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10 Proven Weighted Pull-Ups Benefits That You Want to Know

Weighted pull-up? Well, yes, it one of those pull-ups in the workout program. It is considered as one of the best.

In the process of your workout plan, when you reach the phase of comfort, that is you no longer feel the strain, stress, force or tension, you might want to consider going for some advanced exercises.

After all, a good workout is all about the tension, force, strain, and stress felt.

So when you hit a comfortable place with your regular pull-ups, you should consider opting for an advanced workout such as the weighted pull-up.

Athlete muscular fitness male model pulling up

You will learn more about the weighted pull-ups benefits, but first, let’s get a better idea of what weighted pull-up is all about.

What Is a Weighted Pull Up?

It is an exercise that involves exerting pressure on the upper part of the body through strength.

This is possible as the body is in a position where the hands suspend it, and upward movements insert strength.

The weighted pull-up is a kind of workout in which weight is added to generate more pressure and rigidity on the muscles.

In this exercise, you get to use some additional weight plates, such as the weight vest or weight belt.


You need to keep in mind the record of your limit from previous pull-ups to know how to approach the next level of your pull-ups.

It is safe to start a weighted pull-up with the least number considering your previous pull-up records, and there can be a progression of increase in the weight if need be.

How to Perform a Weighted Pull-up?

When opting for a weighted pull-up, it is not advised to begin with a huge amount of weight as it might cause any kind of damage to the body.

It is also quite important that this exercise should be carried out as it should be since this has a lot to do with muscle formation.

In order to avoid shaping the muscle the wrong way, weighted pull-ups should be carried out properly with the right weight and posture.

You can perform weighted pull-up properly by:

First, applying the right amount of weight to your body.

Maintain a proper body posture for this exercise because your body will be carrying some weight.

Like having to bend your knees to the back or front to make a good 90 degrees angle at the knee joint.

You can get hold of a dumbbell in between your legs in the absence of a weight belt then proceed to pull up on the bar in that position.

This is one of the easiest ways to get some weight added to you.

In the absence of professional weight equipment such as the weight vest, dumbbell, or weight belt, you can get a backpack and fill it up with some heavy things around your house.

Simply put on this filled backpack as you carry out your pull-up.

Weighted pull up

Another option is a chain that can be added and placed around your neck.

It is advised to start with a considerable amount of weight, and then there can be increment as time goes on.

Now when the chain is placed around the neck, kindly do a regular pull-up exercise on the pull-up bar.

We will now move ahead to the ten weighted pull-ups benefits.

10 Proven Weighted Pull-ups Benefits

There are various benefits of weighted pull-ups, just as all forms of exercise has its benefits.

We now will look at these 10 proven benefits that are derived from a weighted pull-up.

1. Increased strength of the upper body

Are you hoping to build your upper body and acquiring strength while doing it?

Then weighted pull-up is what you should introduce to your workout plan the next time you go for your workout.

This is beneficial for anyone who wants to increase their muscle size, increase general body shape, size and strength, or a person who wants to increase their output as a powerlifter or weight lifter.

2. General muscle strength

One of the weighted pull-ups benefits is that it gives general muscle strength.

This means that every single time you carry out a weighted pull- up, you are obtaining more muscle having to do with size and strength.

It is a fact that weighted pull-ups cause your upper body to work tougher in contrast to the regular pull-ups that only require your inborn weight.

3. Strong grip

Adding more weight to your body and holding tightly to the pull-up bars is one good way of causing your grip to be stronger.

This grip strength is often overlooked as a benefit derived from weighted pull-up.

Still, considering the value of its general pulling strength that gives strength to muscular places such as the forearms and the biceps, it, therefore, causes a stronger grip.

4. Aids a good posture order

One of the benefits is that it promotes a good body posture as a result of stretching during the exercise.

This will happen because the legs are in a straight form and properly placed in alignment with the upper body.

So this will help create a proper spinal order.

5. Preparing the body for advanced Techniques

Because of the resistance and solid strength built as a result of added weight, in one way or another, the body is prepared to withstand more advanced pull-up or other workout techniques.

The weighted pull-up promotes your resistance and level of performance.

6. Mobility

Upright exercises such as this one promote a better span of motion.

Not only do weighted pull-ups benefits your muscular strength, but it also improves the mobility of your shoulder.

Increased mobility can be an additional benefit for a sport’s person who requires shoulder for their sport.

7. Removing Leg Drive

Leg drive is also known as hip flexion, is common in pull-ups, and a lot of people tend to resort to leg drives when exercising because contracting the hip flexors, helps to reach the top of the pull-up bar.

Weighted pull-up eliminates or prevents this condition because the legs are in proper alignment with the upper body.

8. Improved Lats

Because the body posture is improved due to the weighted pull-ups, the lats become improved as well.

Proper and consistent alignment of the body every single time you carry out weighted pull-ups, the more your lats fall in place and form properly.

9. Get full-body tension

Usually, when working out, there is no tension on all the parts of the body at once or with a regular pull-up, tension is only applied to the upper part of the body.

But in the case of a weighted pull-up with weight applied to the body, the whole body experiences tension.

When weight is applied, tension is released to all parts of the body to pull up the load.

10. Involves the Abs

Not only is tension released to the whole body.

The weighted pull-ups benefit the core also. The Abs is fully engaged in pull-ups as it gains increased tension from the added weight.

Also, when reaching the top of the pull-up bar, the body gets a sunken posture in other to get the chin over the bar.

And with the added weight pulling the lower body down, the abs end up gaining more tension.

Weighted Pull-up Tips

Look below for important tips on how to carry out weighted pull-ups with proper care and safety.

First, begin with your body weight. Don’t go straight to adding some weight as it may lead to any form of injury.

Do some number of pull-ups for a while before going for added weight.

Master your grip properly as this will help stability and aid your pulling power when weight is added.

Always remember to take a break. Avoid wearing out the body because you are applying so much tension on it.

Take about a 1 minute or 1.30-minute break in between sets of your pull-ups.

Final Words

One of the common issues in a workout is inconsistency. You have to determine to reach the goal point in this workout journey and be consistent.

Motivate yourself to begin with simple rounds of pull-ups and then proceed to add weight to it.

Make sure you always find out how to improve and be better than or maintain a good workout level.

It is also very important to have a proper diet and nutrition while having a workout.

The body needs the right amount of good and proper food to work hand-in-hand with the outward tension applied to the body.

It is a fact that the body needs proper nutrition for it to grow well.

Another amazing thing is you don’t necessarily have to get registered at a gym before you can carry out weighted pull-ups.

With a pull-up bar post set up in your house, you can begin with a few rounds of pull-ups then add weight to it using, for example, a backpack filled up to give a considerable weight.