Why Treadmill Stops Suddenly? (Reasons & Solutions)

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It’s NOT a good experience that the treadmill suddenly stops when you are running on it. However, things always happen out of control. Why will the treadmill stop suddenly? There could be a few reasons for this, but a treadmill stops working suddenly is mainly to prevent itself from any further damages than what’s already been caused. And the primary cause for such stop mostly is because of the overheating motor, which is caused by the belt in most cases.

Why Belt Will Make the Motor Overheating?

The belt could become worn out, frayed, or out of position with constant wear and tear, all of which could lead to increased friction. But in a normal case, your treadmill will work again when the motor cold down.

When this happens, it is necessary to lubricate the belt or replace the belt to ensure the smooth functioning of the treadmill.

Treadmill lubricant

Sometimes, when users don’t handle the treadmill properly or refrain from maintaining them well, the belt would simply need lubrication.

This is frequently seen when treadmills are placed over carpets, which will send the dust, hair, and other debris to the belt or motor.

Thus the motor could become heated easily and stop the treadmill from functioning immediately due to the increased friction. So it is necessary to install a gym flooring or a treadmill mat over the carpets in order to prevent the dust from getting into the treadmill.

overheating treadmill motor

Lubricating the belt helps reduce friction between the belt and the roller and between the belt and motor. But before applying any lubricant, ensure that your treadmill supports lubrication. If so, it is advisable to choose silicone-based lubricants.

Final Words

If your treadmill often stops suddenly, it is probably because your motor is overheating. To prevent this situation, you should check if your treadmill belt needs to be lubricated.

But before doing this, you should also check if your treadmill belt can be lubricated. If so, remember to clean your belt first. Here is a simple guide to clean your treadmill belt.

The lubricant could be useless sometimes if the belt is worn out. If it is such a case, think about replacing your old belt.

Finally, if you still don’t know why it still stops or not sure what the problem is, it is advised to call out an expert and let them assist you. Although it will cost you, it is an affordable choice compared to replace a new treadmill.

Proper, regular maintenance on a treadmill will extend your treadmill lifespan. In other words, save your money. So it’s worth the time to take care of your running machine.

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