OYO Personal Gym Review – Full Body Portable Home Gym

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What Is OYO Personal Gym? The OYO Personal Gym is a whole-body home gym equipment designed to help you exercise and perform various workouts at the home, office, or even during travel.

You can perform whatever you were doing at the commercial gym in the comfort of your living space whenever you wish. This is especially apt for individuals who work in various shifts and fail to exercise due to varying time schedules.

It’s time to gain muscle strength, lose excess weight, and strengthen your abs, core, legs, and more using the OYO home gym.

OYO Personal Gym - Full Body Portable Gym: Home, Office

What I Like

  • It offers full-body workouts and takes less space
  • Experience rapid results that are not common
  • Good to use while traveling
  • Apt for sculpting and toning your body
  • Excellent customer service that’s complemented by all those who’ve purchased the product
  • Simple and easy to workout anywhere
  • No heavyweights

What I Don’t Like

The OYO Personal gym has its share of downsides too, which include:

  • Risks of slips while using some parts of the products
  • Quite awkward to use during the beginning stages of training
  • Some of the desired exercises seem difficult/awkward to achieve for certain individuals while training using the OYO.

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How Does OYO Personal Gym Work?

The OYO home gym’s working concept is quite special. It uses NASA Spiraflex technology, which replaces heavyweights but gives you better equivalent results as you would get from lifting tons of weight at a fitness center.

The Patented DoubleFlex (push and pull) activation provides resistance to oppositely situated muscle groups in every set of reps that you finish.

And this helps you gain a balanced body in much lesser time than possible from a commercial gym.

The Uniqueness of the OYO Personal Gym

By now, we all know that the OYO personal gym is a piece of equipment that could be carried anywhere you go, and this is unique.

What makes it more special is that the machine consists of a SpiralFlex-powered Resistive Exercise Device that’s the brainchild of OYO Fitness founder Paul Francis.

His main goal in discovering this device was to help NASA astronauts maintain muscle and bone strength in zero gravity conditions.

The good news here is that scientists at the International Space Station have consistently used the technology for over a decade to help astronauts stay fit.

It’s time to forget about heavyweights or adding dangerous resistance bands to keep your workout as strenuous as possible but still benefit from improved resistance using the OYO Personal Gym.

And you would surely burn twice the amount of calories than you would at your fitness center by working out using the OYO gym.

If you are looking for reaping rapid benefits in the shortest duration, don’t look beyond the OYO Portable Gym.

Who is the OYO Personal Gym Suitable For?

The OYO Personal Gym is a versatile home gym that’s suitable for all, especially for those who hate spending much time at the gym. Beginner or advanced trainer, having expert experience or a newbie to the fitness industry, the OYO Personal Gym suits all.

That’s because the equipment could be customized depending on your fitness level.

While free weights are not the core of its functioning, you can add weights to the machine as you grow stronger, performing exercises regularly using the home gym.

If a full-body workout, fat burning, muscle building, or increasing flexibility is your concern, don’t worry, as OYO gym is here to serve every kind of goal you have in your mind.

You even get to strengthen your back, chest, arms, and core besides increasing cardio endurance.

But, if such muscle building or strengthening is not your concern and all you would like is to stay in shape, the OYO machine helps you with that.

It has programs that are specifically designed to help with flexibility or maintain body weight.

You could even focus on doing yoga routines using this machine.

So, if you are looking for different workouts or simply staying fit exercising for the minimum time possible, OYO Personal Gym is the way to go.

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Construction & Design of the OYO Gym

The personal gym is an advanced version of the manufacturer’s first creation, the DoubleFlex, but the major changes include the only difference in color and the included resistance.

Though the equipment looks like a bow-type machine initially, it’s far more stylish and smartly designed.

The black-colored polyester frame is solid and consists of nylon-coated stainless steel cables built-in within the bow.

On either end, you have a handgrip that also helps in attaching to a floor or leg attachment. The SpiralFlex discs are present in the middle of the frame.

The discs give you the provision to attach multiple of them to provide higher resistance.

For instance, if you have a 5 lbs and a 10 lbs disc, you can get 15 lbs of resistance by connecting them.

The OYO Personal Gym provides 25 lbs of resistance, coming with one 5 lbs disc and two 10 lbs discs.

As the theory goes, connect all three of them to the middle of the frame to experience maximum resistance.

At first sight, the OYO machine looks sturdy, and the feeling remains the same or even goes a notch high on using it.

Most individuals using the equipment feel it is well-built and suitable to sustain maximum resistance and vigorous usage.

Even the steel cables running through the frame are well-equipped to handle any level of resistance applied to it.

The device is compact and lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds, even with all SpiraFlex discs attached to it.

By compact, I mean that it is a piece of travel-friendly equipment as you could fold it in half and fit it inside any bag/suitcase as per your choice.

Hence, portability prevails as a powerful advantage of this equipment, making it a hot selling cake in the fitness market.

The Resistance System for the OYO

All of it started when Paul wanted to design equipment for helping astronauts stay fit in space, a place where you can’t expect gravity to pull you down nor where lifting weights work.

These people can forget about performing exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and squats as you exist weightless in space.

As a challenge against such hurdles, Francis designed a form of resistance based on gravity, giving birth to SpiraFlex.

Coming in the shape of lightweight discs, every disc has several stretchy bands that are just like resistance bands, only more durable than them.

As these discs rotate, the bands stretch and provide resistance.

The difference here is that, unlike resistance bands that normally vary in resistance levels depending on how far they are stretched, SpiraFlex boasts of providing an almost constant resistance that could be compared to lifting free weights.

The technology seems to do wonders for astronauts who have been staying fit and maintaining muscle and bone mass for more than a decade working in a zero-gravity environment in space.

The discs seem to be even more beneficial when used on Earth as they are lightweight, small, and don’t consume much space.

For instance, 25 lbs of resistance weigh only as much as 2 lb, making it the best choice for portable equipment.

If you are not a big fan of resistance bands, the OYO could be the best fit for you as it mimics free weights.

OYO Personal Gym Exercises

Claims and theories always differ from what’s practically possible.

But OYO seems to make true claims that don’t have only reviews or write-ups but proofs in video clips.

When OYO claims its equipment to provide a full-body workout, the official website stands up to its claim by showing you how to perform 197 different moves with slightly different variations included in many of them.

You indeed get to do 197 different exercises, but it’s also true that there is ample redundancy in this statement.

For instance, the company claims to perform ‘right chest press’ and ‘left chest press’ as two different exercises, and this count-up continues for other exercises.

Despite this, you will surely be pleased with the variety of exercises offered by this machine.

Every exercise uses different actions on the gym—some of them use the cables while others compress the frame, but every exercise uses the SprialFlex discs.

To bring more variety to your exercising ability, the company helps you make use of door anchors and foot attachments.

By doing this, you could connect one end of the machine to the door to perform exercises such as tricep extensions and other lower body exercises too.

Versatility is OYO’s biggest advantage next to portability, but we have frequent complaints from users who feel that the 25 lbs of resistance are very light for performing various movements.

I do agree on this point when someone is used to lifting huge quantities of weights daily.

At the same time, many of them may have over expectations from a device designed to perform as a replacement for heavyweights.

Another point here is that the machine was designed with portability in mind.

For this, the equipment has to be small and compact.

Stacking several discs could fail the company’s primary motive of minimal space consumption.

The device was designed to accommodate muscle toning in place of building muscles.

The company does claim that the portable home gym does well with HIIT workouts and other stability-based workouts such as Pilates and Yoga, where you shift between exercises to get maximum cardio benefits or stay good, making light resistance moves.

The device is also designed for use while taking a walk outside or exercising on a treadmill.

So, it is visible that the company’s main focus is on providing a full-body workout in minimal space and size and not on fulfilling the need for powerlifters.

What is Included in This Personal Home Gym?

Home gyms thrive on performance and durability, but what makes them a buyable product is the list of accessories provided with the product.

You get a list of things when you purchase the OYO Personal Home Gym, including a Personal Gym LE (by default), one 5lb SpiraFlex disc, two 10lb SpiraFlex discs, one door anchor, two-foot attachments, a nutritional guide, and an exercise wall chart.

You even get the option to download the OYO coaching app that’s free or watch free workout videos online in the comfort of your home and train yourself.

If you are ready for some exercise routine challenges, get ready to face a 10-week challenge accessible to OYO users that helps them perform guided workouts, and become stronger.

The pricing is optimal and could be appreciated, too, for the list of accessories provided with the main product.

You could even upgrade to OYO Gym Pro for an additional reasonable price.

By upgrading, you get to access integrated sensors that help you connect with the app, thereby guiding you to track calories, count reps, and other metrics that enhance your performance and productivity.

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OYO Personal Gym Alternatives

If you find the OYO Personal Gym unsuitable for you for various reasons, don’t worry.

Every exercise move or equipment has an alternative that works just fine.

The best alternatives to the OYO personal Gym include the following:

1) Tension Toner

If you are looking forward to equipment that would elevate resistance band workouts’ effectiveness, the tension toner must be your immediate choice.

The toner is a foldable workout bar coming with a built-in resistance that simultaneously works for multiple muscle groups. Keep the bars separated under tension to activate different muscle groups simultaneously.

It is good equipment as you get to exercise your under-trained muscles and develop large muscle groups and stabilizer muscle groups.

You get an option to work out at varying resistance levels and even do 10- or 30-minute exercises to gain maximum benefits in the minimal time possible.

Again, the machine is portable, compact, and lightweight too.

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2) Gorilla Bow

Having the basic ancient design of a bow and following the ancient weapon’s principles, too, the Gorilla Bow is a resistance training tool that’s portable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Though portable strength training exercises work based on the resistance that can bring about monotony, that’s not the case with the Gorilla bow.

Hook it up to your door frame and engage in performing a variety of exercises that’s beyond your imagination.

You can do full-body workout training and HIIT workouts, including squats, lunges, curls, calf raise, crunches, obliques, and upright rows using the Gorilla bow, helping you work out different muscle groups simultaneously.

Varying resistance levels are the foremost advantage of this equipment, helping users stay fit wherever they are.

The only downside is that the bow cannot be folded to make it compact and easy to store, but being lightweight, you could carry the equipment as it is.

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In Closing

The OYO Personal Gym is one of the most versatile and affordable pieces of equipment available in the market and the only one until now to work based on the NASA-approved SpiraFlex technology.

It could be the only one in the future to given its competitive edge against other equipment in the market.

For the price paid, you get a range of accessories and attachments that help you gain the versatility of working out on different machines at the gym using this one equipment at your home.

The device is highly travel-friendly, being lightweight, compact, and easy to carry on the go.

You get to experience full-body workouts and perform various exercises by yourself or with the help of video clips available online.

The nutritional guide helps you become healthier and fitter, which is a great value-addition to the product, given its pricing.

If you ask me whether the OYO gym could replace your weights, it is a definite no.

It exists as a great addition to your home gym machines adding more value when you frequently travel or stay away from gyms/fitness centers for a long period.

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