How Long Do Treadmills Last? (4 Facts You Should Know)

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Some fitness equipment doesn’t last a lifetime without proper maintenance, and even if they do last, you need to ensure that umpteen maintenance goes into it, which could become expensive too.

Fortunately, treadmills are built to last long. While longevity and durability of the equipment mainly depend on how you use and maintain it.

How long do treadmills last on average? In general, treadmills are built to last for an average of 7-12 years as per the claim by manufacturers.

1. How to Choose a Treadmill That Lasts Longer?

You need to look at two important factors—warranty and cost—to ensure that the treadmill lasts longer.

Warranty: Ensure that the labor, parts, and motor are covered in the warranty period with at least two years for labor, 5+ for electronics parts, and a lifetime warranty on the motor.

Cost: Higher the cost, better would be the quality. We are not talking about exuberant pricing but somewhere between $1500 and $5000 as these products offer a good warranty.

A cheaply-priced treadmill deceives us on the warranty part besides succumbing to wear and tear earlier than expected.

Once you are done buying the machine and assembling it, it’s time to worry about maintaining it well.

You can do it on your own or sign up with an agency for annual maintenance. This might cause extra expenses, but the money shelled out is worth every penny as you are devoid of any headaches regarding lubrication or replacements.

2. Do Treadmills Need Maintenance?

Sure! Your job doesn’t end with buying a treadmill, setting it up in your home gym, and working out. Treadmills need to be maintained so that they keep working efficiently without any troubles for longer periods.

The home gym might be equipped with the best-quality treadmill available in the market, but even they are at risk of non-functionality if essential care is not taken.

This is primarily because of the accumulation of dirt and debris that cause rapid wear and tear of the deck and belt. The belt needs to be aligned properly from time to time.

The treadmill belt is used constantly when the treadmill is in use, and this can cause the belt to stretch out.

To maintain belt tension, slow down the treadmill and press your foot forcefully. Otherwise, you might suffer from damaged motor and rollers.

Don’t be in haste to work out and move on to your next job without caring to spend time maintaining the treadmill.

Any treadmill that’s not maintained properly would need to be replaced very quickly, causing increased expenses.

3. How Often Do Treadmills Need Maintenance?

The frequency for caring for treadmills differs from part to part. Every part requires maintenance during different time intervals. The deck and belt must be cleaned once every month. All exposed parts of the treadmill should be cleaned and wiped with a wet cloth/soft material every week to avoid over-accumulation of dirt and debris, which could ruin internal parts of the machine.

Even the treadmill motor needs to be cleaned at least thrice a year, and it is necessary to follow the user manual for step-by-step instructions.

Lubrication is essential for treadmills, but again, check the manual to see whether the treadmill can lubricate itself.

If you keep applying lubricants on a machine that’s already self-lubricated, you are bound to cause damage to the wax and other components.

Belts are subjected to wear and tear due to constant use, and hence, it is advisable to check the belt for such issues at least once in three months by looking at the underside of the belt.

If you find damage, it is better to replace the belt, and this helps in increasing the treadmill’s lifespan.

4. When Should I Replace My Treadmill?

Manufacturers assure that their treadmills could last a lifetime, but the main question is whether or not to use the machine forever.

While a good-quality treadmill might work fine even after ten years, it becomes tedious to obtain certain parts (such as a belt or motor) for repair. And it will cost much. Hence, it is recommended that replace a treadmill once every 10 years, even though the equipment works fine.

Belts are exposed to constant usage and are the first ones to suffer from wear and tear. Hence, if you notice a frayed belt, it is time to replace it.

If you find that any of the electrical components won’t work, you have no other choice but to purchase a new machine. This could be good for you as new machines come built with the latest technologies and a greater number of options.

Quick Conclusion

Apart from buying a good-quality treadmill, it is necessary to maintain it well and replace the equipment when needed to keep the treadmill in good working condition.

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