Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

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The Horizon T202 comes from a reputed fitness brand and is suitable for indoor walking and jogging. This foldable treadmill machine has original dimensions of 75″ x 34″ x 58″ folds to a size of 47” x 34” x 65”, making it compact enough for storing it in a small place.

With a standard 20” x 60” belt size, 1.4 mm thickness, and with 3 levels of cushioning, you get a comfortable running surface with this machine. The weight capacity of 325 lbs is appreciable as it is better than its counterparts.

Coming to the speed, it can achieve a top speed of 12 mph. With the incline levels of 12%, this machine is all set to offer higher calorie burn in a shorter time, along with toning your muscles.

The 12 built-in programs offer various focused workout sessions that you can use to achieve a certain fitness goal. Apart from preset exercises, you can also operate it in manual mode, where you have unlimited options to train.

Though not highly advanced, the console does come with interesting features. Especially the metrics are illuminated using a backlit LCD, giving you a clear view even while you are in motion.

Provision to place your device safely on the treadmill allows you to enjoy the best music that motivates you through the Bluetooth audio streaming facility. As this audio is streamed from two good-quality speakers on the unit, you enjoy it more.

Despite so many amazing features, you should note that this treadmill is for joggers and walkers but not for runners. If you are looking for the same, check out the below-detailed review that gives you a deeper insight into Horizon T202 specifications and uses.

What I Like About Horizon T202

  • Even when operating at top speed, T202 works quietly
  • The in-built Bluetooth speakers allow entertainment onboard
  • Lifetime coverage for motor and frame is appreciable
  • Easy folding capability using the FeatherLight folding technology
  • You can fold it into a compact treadmill after usage
  • The cushioned deck helps in your soft landing that keeps your joints pain free
  • The 60” length of the running deck is ample enough for tall individuals
  • Motor power is decent enough for avid walkers
  • Variable incline strengthens your muscles and offers challenges
  • Backlit LCD and quick access buttons on the console are handy
  • The 12 preset programs help you focus on your fitness goals
  • A shelf is provided for placing your device to stream audio of your choice
  • Bluetooth speakers provide pleasing audio output to keep you entertained
  • Using the USB port, you can charge your device even while you workout
  • The amicable price of this treadmill makes it the first choice home treadmill

What I Don’t Like

  • This treadmill is not suitable for vigorous running activity
  • The fan does not have considerable airflow, and it is also loud
  • It does not come with a touchscreen
  • No heart rate monitoring strap

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This treadmill comes with first-class foldable technology that folds it into the compact machine, making it easy for storage. The FeatherLight Folding technique remains true to its name as the machine folds and unfolds effortlessly with a release latch.

It is as light as a feather when folding up and lands softly like a feather by itself once the latch is released, without any noise. I must agree that this simple folding facility does provide a significant advantage for those who are short on space.

When unfolded, this machine has dimensions of 75″ x 34″ x 58″, which is reduced to 47” x 34” x 65” footprint when folded. The difference is substantial as it folds well and fits into a corner.


The Horizon T202 comes with a backlit LCD placed on the console panel. You can check your fitness metrics such as speed, time, distance, incline, heart rate, and calories burnt on the screen.

The backlighting helps you to read the metrics even in low light. You can effectively operate the machine using the quick keys for modifying the speed and incline.

Connectivity Features

The Bluetooth connectivity gives you non-stop entertainment from your devices. Of your favorite shows. Yes, it allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled gadget to connect to the audio speakers provided on the treadmill.

Streaming directly through Bluetooth gives better quality audio than connecting your device directly. Since this treadmill is equipped with a shelf where you can place your device safely, you can keep it close enough while you work out.

For one thing, you can connect your Bluetooth-enabled device with the T202 to stream your audio entertainment directly to the treadmill speakers. By streaming, you can enjoy better audio quality than if you plug your device in.

There is a little device shelf to hold your device, so you can stream your favorite shows as you work out. A USB charging port is provided for charging your device so that you won’t run out of power while using it.

Weight Capacity

The maximum allowed weight of the person using this treadmill is 325 pounds. Usually, it is around 300 pounds in most of the treadmills, which limits few users.

Since it is a little higher, you can accommodate even more users who fall above 300 pounds. The weight capacity indicates the weight limit of an individual up to where you can use the treadmill safely. If you are a heavy person looking for a high weight capacity treadmill, don’t look beyond the Horizon T202.


The T202 is equipped with a motor of 2.75 CHP, capable of running continuously without heating up and giving you constant power throughout your workout. This treadmill is suitable for jogging and walking activities as its CHP is less than 3.0.

While working out, this motor does not make any loud noises and operates quietly. This enables you to use it even in small spaces or apartments without irritating the neighbors or without disturbing your kids and partner if they are asleep, making it one of the best apartment treadmills in the market.

Even though the motor is capable of a 0.5-12 MPH speed range, it is best not to use the machine at top speeds regularly. However, if you intend to do speed training or interval training, then the high speed will be useful.


This treadmill is backed by a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. Coming to the parts, labor, and cushioning, you get a 1-year warranty.

The Horizon T202 is priced amicably yet offers good coverage that guarantees you the quality of the machine. Even if anything falls apart, you still get to take advantage of the warranty provided, making it a safe investment.

Built-in Program

Twelve preset programs are provided with T202, which are further divided into four categories. They come as Weight Loss, Distance, Time Elapsed, and Calorie Burn program types.

You can use these programs to start working instantly in the preferred mode of focus without the need to go through each setting every time. If you desire to create your custom workout routine, you can go for manual mode.

Running Belt

The treadmill belt is 1.4 mm thick and is enough for a home treadmill. Usually, commercial treadmills have a 2 ply belt that is a little thicker than this belt, but they are made for intense running purposes.

Here this treadmill is apt for walking and jogging. So, this belt will suffice and last considerably well when used as designated. Coming to the running surface, it is 20” x 60”, and it suffices the golden dimensions required by a treadmill.


The incline option is the interesting part of a treadmill as it helps you perform strenuous activities that can challenge your stamina and eventually improve your fitness levels. This machine features an incline of 0% to 12%.

An incline is effective in toning your muscles such as hamstrings, glutes, and quads faster, along with improving ankle strength. The higher the incline, the quicker is the process of melting your excess calories.

Moreover, your endurance also improves as it works on your heart health by giving you an amazing cardio workout in comparison to a normal treadmill with no incline.


The T202 comes with three various zones of cushioning. This variable response support offers excellent comfort while jogging or walking.

It makes sure that your feet land softly on the belt when you take a stride which avoids exercise-related strain on them. The different zones are helpful to provide enough softness each time you hit the belt, making your exercise routine more enjoyable.

You might not notice the difference if this is the only treadmill you ever used but will notice the cushioning effect if you ever had a chance to step on one without it.

The Verdict: Who Is Horizon T202 Treadmill For?

You will never be bored while using this treadmill as it facilitates non-stop entertainment through the Bluetooth speakers and allows streaming audio from your favorite playlists. The smart shelf and the USB charging provision are well-thought inclusions that support this setup.

Surprisingly this budget treadmill also helps you save on power bills by using its energy saver mode. This feature does not allow the machine to drain electricity when not in use, and you need not worry about unplugging it always.

Most individuals prefer a treadmill for a walk or jog rather than for a run. However, several treadmills come with high standards suitable for professional and serious running, and these features loaded machines soar in cost.

The T202 is for those who are starting and not sure of their further ventures on the treadmill or for those who prefer only to walk or jog most of the time. Also, it is suitable for people who would like to store it after usage.

In short, this machine is for those who desire a low noise, good quality, lifetime warranty, compact storability, easy foldability, budget-friendly price, and no unnecessary bells and whistles treadmill.

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