Horizon T101 vs. T202 – Review and Comparison

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If you want to start running at your home, a Horizon folding treadmill would be a great choice. You must be knowing this brand, so that’s why you are reading this article. But you might still don’t know which one to go for.

This post will compare the Horizon T101 treadmill to the Horizon T202 treadmill to see the differences between the two models.

Both these two compact treadmill machines are from the house of Horizon, but the Horizon T101 treadmill is a more budget-friendly model and is an entry-level treadmill for home gym use.

Let’s compare vital features such as speed, inclination, running area, weight capacity, foldability, and built-in programs to understand their functionality better.

ComparisonHorizon T101Horizon T202
Speed0.5 to 10 mph0.5 to 12 mph
Incline0 - 10%0 - 12%
Running Belt20 x 55 Running Surface20 x 60 Running Surface
Weight Capacity300 lbs325 lbs
Built-in Program305

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The maximum speed offered by the Horizon T101 model is from 0.5 to 10 mph, whereas the speed range offered by the T202 model is from 0.5 to 12 mph, and this is suitable for interval training.


The inclination feature is integral for raising your exercising levels and making them more challenging. The T101 model offers an incline range between 0 and 10%.

The T202 model provides us with an inclination range between 0 and 12% that is suitable for trying out more intense workout variations, which, in turn, helps us benefit from better muscle toning.

Hence, there are opportunities for profound challenges that help you strengthen, tone, and improve your cardio fitness levels.

Running Area

As in standard treadmills, the T101 model comes fitted with a running deck that measures 20 inches by 55 inches.

Contrarily, the T202 model comes equipped with 20 inches by 60 inches running area, and this measurement makes this folding treadmill more comfortable for high-intensity running requirements.

Weight Capacity

The range of use of a machine depends on its maximum user weight capacity. In this regard, the T202 model is a better choice for heavy individuals as the treadmill allows those of you who weigh up to 325 pounds to work out on it.

Contrarily, the T101 model allows individuals only up to 300 pounds to work out using it.


Both the treadmill models can be folded up easily, and as they are from the same manufacturer, both use the Featherlight folding feature. Hence, you get to save ample space in your house.

Built-in Program

In this category, there is a startling difference between the two models. The T101 model comes with 30 preset programs that help you stay motivated and avoid any boredom.

The T202 model provides you with 5 preset programs and is compatible with various fitness apps.

Nine different program choices are focusing on three important metrics: calories, distance, time, and three workouts, namely interval, manual, and weight loss.

Quick Summary of Horizon T101 treadmill

The Horizon T101 treadmill is a music-friendly and affordable piece of treadmill equipment that fits the bill of those of you on a tight budget.

Coming from Horizon, you needn’t worry about the quality of the product despite the treadmill’s low costing, and the perfect example for this is the company’s lifetime warranty on the machine’s frame and motor.

The T101 model offers you 30 different workout programs to break the monotony of exercising and satisfy your fitness target needs.

It could be anything from increasing your muscle tone and cardio fitness to weight loss or muscle strengthening—the machine has got it all covered.

The running deck is standard (20″ x 55″) and hence, most suitable for those interested in walking. If your primary goal is running or jogging, it is better to look out for other options.

The cushioning system protects your joints through the workout session, and you can monitor your progress using the simple but effective LED display that allows you to track calories, speed, distance, incline, and monitor heart rate.

Above all, the treadmill is foldable, and the FeatherLight system makes it easy for you to fold the treadmill and store it in any corner of your house saving ample room space.

What I Like About Horizon T101

  • Affordable and most recommended for those who wish to set up a home gym
  • The machine comes fitted with a 3-zone Variable Response Cushioning that creates minimal impact on joints.
  • Foldable and hence, space-saving.
  • The treadmill is fitted with an audio input jack, gadget holder, USB charging port, Bluetooth audio, and speakers, and hence, it is recommended for music lovers.
  • Provision to monitor heart rate using pulse grips
  • The cooling fan helps you stay cool during intense workout sessions.
  • A lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor

What I Don’t Like About Horizon T101

  • The 2.5CHP motor power is optimal for walking but not suitable for running or jogging.
  • The machine is not suitable for interactive training.
  • Some individuals have complained about some broken parts during the shipping process.

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Quick Summary of Horizon T202 Treadmill 

The Horizon T202 treadmill is the best mid-range treadmill model that helps you fulfill your walking, jogging, or running goals.

Coming with a 2.75CHP motor, I personally recommend the treadmill for your walking and jogging needs but don’t expect the machine to meet your requirements if you are a serious runner.

There are five preset programs, including calorie burn, distance, manual, time, and weight loss, offered on the machine.

Though the number might sound discouraging, remember that the machine is compatible with several fitness apps such as My Fitness Pal and AFG Connected Fitness.

The machine is foldable, and the 3-zone cushioning provided protects your joints from impacts and keeps them safe.

The 3-inch LED display LCD screen is easy to read and offers important metric values such as heart rate details that keep you motivated.

There are a couple of secondary features such as a cooling fan, tablet holder, and speakers to improve your overall exercising experience on the machine.

The treadmill is Bluetooth-enabled—you can connect your devices, play your favorite videos or music, and even charge the device using the USB port to keep them charged.

What I Like About Horizon T202 Treadmill

  • Easy to fold and store in any corner of the house when not in use
  • Affordable
  • The variable cushioning provision saves your joints from any major impacts
  • The dual grips facilitate easy monitoring of heart rate
  • 12% inclination
  • The console is simple and user-friendly
  • Listen to your favorite music, podcast, or workout training using the integrated speakers
  • The cooling fan keeps you cool as you train harder
  • The lifetime warranty on frame and motor, and one year on parts, labor, and cushioning is optimal

What I Don’t Like About Horizon T202 Treadmill

  • The 2.75CHP motor is not bad, but it isn’t good enough to accommodate the needs of a serious runner.

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