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Complete Inspire Ft1 Review – What You Should Know Before Buying

The Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer FT1 is the previous model of the Inspire FT2.

Although you have to give up some features, it is relatively cheaper than other models of Inspire functional trainer.

With a sturdy frame and sufficient resistance, the FT1 makes itself stand out among the machines at the same price, becoming one of the best functional trainers in the market.

And it is also a compact home gym (suitable for small spaces and apartment) with useful features such as dual weight stacks, flexible pulleys, upgradable attachments.

Is this trainer suitable for you? It depends.

So we will discuss everything you need to know in this review. Then you can make your own wise decision without wasting time and money.

The Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer


  • It fits in in the corner of the room
  • The frame is extremely durable and stable
  • Pulleys and cables are designed to last a long time and operate smoothly
  • Ergonomically designed and positioned drawbar
  • There are 30 positions in which the pulleys can be adjusted to
  • 165 lbs resistance and can be upgraded to 215 lbs
  • The machine is versatile, so it offers different possible exercises
  • Weight resistance can be adjusted quickly and safely
  • Low maintenance


  • It is a very heavy machine, so it would require a dedicated permanent training area.
  • Better if weight stacks were 200 lb
  • Bench not included
  • Might hard to assemble for some people

Product Dimensions and Specifications

  • 54 x 46 x 83 inches / 54  x 83  x 82 inches (with bench)
  • User weight capacity: 150 kg / 330 kg
  • Resistance: 165 lbs / 74.8 kg with 2:1 ratio
  • Available exercises: More than 40


It is good for those who want to increase endurance, lose weight, and build muscle mass. Compared with other functional trainers, the FT1 is one of the best in terms of usability, quality, and is also reasonably priced.

It also has 165-pound weight stacks on each side of the machine, with central holes and a magnetic weight pin for security.

That means you can adjust the resistance of the weight easily and quickly to an appropriate level without literally having to move the weight plates in and out of the weight stack.

This can not only save you a ton of time but also prevent any accidental dropping of the weight plate on the floor or even on foot.

Each stack of weights consists of 15 plates weighing 4.5 kg / 10 pounds with a stop plate that also weighs 10 pounds.

Also included are two 5-pound weighing plates in the accessories that can be used to compensate for the total weight in each stack of weights to 74.8 kg.

The Inspire Ft1 comes with accessories like Tricep rope, 2 × rubber D handles, straight bar, EZ winding bar, ankle strap, multifunctional belt, sports strap, exercise booklet, and complementary 2-pound weights.

Although this machine does not come with an FID bench, it is available for purchase separately if you want to expand the scope of the exercises you can perform.

However, you can still do a lot with the Ft1 without optional accessories.

The pulleys have about 30 adjustable positions that allow you to perform different types of exercises, such as triceps flexion, biceps flexion, abdominal crunch, baseball swing, gold swing, gold swing, side twist, alternate punch and more.

Check the price on Amazon.

The Frame and Construction

A unique thing about the Inspire Ft1 is its design and size.

It has a “V” design and forward space that allows you to perform all exercises right in front of the machine, without the need to get around it.

This means that once mounted in a small corner; you only need reasonable clearance in the front to be able to use it.

It has a small footprint of 46″ D by 54″ W, with a height of 83″.

Therefore, a dedicated training area of 3.9 feet in depth by 4.5 feet in wide and a ceiling height of at least 7 feet in height will be required so that push-ups can be performed without restriction.

The structure is made of 2″ × 4″ tough 11 gauge oval tubular steel, finished in two-tone powder-coated electrostatic paint, which offers a durable, maintenance-free finish.

In other words, the paint is anti-corrosion that preserves the original appearance all the time, with no need for additional maintenance than cleaning it with a damp cloth.

Also, the drawbar, pulley guide rod, and beams with 30 positions are finished in chrome. The anti-corrosion function has been strengthened further.

The Ft1 consists of a set of adjustable pulleys, cables, a ball bearing system, a drawbar and a 165-pound weight stack on each side for a balanced weight on each side of the body.

Its 2000 pound tensile strength cables covered in PVC sheets run smoothly through nylon pulleys reinforced with durable fiber.

The precision steel ball-bearing system also provides smooth operation and requires no maintenance.

Interestingly, the pulleys can be adjusted to any level, so that a variety of exercises can be performed with a resistance rate of 0.5, providing a smooth feeling and greater range of motion for greater versatility.

Another thing that makes users satisfied is that the Inspire Ft1 can be used by multiple users of different heights and body sizes.

The Resistance

As mentioned above, the Ft1 has 165-pound batteries, one on each side of the machine.

Each weight stack has about 15 weight plates, 10 pounds each, and a stopper that weighs 10 pounds too. So the total is 160 lbs plus the 5 lbs add-ons included in the accessories.

The weight plates are made of sturdy and durable steel, which can last forever. So you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on that.

Adjusting the weight can be done quickly and safely very easily. Each weight plate in the weight stacks has the total weight indicated with a hole in the side for the safety pin to be inserted into it.

So, just remove the safety pin and insert it into the hole at the level of resistance to the weight that you consider suitable for training, and that’s it.

This means that you do not have to practically remove or add weight plates whenever you want to adjust the resistance level of the weight.

The weight generated for each weight stack is 80 lb / 36 kg because the machine offers a 2: 1 weight ratio.

If you are a heavy lifter, you may need to consider the optional 50-pound upgrade. This will update the weight in each stack to 215 pounds.


The next aspect is the assembly. The Inspire Ft1 obviously requires a significant amount of assembly and can even be tricky for newbies to orient themselves with the countless parts that come in the boxes.

But the package comes with a detailed instruction manual, designed to provide step-by-step assembly instructions.

It might require two people to assemble it, and it may take several hours and, in some cases, the whole day to assemble it completely.

There is an option to convince someone from the dealer to assemble it for you, in case you don’t want to do it yourself, but this, of course, comes at an extra cost. Check the price on Amazon.


Maintaining the Ft1 is not complicated or serious.

Once assembled, you are expected to lubricate certain areas of the machine periodically for smooth operation.

Comprehensive instructions on this are also included in the manual.

Optional Accessories

These are the accessories that can help make your workouts much more versatile, but they are not included in the package. You will have to purchase them separately if you find it necessary.

#1. Bench

The bench is used for various exercises, such as the bench press, seated curl, pullover, seated row, seated bench press, and more. You should also be able to use the preacher winder if you have a bench.

#2. Preacher Curl Attachment

The preacher’s curl attachment is not included but is also optionally available. It is important to include this, especially if you want to hit the arm muscle group hard.

Obviously, you can use the Ft1 pulleys to work on your arms or even use dumbbells or independent dumbbells, but they are not the same as using them with the preacher reel.

The preacher’s curvature helps you reach the bicep muscle group like a pro with such intensity that it is highly concentrated on the target.

#3. 50-pound weight upgrade

A 50-pound weight upgrade may be required if you are a heavy lifter who wants to experience excellent weight resistance.

Included Accessories

The rotation accessory holder includes the following:

  • The multifunctional belt for assisted pull-ups
  • Easy Curl Bar
  • Straight bar
  • Ankle Cuff
  • Swing handle for baseball and golf swing exercises
  • Tricep Rope
  • Supplements for the weight of 2 × 5 pounds
  • 2 × D rubber handles
  • Exercise notebook


  • Residential: Limited Lifetime on frame and all parts.
  • Light Commercial: Limited 10 years on the frame and all parts.

How to Choose a Functional Trainer?

As a synonym for cable machines, functional trainers are weight stack home gyms bearing one or more pulleys.

These pulleys are adjustable, providing an excellent range of motion, thereby making them a versatile choice for rehab or strengthening.

Baseball players and golfers love it as it helps them strengthen the swing movement of the bat or golf club while pitchers could perfect their pitching skills.

The name sounds cool to use, and we do have trainers in all shapes and sizes.

Hence, reading through the key specifications below could be of great help in singling out the best equipment for your home gym.

1. Weight Stacks

Resistance levels in every equipment is an integral feature that pushes a buyer to go for it.

Higher resistance levels promise greater workout benefits. Home functional trainers mostly rely on weight stacks while some use weight plates for resistance.

If the price is an issue, it is better to choose plates as these are economical but are sold as additional accessories.

If your choice should be weight stacks, it is recommended to go for functional trainers that have dual stacks instead of one.

This is because these offer various exercising options, including cable crossover, bench press, and shoulder press.

Some functional trainers have weight stacks offering as low as 150 pounds of resistance while most provide at least 210 pounds.

Pulleys simplify your exercising intensity and even cut down resistance levels by 50%.

Hence, choose a trainer that has higher resistance levels to sweat hard and train harder.

Still not impressed by these weight ranges?

No worries. There are additional stacks available, each coming with a 50 pounds weight capacity, which could be purchased at an extra price.

2. Attachments

The price range decides the attachments that come with a functional trainer. Pricey equipment comes with umpteen attachments, while economical/cheaper ones could provide only a single set of handles.

My choice would be to choose a machine that offers basic attachment needs, including a pull-up bar, triceps rope, short bar, long bar, sports bar, ankle strap, and curl bar. It is wise to compare trainers that come with these attachments.

If they are similar to each other, finalize a product that renders your choice of handles.

Benches come as an extra attachment sold at an additional cost.

You can even invest money in purchasing preacher curl attachments or leg developers if your trainer is compatible with it.

3. Warranty

The warranty period is critical for choosing a trainer as all of the love to use a functional trainer for as long as possible.

Most functional trainers have different warranty periods for the frame and moving parts.

Get to know the period for each before making a choice.

A warranty of 10 years and above is good for the frame though lifetime is preferable.

Moving parts are subject to easy wear and tear.

Hence, most trainers offer around two years or so. But some propose a lifetime warranty on moving parts too.

These are expensive but go for them if you could pump in money as they are economical in the long run.

Besides these, ensure that the pulleys are smooth, and the entire machine would fit your home space for enriching workout time.

It is wise to make maximum use of your space in an effective way.

For this, functional trainers should be your go-to choice as choosing the best trainer puts a full stop to anymore hunts for a home gym.

Multiple machines in the market promise innumerable features, but picking the right product needs in-depth knowledge.

All functional trainers serve the same purpose, but it is common sense to realize that not all function as promised.

So, we should pay attention to these important criteria for picking a functional trainer.


We can say that Inspire Ft1 is an ideal trainer for people interested in losing weight, increasing endurance, and building muscle mass.

Most standing exercises provided by this machine can deeply stimulate the muscle of your core, shoulders, chest, back, and arms, while squats can be performed for the development of the lower body.

It might not be suitable for everyone, but you would be impressed by its features.

I hope this review will help you in making the right decision when buying it.

And if you like it, please don’t forget to share with your friends 🙂

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