Are Functional Trainers Good?

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What is a functional trainer machine? A functional trainer is often referred to as a cable cross over the gym or a cable pulley machine, which helps you achieve whatever fitness goals you desire.

Functional trainers are designed to train and develop your muscles to perform daily activities seamlessly.

Are functional trainers good? It depends. But there are no other gym machines that can match the versatility of a functional trainer machine. The functional trainer machine makes an infinite variety of exercises possible. With this machine, you will gain more strength, stability, and mobility than traditional free weight training.

You can define the functional trainer machine as single complete gym equipment that provides all basic functional movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying, and numerous running and walking activities too.

At any rate, a functional trainer machine is a unique gym tool that, instead of confining itself to a single body part, focuses on the complete body movement.

Unlike any other gym equipment, it gives an unmatched performance and combines all the exercise kits in one.

What Does Functional Training Mean?

Functional training means a category of exercise which helps you train for the activities you perform in your daily life. The purpose of functional training concerns performing everyday activities in a better and easier way. Whether you walk, push a revolving door or play a sport, functional training helps you perform these and many more activities of your daily life with the utmost ease.

Why Are They Called Functional Trainers?

It is called a functional trainer primarily because it is used for multiple joints and numerous muscle exercises in single gym equipment. Functional training refers to the exercises concerning elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles.

Functional training is associated with exercises of your muscles impressively to do your everyday activities safely and efficiently.

It is designed to train and develop your muscles to perform day-to-day work schedules.

With functional training, various muscles in the upper and lower body are used at the same time.

It emphasizes the core stability of the human body.

A functional trainer machine creates a base for performing all types of functional fitness exercises.

It is a whole in a single unit and combines all the gym equipment in itself.

In a functional trainer, you can do a variety of functional movement exercises at a high intensity.

These exercises include aerobic exercises, weightlifting, bodyweight movements, and many more.

At any rate, functional training trains your muscles so that you will be able to work the way you do in everyday life with preparing your body to perform rightly in a variety of situations you come across.

Any type of physical activity you try to involve yourself in requires you to use functional training for your muscles to achieve a better work performance.

Instead of using a wide variety of gym equipment to carry out numerous muscle training, a functional trainer is a single item that comes as a solution. Therefore, you can move effortlessly and efficiently in your day-to-day life.

A functional trainer is a combined piece of gym equipment that allows you to perform several movements and exercises without switching to another machine.

At last, it is a wise decision to go for the functional trainer as this impressive gym equipment consists of 2 adjustable weight stacks with sliding pulleys, which can be secured safely to varying heights.

What Is the Difference Between Functional and Traditional Strength Training? 

Functional training differs from traditional strength training in the following way:

  1. Traditional strength training focuses on body fitness. Whereas functional training tends to improve the overall function of the body thereby, it targets the movements you do every day.
  2. Traditional strength training focuses on an appealing body, whereas functional training emphasizes an increase in the quality of life by giving training necessary for the daily practical works.
  3. By doing regular functional training, exercise on the brain is also performed, and thereby, one can effectively boost memory. But, traditional strength training lacks these to certain extents.
  4. Functional training enhances strength and balance, and thus, it improves the overall posture. Traditional training focuses on strength and fitness.
  5. Unlike traditional training, this method of training uses multiple muscles instead of targeting a specific muscle.

Are Functional Trainers Worth It?

They are definitely worth it. The main motto of the functional trainer is to help improve all physical abilities needed for daily functions without causing stress to joints and muscles.

The core benefits we derive from a functional trainer are the development of muscle memory and brain memory.

It provides a low impact on the body, joints, and muscles during workouts.

Therefore, functional trainers worth their price.

Unlike conventional or traditional gym equipment, a functional trainer tends to reduce the risks of injury and stress to the body when the exercise is performed.

But it is quite expensive.

However, if compared to traditional gym equipment, it performs far ahead. It mainly focuses on exercises used for practical purposes and the development of muscles, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness of the body.

What Are the Benefits of the Functional Trainers?

A functional trainer is endowed with numerous benefits. Not only does it reduce the risk of injuries, but it is also beneficial for older people as it helps them improve their balance, agility, and muscle strength.

  1. Multiple joints and muscle exercises can be performed through the functional trainer. Exercises inclined to elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, ankles, and numerous other body parts can be performed with this single gym equipment.
  2. Using the functional trainer, one can achieve a quality of life and body fitness that is sufficient to perform day-to-day activities at ease.
  3. Functional trainer reduces the risk of injury while performing common activities in daily life.
  4. It is most beneficial for older people as it helps them improve their balance, agility, and muscle strength comprehensively.
  5. The functional trainer provides a person with fitness on comprehensive physical movements. Both resistance and flexibility training needed to build functional fitness of the body can be achieved through this item.
  6. This single gym equipment can perform specific functional exercises like multi-directional lunges, standby rows, and squats. Activities like vacuuming and yard work are achieved through multi-directional lunge exercises.
  7. Bodyweight exercises can be performed through a functional trainer.
  8. Other gym equipment like dumbbells, barbells, bench, power rack, etc., lack the functional trainer since it offers a multiple exercise option that one can do on this machine.

What to Look for When Choosing a Functional Trainer?

There are certain traits you must look for when choosing a good functional trainer. The best functional trainer machine can be attributed to one which can fit with your space, goals, and budget. There are various machines available online or in the open market, but it is advised to try it in person before buying the same.

A great variety of functional trainers is available, features of one differ from another and the price.

Some features can make one functional trainer more appealing than the next.

For example, a functional trainer with a larger weight stack or dual weight stack may be preferred.

Some functional trainers possess a cable crossover mechanism.

These are more expensive but cannot be beaten while performing full-body workouts.

Each functional trainer has its pros and cons. Before deciding to choose one, the following points should be taken into consideration.

1. Budget

The age-old version says, “The cheapest material is the best one if it is the only one that suits your budget.”

2. Quality

A person is going to buy this gym equipment to last lifelong. So, quality is considered a priority. Further, this equipment has high resale value, so one can get back a big part of the investment if one sells it.

3. Size

The size of the functional trainer is such that it can be accommodated in your exercise room by leaving some space to perform the exercises correctly.

4. Total Weight

Consider a functional trainer that can provide enough resistance not only now but also in the future. Before buying, take your growth as an important aspect.

5. Attachments

Before buying, consider a trainer accompanied with as many handles, bars, cuffs as possible. These items will provide you with more exercise options. Before comparing prices regarding functional trainers available in the market, it is advised to check which attachments are included in the item.

Two models may look similar but may have a difference in their prices. Models may be available with having comparatively more attachments.

The following is a list of common attachments included in a functional trainer.

  1. D Handles: Most exercises can be performed with these items, commonly attached to every functional trainer.
  2. Triceps Rope: A large variety of triceps extensions and bicep curls exercises can be done with these attachments.
  3. Long Bar: It is otherwise known as the straight bar and comes as an attachment.
  4. Short Bar: It is a shorter version of the long bar.
  5. EZ Curl Bar: It is used for performing bicep curls exercises.
  6. Sports Bar: For performing sport-related exercises, this item is required.
  7. Ankle Cuff: If you want to perform hip-strengthening exercises, this attachment is important.
  8. Multi-Purpose Belt: It acts as a pull-up assistant.
  9. Pull Up Bar: Almost all functional trainers come with pull-up bars.
  10. Benches: These are usually sold separately.

6. Warranty

Warranty is usually associated with price. Though functional trainer is durable, warranty for a longer period may be taken into consideration. A warranty usually comes separately for frames and parts.

In Closing

The functional trainers are a piece of great equipment to work out by avoiding unnecessary injuries.

Moreover, it helps you keep your body aware and improve the coordination and balance of your body in the most effective way.

Thus, it is high time you have used your body efficiently as a single unit.

Give functional training a chance to boost your performance in everyday life.

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