How Much Do Treadmills Weigh on Average? [Comparison]

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When treadmills just hit the market, they were very heavy, but better and more portable treadmills have been designed as technology advanced.

But how much a treadmill weighs on average? A commercial treadmill weighs around 250 to 400 pounds, and a standard treadmill weighs around 200 to 250 pounds. Most high-end electric treadmills for home use weigh over 300 lbs. Manual treadmills are lighter, but this really depends on brand and model. Some manual treadmills are even heavier than electric treadmills. 

Why so much difference? It all lies primarily in its motor.

It is possible that if you plan to buy a treadmill, you are thinking about its weight, for then you can move it.

Although it may seem a minor detail, this information is important, especially for those looking to place the machine up the stairs.

Also, the treadmill’s weight depends on other factors that we will tell you about next.

Let’s take a look at some important details related to the treadmill’s average weight.

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What Factors Determined a Treadmill Weight?

Companies launch different models of treadmills almost every day, which is why we can’t generalize as much.

There is a weight range depending on the machine model and its purpose of use.

For example, a treadmill for military testing or space training will not have the same weight as a home treadmill.

So, what factors determined a treadmill weight? Mostly, it depends on motors. We can find two different treadmills:

  • Manual Treadmills: This type of treadmills is characterized by not having a motor, making it a lightweight machine that is easy to move.
  • Motorized Treadmills: This type of treadmills is built with a motor that gives it an additional weight that will depend on the power that it provides.

We will mainly focus on this last type of treadmills, and for this, we will explain in more detail the factors that determined a treadmill weight:

#1. Motor

The motor is one of the main parts of a treadmill that makes the weight different. The treadmill’s motor is measured in horsepower, which allows the motor to provide a certain speed to the machine.

Therefore, treadmills that provide high speed are generally made of steel or titanium. With this in mind, these treadmill’s motor can weigh between 40 to 50 pounds extra.

#2. Belt

This is another factor that affects treadmill weight. The belt is an important part of this type of machine since thanks to it we can run. Many treadmills built to perform hard workouts, such as steep models, use reinforced belts simulating rough terrain, which provides weight since models that can incline carry extra parts that can weigh up to 30 extra pounds.

#3. Frame

The type of frame also influences weight. Treadmills built for hard training should be made of a high-quality frame that will provide durability. The truth is that the resistance of the treadmill is directly related to the weight of its frame.

This is because the quality of the frame must provide stability so that the stress of the exercise can be supported. This is why many treadmills are constructed of stainless steel or aluminum and reinforced with other metals.

Clearly, in the market, you will also find treadmills built with materials that are not so heavy, and therefore, the price will also be lower.

Will Treadmill Weight Determines the Capacity?

The treadmill weight will determine the capacity because the total weight of the machine is related to the size of its motor, and in turn, the motor will provide the resistance and speed of the treadmill. So, yes, a higher weight capacity treadmill has a heavier weight.

On the other hand, if an overweight person uses a treadmill that does not adjust to his physical conditions taking into account the weight capacity, it will make the motor overheat, work slower, and little by little, it will stop working.

How to Move a Treadmill Through a Doorway?

To move a treadmill through a doorway, you must know if the machine can be folded. There are different models, some of which can be completely folded, allowing easy movement, others of which only partially fold, and others cannot be folded. Their parts must be separated to be moved through the doorway.

Semi-professional treadmills are usually heavier than homemade treadmills, although they are similar in shape.

So if you need to move the treadmill through the doorway, you can follow these steps.

  1. To get started, you must first know the exact width measurement of the belt and the width of the arms and compare them with the width of the doorway.
  2. In case your treadmill does not fully fold, you should fold its arms if it allows it. To do this, you must turn the toggle so the arms can move down.
  3. If, after you fold its arms down, you notice that you still can’t move the treadmill through the doorway, then you should remove its arms. For that, you must first disconnect the cable from the monitor.
  4. With the help of another person, you will need to turn the treadmill and turn it on its side. You can use your knee for better support.
  5. Now you will pass the treadmill through the desired doorway paying attention that the monitor does not hit. If the belt moved to one side with this action, you must adjust it to its original position.
  6. Put the arms back in place.

How to Move a Treadmill Upstairs (or Downstairs)?

To move a treadmill upstairs (or downstairs), you must proceed with great care since both the machine and those who move it may suffer some damage. To perform this action, try to plan it to avoid problems.

Even so, in this section, we will help you to relocate your treadmill upstairs.

1. As a first step, you must move any object, furniture, etc., that is in your path, which is an obstacle. In this way, you can walk to your goal without stumbling.

2. Think about where you are going to locate the treadmill before going upstairs. It is best to have space already ordered to avoid constantly moving it. Once this is done, it is best to place a mat where the treadmill will protect the floor.

3. Now that you know where you will place the treadmill, you will need someone to help you since you will not be able to do it yourself due to its weight. Keep in mind that the front of the treadmill is the heaviest, but if you cannot find someone to help you, you can contact a moving company in your area as they have more experience doing these heavy jobs.

4. If you plan to move the treadmill upstairs, never strain with your back as you can injure yourself, always use your knees and put your back straight. You can practice these movements by trying to lift other heavy objects.

5. To prevent the belt from moving out of place, check if it can lock it. This locker is usually located at the rear of the belt. If you don’t know how to do it or if the machine has this feature, check its user manual.

6. Use the treadmill’s wheels for better movement. To do this, you must incline it back and from its console.

7. Now you can lift the treadmill upstairs carefully and without haste. If you need to stop in the middle of the way, do it without losing the firm grip.

8. When you get to the location, you chose to place the treadmill upstairs, unlock the belt, and place the treadmill on the mentioned mat. Try to lower it very carefully and without hitting it on the floor.

Will Movers Help you to Move a Treadmill?

Movers can help you move a treadmill because they generally work with the appropriate transport equipment. Their vast experience in lifting heavy objects makes them suitable for the safety of your treadmill.

The benefit of small movers is that they can easily transport a single object regardless of its maximum weight. You can contact different movers and compare their prices and then choose the one that best suits you.

On the other hand, you can also do it by yourself only if you have friends who can help you, but it is a heavy task, and it is not very easy as it seems since it requires a lot of strength.

How Much Does It Cost to Move your Treadmill if you Don’t Want to DIY?

If you don’t want to move the treadmill by yourself and want to pay to move it, you should have prepared around $ 300. This will pay for the truck’s fuel to be used, the work of at least two experienced men, material handling, and, if necessary, a technician. Also, you will be paying for the security of your material goods.

However, many people believe that this price is very high and prefers to do it themselves or hire inexperienced people. Although many times, it ends up being expensive because, honestly, it is not an easy task.

That is why these companies provide the best caring service for your home and your treadmill.

In Closing

When buying a treadmill, many users do not consider their weight as they pay more attention to other details. The treadmill weight should also be taken into account as it will influence its movement, especially if you need to place it upstairs.

We hope this article has been very helpful, and you can apply the steps mentioned above if you want to move it. Also, keep in mind that you can always count on professionals to help change your treadmill’s place for better security.

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