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What is Tension Toner? Tension Toner is a foldable, travel-friendly workout bar with built-in resistance to increase resistance band workouts a notch higher. The built-in resistance is the secret behind activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Tension Toner is designed to keep the bars separated under tension to increase the versatility of your workout within the stipulated exercise time.

Every workout activates all muscle groups, making this portable home gym promise double efficiency within half the timeframe.

TENSION TONER - Pull Your Way to a Strong, Toned

Tension Toner Exercises & Workouts

It’s simply fascinating and exciting to realize that a single piece of equipment has the potential to offer more than 70 different exercises that could be done using it.

The most common and popular exercises normally done using the tension toner include bicep curl, back raise, triceps pull-down, shoulder press, underhand bent-over row, and incline chest fly press.

Get more insight into the rest of the exercises possible with the help of the video clips given by the manufacturer—it is a complete guide on all possible workouts that help activate various muscle groups in the body.

The company doesn’t stop at this but captures the individual’s attention and takes every step possible to make the Tension Toner a personal favorite by offering two different online workout programs—10 minutes and 30 minutes—besides including a video guide for the different exercises possible.

So, you are thoroughly taken through all possible ways to reap benefits using the resistance trainer.

The toner is apt for every kind of use, helping even those having limited time to perform the 10-minute workout routine.

What I Like About

Each of us loves to get hold of that one piece of equipment that satisfies all our workout requirements, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the tension toner is one such piece of equipment.

Some of the features that makes us all love the product include:

  • It is one of the most versatile equipments that amazes us with its multipurpose use.
  • Affordable.
  • TSA-friendly making it easier for you to carry the product while traveling.
  • It helps you reap maximum benefits using minimal workout space.
  • High-quality product that’s constructed well.
  • It could be used anywhere and everywhere without limitations.
  • It helps individuals burn fat, build and strengthen muscles, and promote weight loss.

What We Don’t Like

None of the equipment is 100% perfect, and the Tension Toner has its share of disadvantages too, which include:

  • User-friendly only after regularly practicing on the bar.
  • Though the product comes with a carry bag, the quality of it could be improved slightly.
  • Guidelines on using the equipment are printed on a background that makes it difficult to read.
  • Some users could feel the resistance band present at the center of the toner to be too rigid to use.

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Who Is Tension Toner Home Gym System Suitable For?

There is no doubt that tension toner is suitable for home gym use, especially for those who suffer from space crunch. But, it is most suitable for those frequently traveling when they wish to take their home gym equipment along with them to avoid missing on their regular workout routine.

Being a piece of a lightweight and foldable home gym, Tension Toner occupies the minimum space possible in your travel bag, making it convenient to pack and carry wherever you go.

Portability is the biggest advantage of this equipment that’s loved by frequent travelers who use the product.

Even for those using it at home, the Toner promises a full-body workout ability that strengthens every muscle in the body.

You never have to worry anymore about expiring gym memberships or burning pockets when you have the Tension Toner in your home.

But, if you are looking for a bodybuilding home gym solution, this is not the right one for you.


Why Choose Tension Toner?

Besides being lightweight, portable, and easy to carry while traveling anywhere around the globe, many other features make the Tension Toner a delight to possess. These include easy set-up, maximum exercise benefits in minimum workout time, and exercises that activate under-trained muscles.

You could keep it at your home or the hotel using little space.

Setting up the product is so simple that it could be done within minutes.

Help yourself set up the equipment outdoors or indoors as per your convenience.

The Tension Toner comes with a door anchor provided by the manufacturer for easy installation.

Once set, make use of the resistance levels provided to achieve versatility in your exercise routine.

You get to choose your workout time—10 or 30 minutes, depending on your availability, to complete a set of exercises.

Who is the Inventor of Tension Toner?

Inspired by the towel exercises taught by his grandfather, Joe Sans is the proud inventor of the versatile Tension Toner, which has gone on to capture the attention with its credible exercising options.

Joe Sans is a personal trainer who succumbed to a shoulder injury after a training session at the gym.

He used his invention, the Tension Toner, instead of relying on weight training tactics to rehabilitate his shoulder—this proved to be highly beneficial, making Sans strongly believe in his invention.

Sans proudly admits that the Toner could be used daily to lose weight, build muscles, and even rehabilitate joints.

Unlike some machines, such as the bars and rear shoulders, which don’t focus on all muscle groups, Sans suggests that using the toner gives equal opportunities to all muscle groups to develop.

And you needn’t worry anymore about over-or under-developed muscles.

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Other Features of Tension Toner

The Tension Toner still has many more to offer than what I have already mentioned above. These include:

Design & Construction: As I mentioned earlier, the Toner is a lightweight and compact equipment that could be installed anywhere when you have the right anchor spot to secure it safely.

You are provided with a door anchor by the company, which makes installation all the easier.

All you need to do is choose your ideal installation place—at the top, bottom, or side of the door and start exercising.

Coming completely assembled, you needn’t worry about spending time and effort on assembling the equipment.

You can unwrap the box, pick out the product, and start using it.

Once done, you can fold it in half and store it somewhere out of sight, which makes it easy to carry around too.

You could possess any fitness skill, but you can surely reap full-body workout benefits using the Tension Toner.

Adjustability: The product comes with an in-built resistance band that helps to improve the versatility of your workout experience by bringing in different degrees of difficulties.

The tension adjustors at the end of the equipment help in making the workouts more challenging.

Besides strengthening your back, shoulder, hip, and lower body muscles, you can even do squats using the toner.

Usage: The split bar design incorporated in the Tension Toner helps in equally splitting the tension on either side of your body.

The resistance band in the center helps you build strength on your muscles as it is quite tight, forcing you to apply more effort every time you try to pull it on both sides.

The strap at the center must be tight, failing to be assured of not reaping benefits from the workout.

Different Package Types

The equipment is available in two different purchasing options—basic or deluxe package.

The main difference between the two lies in the number of resistance bands provided, which again brings about purchase costs.

The deluxe package is provided with five resistant bands in five different colors, each having different capacities.

This model is priced higher than the basic package.

The yellow band provides 4 pounds of resistance, and the blue provides 6 pounds, green provides 12 pounds, black provides 20 pounds, and red provides 30 pounds of resistance.

The basic package comes only with two resistance bands, with one of them offering 2-4 pounds of resistance and the other one offering 15-20 pounds of resistance.

But both types of packages come with a Tension Toner with two handle attachments, a door anchor provided along with the equipment, a quick start guide, and a carry bag included for putting in all types of resistance bands and other accessories that come along.

There is indeed other resistance equipment in the market that is comparatively cheaper.

But the price is not the only criteria to consider.

None of us wish to purchase a product that offers fixed resistance, cannot be portable, or could not be stored easily.

It is always better to choose a product that offers varying resistance levels as this helps any individual (beginner, intermediate, or advanced trainer) to train comfortably.

Tension Toner also comes with two different resistance bands, each coming with different weights to offer flexibility in your workout intensity.

If the budget permits, you can even choose the deluxe package to enjoy versatility in your workout training sessions.

In Closing

It is grueling to sit down and work all day without any movements to your muscles and joints. Even worse, when we are stuck with smartphones with not even the slightest body movement here and there.

Such inappropriate actions gradually weaken our muscles all over the body, including the shoulder and back muscles.

The ideal way to get rid of such problems is to bring in Tension Toner into your life, which works out on not one or two but all muscle groups (including the ones that remain dormant most times).

Tension Toner is an equipment that serves not one or two but many purposes and adds versatility to exercising when you start using it.

For starters, it aids in weight loss that’s most sought after by people and also helps in recovering rapidly after injuries that’s yet another feather in its cap.

The equipment exercises various muscle groups that are not possible with every kind of equipment you purchase in the market.

Above all, it’s simple, easy, and comfortable to use by any level of trainer.

It does seem that some users find the strap in the bar’s middle to be a bit rigid, but given its other advantages, the Tension Toner is a piece of equipment worthy of purchase.

It is well-constructed with a sturdy frame and good-quality material that promise varying resistance levels.

This makes the Tension Toner a good resistance system that offers ample benefits when used in your home gym or during travel.

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How Many Exercises Does This Portable Home Gym Provide?

The Tension Toner is a versatile piece of equipment that offers over 70 different full-body exercises that could be performed to build and improve muscle strength.

Many workouts that could be performed are HIIT workouts that help burn fat rapidly, aiding in weight loss goals.

What Is the Resistance Level?

This resistance equipment is patented with an adjustable resistance option—it comes with three different levels of resistance that enhance its use among different levels of trainers.

The Toner comes with two different resistance bands of varying weight limits that offer flexibility to users to perform strenuous or easy exercises.

How to Attach at Home or Basement Without Bar?

Besides the equipment, the manufacturer provides a door anchor too that should solve your query.

You could the hang door anchor from the door on which the tension toner hangs from.

You could also hang the anchor from any other attachment (such as a metal bar) if it is strong enough to support the equipment.

Do the Resistance Bands Loose Tension Eventually?

Never do the resistance bands loose tension at any point in time, even after using the Toner repeatedly every single day.

Still, to ensure that the bar remains intact, always keep the bar on level 1 resistance while folding it.

Can You Do Squats with this device?

Yes, you can do squats safely and effectively, using the Tension Toner.

Check the price of Tension Toner on Amazon.

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