THE RACK All in One Workout Station Review

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Want to work out at your home? Then THE RACK All in One Workout Station is a piece of equipment that you may not want to miss.

What is THE RACK All in One Workout Station? The RACK All in One Workout Station is considered a portable home gym that fits well for anyone gearing up for a full-body workout with a low budget. The structure comprises 30 pounds of high-grade steel, which is robust enough and can last for years. 

The size has also been given keen attention to make it convenient for people who have less storage available for accommodation. Exercising with this station will be easier, smoother, and effective.

THERACK® Workout Station 30 lb Pro Version

Four Different Rack Exercises That THE RACK Provides

THE RACK All in One Workout Station lets you exercise in four different positions engaging your entire body from chest to lower limbs. The four positions are:

  1. The standing position
  2. The bench position
  3. The flat position
  4. Free weight

The Standing Position

In the standing position, the main target is your triceps. You can perform high-yield triceps dips to bolster your muscles.

Another mind-blowing exercise supported by THE RACK is scissor-kicks, which are a brilliant way to engage your abs and sculpt them up.

If getting stronger glutes is the thing in your mind, this workout station also fulfills this wish of yours by enabling you to do one-legged squats. Adding more weight to hips and legs is good as these organs support your entire body.

The Bench Position

Moving on to the next position conformed by this workout station, you can consolidate your shoulders and arms by working in a bench position.

Doing elevated pushups is the best idea to strengthen your chest and upper body. The rack has more than one hand grips.

With them, you can target many different muscles as per your wish. Just toggle your postures to focus on one muscle at a time. And the bench position is suitable for extreme pull-ups as well.

The Flat Position

Another position offered by THE RACK is a flat position that allows smooth abs roll-outs. Being equipped with wheels, you can perform side roll-outs and get hands-on that love handles of the fitness station. This is a perfect companion for your abdominal muscle rollouts.

Use THE RACK Workout Station as Free Weight

To add up to your excitement, this multitasking workout station can also be used as free weights.

This is the fourth and bonus position, which allows you to go ahead with a plethora of fitness exercises.

This includes squats, lunges, bent-over, and upright rows, bicep curls, overhead presses, and many more.

You can blissfully perform all such exercises with upgradable resistance and variations.

You can add about 40 lbs of plates to increase the resistance for a high-impact workout mode.

What I Like About

  • Your body weight becomes the primary resistance to this equipment.
  • Built with standard quality steel, therefore durable enough
  • Your current level of fitness doesn’t matter, and anyone can get started instantly with the machine.
  • Supports 20+ strength training exercises with a lot of variations
  • Upgradable resistance up to 5 lbs
  • Light on joints
  • Portable design with wheels to move it to any location

What I Don’t Like

Let’s check out what this piece of equipment is still lacking.

  • Weight-bearing capacity is limited to 250 lbs (could have been more)
  • The design of the equipment is not compatible with people with more than 6 feet 6 inches of height.
  • Resistance can’t be upgraded much; hence not meant for building huge muscles.

Who Is THE RACK All in One Gym For?

THE RACK All in one home gym is for those searching for promising fitness machines to augment the muscles and achieve a stronger body.

You should be comfortable with the 250 lbs weight capacity permitted by this machine.

We would say THE RACK is an eminent choice for beginners to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

However, the equipment can satisfy the needs of people who are already a part of fitness mania and desiring to include more exercise in their routines.

The beauty of THE RACK is exemplified in supporting a large number of exercises despite its compact size.

There are many advanced workouts you can opt for.

If you look beyond gaining muscle strength, this machine is excellent for cardiovascular exercises as well.

For people who could not work out daily, this workout station is a great choice.

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Other Features of THE RACK All in One Gym

The top three USPs that are likely to grab customers’ attention at the first go are:

  • Versatility
  • Portability
  • Foldability

In a world where people are too busy to travel to the gym for an effective workout phase, excellent home gym equipment like THE RACK comes as an unmatched gift to meet all the fitness needs at once.

You will be hitting your targets after 15-20 minutes of the power-packed exercise period.

You can target a plethora of body parts with this machine.

Be it shoulders or stomach, abs or biceps, THE RACK will sculpt it all.

Bolster your muscles confidently along with a nutrition guide that is provided along with this workout machine.

A technique called ‘Zone Progression Training’ urges users to do basic exercises, compound exercises, and supersets sequentially.

This innovative technology enables you to perform more amount of work in less period.

The driving strategy behind this super-effective technique is the isolation of muscles for a considerable amount of time, coupled with 8-12 reps followed by resting periods in between.

You need to begin with basic exercises doing 8-12 reps for each one of them.

Then take a break. Resume your exercise with compound sets.

Do 8-12 reps of each of the compound sets and take a short break again.

Finally, jumpstart with supersets doing 8-12 reps of them as well.

This altogether makes a high-yield muscle-building workout regime.

What Can You Get from This Product?

Here’s an assortment of benefits you can reap from THE RACK workout gadget.

  1. An impactful full-body workout
  2. A miraculous combination of a big number of exercises with the small-sized tool
  3. Freedom to toggle between four different positions at a time
  4. Get started easily with an accurate nutrition guide
  5. No storage struggles due to wheels and portable skeleton
  6. A user manual is also included, which provides information regarding warranty, assembly, and safety tips.

Who Is the Inventor of All in One Workout Station?

Interestingly, this wonderful tool came into existence when an athlete and an actor, Travis Burrell, unknowingly brought together on-set gym clubbing pieces of metal from leftovers of sawhorses, walkaway rails, and chairs.

Later on, he came up with the idea of a handy gym that he can carry to the set every time without much trouble.

And that’s how a compact but fully-functional handy home gym was discovered.

The Verdict

THE RACK all in one workout station is a kind of fitness apparatus in terms of design, functions, and efficacy.

Bid goodbye to boring and static workout tools forever.

Make a witty switch to the amazing workout station that offers you the flexibility to toggle multiple positions, target manifold body parts, and perform a large range of exercises.

The Rack All in One Home Gym is a single machine but with several benefits.

It is like hitting multiple targets with a single shot. You get equal value for every penny.

Purchasing this economical and effective exercise machinery is a long-term fruitful investment for every fitness-conscious person who has no time for gym amidst the fast-paced life hassles.

Stop being reluctant towards your health due to a lack of time or space.

This ingenious piece of equipment is here to eliminate all your excuses to date.

Take a step toward leading a healthy life by stepping on THE RACK all in the workout station.

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1. What Is the Weight Limit for the Rack?

The Rack Workout Station, or call the Body pusher, has a limitation. It carries a weight limit of 250 lbs. this implies heavier weight people cannot make use of the Rack.

2. What Height of People Is This All in One Workout Station Suitable for?

As far as the height of a person is concerned, the Rack Workout Station has certain limitations. Individuals taller than 6’ 6’’ cannot avail of the goodness of this wonderful equipment.

It is difficult for such individuals to carry out certain exercises with The Rack Workout Station.

3. Does It Come with the Weights?

The Rack Workout Station doesn’t come with weights. Such accessories can be purchased separately.

A set of 2 five-pound weights can be purchased separately.

Moreover, up to 40 lbs of weight can be added to the RACK to perform related exercises.

4. What’s the difference between the “Pro” Version and the regular version?

The Rack Workout Station comes with both a Pro-Version and a regular version. The regular version of the equipment weighs 23 lbs. The pro-version model weighs 30 lbs.

The pro-version of the product is made with heavier gauge metal and weighs around 35 pounds.

Whereas the regular version weighs 28 pounds.

As far as increasing your resistance and intensity are concerned, the regular version of the product gives up to 50% results.

5. Does This Come with Workout DVDs?

The Rack Workout Station accompanies many essential accessories. It carries:

  • A total of 6 DVDs, with an additional 2 DVDs as a bonus.
  • A guide on nutrition or a food menu. The nutrition guide offers a 3-phase meal plan, a grocery checklist, and a food menu for a whopping 12 weeks.
  • A manual which carries information on safety and warranty. Information on how to assemble and a few other tips are also included in the same.
  • A 30 lb steel frame.

6. Can I Purchase a Workout DVD Separately?

No. The thoughts of purchasing workout DVDs don’t fit the scene well.

7. What Extra Accessories Can I Buy?

In addition to the workout DVDs, extra accessories such as a set of 2 five-pound weights and cushioned seat pad can be purchased. These items are optional and are not supplied free of cost.

8. Is This Suitable for Women, or Is It Too Heavy?

Like men, women interested in fitness can also make use of this product. It is not at all heavy for women to carry and work with.

Exercises meant to burn fat can be conducted with this equipment in a better way.

Moreover, this unique and single gym equipment can be used for two different types of exercises, which include fat burning and muscle building exercises.

9. Can I Add More Weights?

You can add up to 40 lbs of plates for developing resistance.

Separately, you can purchase a set of 2 five-pound weights to enhance your workout.

10. Does This Product Include User Manual?

The equipment comes with an owner’s manual.

The manual contains information regarding the safety provisions, warranty details, few tips, and how to assemble.

The rack is made up of steel and is tough enough to withstand the weight of 300 lbs.

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