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BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer Review

Training is more straightforward with the BodyCraft HFT. With a similar concept to the XMark, Body-Solid, Ft2, and Ft1, the BodyCraft HFT comes equipped with two stacks of lighter weights reaching up to 150 pounds per stack.

However, this lightweight comes as no flaw in its design because it is capable of allowing its user to perform a plethora of exercises. It also offers excellent quality workouts.

In the training landscape, the product ranks as one of the best, and its innumerable benefits speak for the high ratings it gets from its buyers.


  • Heavy-duty and durable steel frame
  • Dual adjustable pulleys with sealed ballbearing systems
  • Easy and understandable assembly
  • There are over 70 exercises that you can do with the system
  • Easy to switch different workouts
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Small footprint. It can fit in your corner


  • The product doesn’t come with a bench
  • The standard variant only has 150 pounds per weight stack

Frame & Construction

The product is made from oval tubings and fortified with heavy-duty steel material. The pulleys use a bearing system of sealed balls, which is both fluid and correlated to ensure motion on the machine.

​The pulley system measures up to 3.5 inches in diameter to ensure optimal balance. And the cables holding the stacks of weight are coated with nylon to increase durability.

They are also aircraft rated to hold about 2000 pounds of tensile load on each stack.

These features culminate in making the BodyCraft HFT an adequate gym for any trainer. Also, these features are crafted with a long-lasting condition in mind.

The finish of black and grey gives it an elegant look and also serves to make it resistant to dent and scratches.

The front side of the frame comes equipped with a multi-grip pull-up bar, a prized feature highly sought after in home gyms. The inclusion of this feature in the product puts it in the big leagues.

And although pull-up bars are quite a common phenomenon in functional trainers, the one on this is peculiar.

On close inspection, the bar has an indentation—a “V” shaped one. This indentation offers the user the alternative of performing pull-ups with neutral grips, a feature not seen in most pull-up bars.

The home gym trainer has a durable and robust build, coupled with a sleek design for proper exercising. It contains all the necessary features of a great gym.

Weight Resistance

It is worthy to note that the 2:1 pulley effect makes the user only privy to half the resistance when used, meaning the 150 pounds weight stack offers only 75 pounds of resistance.

For the upgraded version with 200 pounds weights, the strength measures up to 100 pounds.


The dual-stack system feature implies that the product comes with two independent weights stacks, each with a pulley of its own, which can be used in tandem with one another or independently.

This trainer has several variants, but in the standard option, the stacks are equipped with 150 pounds weights, upgradable to 200 pounds at an extra cost.

The pricing and features are for the light model, given as there are standard variants of similar gyms equipped with 160 pounds and 200 pounds stacks.

The pulleys can be adjusted as desired, and to complement this, it contains 31 available starting positions in various places.

Besides, they are capable of 180 degrees free rotation, which allows for optimal performance at any angle imaginable.

And the freedom allowed by the pulley positions offers comfort and fluidity to users irrespective of their weight and height.

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The gym trainer product is equipped with accessories such as:

  • Long bar:

The long bar can be connected to the dual pulleys and used in the same way as a barbell. These bars have ball bearings on their ends, which allow them to rotate.

This way, users need not require worrying about distorting the cables of the pulleys while working out.

  • Triceps rope:

This is the favorite feature for every next trainer looking to work the triceps. The handle works great to exercise the triceps, and it can also be useful for use in rows and curls.

  • Two chains:

These dual chains are used to increase the length of the two single handles conveniently.

  • Exercise book:

It comes with an exercise book mentioning up to 70 exercises and above, which can be performed on the machine. It can be easily attached to a frame for ease of access while working out.

  • Two handles:

This feature has a plethora of uses involving several exercises that require the use of one or all two pulleys.

  • Pull up assist strap:

This attachment can be connected to the two pulleys and used as an aid for going up while performing pull-ups.

This attachment is especially useful for trainers who have trouble taking on traditional pull-up exercises.

They help to build core strength until one can attempt pull-ups unaided.

  • Sport stick:

This is a shorter variant of the long bar, although it comes equipped with bearings.

It is employed in sport-specific movements such as implying a golf swing.

  • Ankle strap:

This attachment aids the user in carrying out exercises that strengthen the hip, such as flexion, extension, abduction, among others.


Coupling a machine this big is an uphill task that could last several hours. Because the product comes with many different parts.

However, the machine is quite easy to assemble and set up regardless of its many parts.

Whatever the case, it’s advisable to have someone assemble it with you, as it’s much easier than going solo.

The machine is complete with a manual by its company, BodyCraft, which is both compact and easy to use.

The manual is composed of written instructions and illustrations to aid you through the assembling procedure. Depending on skill level and help, one should expect to use about 2 to 4 hours on the assembly.

Equipment such as a socket wrench among other wrenches is required for the assemblage, as well as an Allen key set.

Once completed, the BodyCraft HFT has a dimension of 56 inches (width), 40 inches (length), and 82 inches (height).

One outstanding part of the functional trainer machine is its unusually narrow frame, which makes it quite narrower than other functional trainers in its range.

This feature comes in handy when space is of the essence.

While there is the concern that it might seem barrow for a convenient cable crossover, there have been no complaints about it from users.

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When shopping for home gyms, it is imperative to give cognizance to warranties. The product has the following guarantees attached to it:

  • A lifetime parts warranty (residential); and
  • A lifetime frame warranty (residential)

For the light commercial warranty, it has the following:

  • 2-year parts
  • A 10-year frame

Regardless of the price of the product, the warranty is just befitting of its quality and branding.

A lifetime warranty on frame and parts is about the best deal in the market, and a massive steal for trainers across the world.

Bodycraft HFT Alternatives

#1. XMark Functional Trainer

This trainer is in the same price class as the product and has a similar look even. Both gyms are equipped with a pull-up bar and have the same attachments.

However, there are two distinctive disparities between both home gyms; they are:

  • The XMark trainer has a limited part warranty of 1 year while the product has a lifetime parts warranty.
  • The XMark trainer comes with 200 pounds weight stacks in the standard variants as opposed to the 150 pounds stacks in the HFT.

#2. Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer (FT1)

The FT1 comes with dual 165-pound stacks and has a slightly higher resistance than the BodyCraft HFT.

However, similarities between both trainers exist in terms of lifetime warranties on both parts and frames, and attachments.

A noticeable disparity between both trainers lies in their standard versions.

The FT1 is a previous model of the Inspire Fitness Ft2 In inspiration, it has a difference in terms of size with Ft2.

The Ft1 is small and compact. Apart from these, these two are basically similar.

#3. Body-Solid PFT100

This trainer is a cheaper alternative compared to the much-talked product. It is equipped with a straight pull-up bar and double 160 pounds stacks.

However, its price only allows than no further attachments besides a single set of handles are included.

In terms of warranties, there is a huge disparity with the home gym trainer as it comes with only one year of parts warranty and a 10-year frame warranty. See more other home gyms here.

Final Thoughts

The BodyCraft HFT is no doubt a pioneer in its class of home gym functional trainers. A sturdy build, durable systems as well as the plethora of exercises that can be performed on it, make it one to be reckoned with.

The functional trainer also comes equipped with several attachments, a book on exercises, a pull-up bar, and so on.

The flexible pulley system provides more than 30 height positions and will meet all of your exercise needs. And we have discussed these features above.

In a word, this training machine is designed with the consumer in mind to render every feature necessary for quality workouts from start to finish.

Should you buy this? If you want a compact functional trainer that fits well in your corner with a lower budget, you could take it under consideration.

Or if you don’t like hitting the gym every day, you can purchase this product and workout at home.