fitness choices. Above the console, there is a tablet holder. As a result, while walking, you may use your tablet or phone to view Netflix episodes or Youtube videos.

However, there is no option for streaming, and the treadmill is not connected to the internet. (Find more treadmills with internet options here). There are a few built-in workouts and a speaker with headphones for listening to music.

Given that other companies like Nordictrack and Horizon are attempting to include the newest streaming and internet interactivity into their treadmills, the Sole F80 is a little out of date.

Still, the Sole F80 treadmill may be worth your time if you want a basic, well-built treadmill. You may also get Free Shipping to your house if you utilize the link below.

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How to Get iFit to Work on Treadmill

Can I Use NordicTrack Machines Without iFit?

You’ve probably noticed that most NordicTrack fitness machines, from treadmills to rowers, can connect to iFit. Even though the machines were built with the iFit Coach in mind, you are not required to use it.

Most NordicTrack machines include a library of built-in routines, and there is a manual mode that allows you to manage your sessions. So, if iFit Coach isn’t for you or you don’t want to buy a membership after your trial period finishes, you aren’t obligated to utilize your exercise equipment if you don’t want to.

The machines were created with this in mind to make it easier for people to utilize their new workout equipment.

As you may be aware, using a treadmill daily can be difficult. Trying to trudge through another manual workout will quickly convert your treadmill into a dusty coat rack, earning it the moniker “dreadmill.”

However, with iFit, you can select from hundreds of engaging fitness routines, some of which include motivating coaches and others which use Google Maps to keep you engaged. Suddenly, your NordicTrack equipment is more than just a bulky piece of equipment taking up space in your living room or basement.

Is The iFit Coach Year Trial Free?

When it comes to the free iFit subscription, we are frequently asked what the catch is. Many customers are surprised that many NordicTrack machines come with a free year of iFit Coach membership since the free year’s worth is over $300. But there is no catch.

If the machine you’re considering says it comes with a free year of iFit Coach, you’ll get that year of membership for free. It’s simply that simple.

Here’s an illustration of where to look to see whether a machine has a complimentary iFit subscription. Let’s say you’re considering the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. To see if this treadmill comes with a free year, go to its sale page and click on the machine.

You should notice a space in the current pricing that says it includes membership. If iFit Coach membership is not included, it should state whether it is membership-ready or membership-optional. This information may be found by scrolling down to the performance specifications.

Can You Use Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Without iFit?

Yes, you can use Nordictrack Commercial 1750 without iFit. The iFit is built with Nordictrack 1750, but you can bypass it.

How to Bypass Nordictrack iFit?

Just sign up, and you will get the basic workouts, and don’t give them a credit card.

How to Activate iFit Treadmill Without Membership

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