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Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer Review 2021

The Inspire Fitness FTX is a versatile functional trainer that helps keep all muscle groups active as you have no restriction in the range of movements possible with this piece of equipment.

Enjoy complete freedom in doing any movements, and this way, the exercises that are possible using this trainer have no boundaries.

Equipped with two weight stacks, a range of accessories is available with this trainer, which helps you further expand your exercise variations.

You can go for optional add-ons such as a bench, straight bar, ab bar, rubber D handles, add-on weights, and ankle straps, taking your exercise levels to new heights.

Don’t have any concerns about the machine’s durability as the frame is made of heavy-duty steel and comes with a chrome finish adding elegance and style to the unit.

The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the frame and all the parts that guarantee the machine’s sturdiness and stability.

The assembly is direct and easy, the instruction given is simple, the pricing is just right, and above all, it is one of the most space-saving functional trainers available in the market.

What I Like About Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer

Some of the most wonderful features that make this functional trainer popular among buyers include:

  • Complete freedom of movement
  • Perform numerous exercises using the adjustable slider
  • Provided with two 165lbs. weight stacks made of solid guide rods
  • Presence of a tablet holder
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Inclusion of accessories

What I Don’t Like

Some aspects of the trainer that doesn’t seem such impressive include:

  • The weights are of average quality.
  • The overall height seems quite low.

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Features and Specifications

The trainer’s frame and construction are commendable as it is made using a heavy-duty steel frame. It has a black powder-coated matte finish that adds elegance and style to the unit. Hence, the durability and longevity of this home gym are guaranteed.

The ergonomic and creative design of the unit helps us perform movements without any restriction. The pulley could be swiveled in 30 different positions in any direction to perform the exercise of your choice that makes it a versatile piece of equipment.

As movement is not restricted, we can activate all muscle groups and perform any exercises of our choice.

The FTX Functional Trainer is provided with two weight stacks, each weighing 165lbs and has a 1:2 resistance ratio. The weight stack assures us of smooth gliding movements without any drags.

Above all, if you lack much space in your house, Inspire Fitness’ FTX Functional Trainer should be your primary choice as it has the smallest footprint possible for a full functional trainer.

The V-shape design by the company and the provisioning of an optional bench make it a space-saving unit.

For all that’s offered, the trainer is affordable and even comes with an assortment of accessories such as a dual hook curl bar, chin belt, two D handles, and a tricep rope.  Stay entertained while sweating out in the trainer using the tablet holder provided.

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What Are the Differences Between the Ftx and the Ft1?

First and foremost, the FT1 trainer is priced much higher than the FTX trainer. Both the machines allow two users to work out simultaneously and provide the same resistance ratio.

The primary difference lies in the list of accessories provided—the FT1 trainer comes with many accessories justifying its higher pricing. Additional plates could be added to the FT1 trainer.

The option add-ons possible are also better for the FT1 trainer, but this piece of equipment occupies much more space than the FTX trainer.

Can I Buy Additional Plates?

No, you cannot add additional plates to the trainer.

Can I Install Inspire FTX Fit in the Basement?

Yes. You can install the Inspire FTX fit in any basement with at least 80″ height without a pull-up bar included.

Check the price of Inspire FTX on Amazon.

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