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XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine Review – Read Before Buying

Xmark functional trainer is the fitness equipment that you will mostly see in your local gym. Unlike other multifunctional home gyms that combine with a smith machine or a power rack, this machine, Xmark-7626, is a true functional trainer, allowing you to perform an extensive range of workouts from any angle.

What are the functional trainers? Functional trainers are the fitness machines that ideal for preforming muscle-stabilizing workouts from any angle, like row exercises, pulldowns, and cable crossovers.

These machines are cheaper than other multifunctional home gym and will usually make a good fit for your home. But also, they offer greater flexibility and a more extended range of motion when compared to free weights.

So, if you are looking for an economical but versatile home gym model to redefine your fitness level, then you get into the right place.

In this review, I will present to you all the necessary information regarding one such gym-grade functional trainer, XMark-7626 – a functional trainer that is robust in construction, versatile in operation, suitable for people of all ages.

If your height is the thing bothering you, then I can tell you that Xmark-7626 is appropriate for persons measuring up to 6′5″.

It is also an affordable cable machine that supplied with a variety of accessories, offering smooth and noiseless workouts.

Did the facts mentioned trigger your instinct to discover more? If yes, just scroll down!


  • High stability and robustness
  • Ship promptly in the United States
  • Two stacks weighing 200 lbs each
  • Dual completely adjustable pulleys, you can switch different workouts with little effort.
  • Long warranty period
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Noiseless functionality
  • Good grip for handles
  • Additional split pull up bar
  • Long extendable high-quality cables


  • Comparatively large and heavy machine
  • Assembling is non-trivial and time taking
  • Non-upgradable weight stacks
  • Seem quite narrows for some people

Xmark Functional Trainer’s Frame & Construction

XMark functional trainer has a sturdy and well-designed frame, which is made of 11-gauge, 2″ x 3″ steel component and is both corrosion and scratch-resistant. And the material of its frame is the same as Inspire Ft2 functional trainer.

The completely assembled machine weighs around 800 lbs, which includes two weight stacks weighing 400 lbs in total.

This heaviness gives the machine considerable stability, preventing it from wobbling during workouts.

Furthermore, the handles are rubber-padded for better grip, and the frame feet are engineered to be skid resistant.

Specifically speaking, the base-length of the machine is 65″, height is 84″, depth is 43.5″, and the separation between the adjustable pulleys is around 60″.

The cables included in the package are high-quality aircraft steel ropes, featuring a PVC sheet material to facilitate smooth sliding.

The maximum stretchable length of each cable from the pulleys is around 81″. Thus it is ideal for performing workouts like crunches or overhead tricep extensions.

The two-weight stacks of the machine are connected to its frame from the back, and the space between them is intellectually converted to be suitable for storage.

This crossover cable machine also comes with a split pull up bar placed at the anterior end of the frame to further increase the varieties of the exercises that can be efficiently accomplished.

All these features make XMark-7626 a great functional trainer that demands considerable space, especially if you want to execute pull-up exercises up to maximum permissible level.

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Pulleys of Xmark-7626

This machine is equipped with 16 heavy-duty, nylon-made pulleys assembled with the help of industrial quality sealed ball bearings.

This results in their long-lasting smooth operation requiring just adequate lubrication as maintenance. Amongst these 16 pulleys, two are completely adjustable and can be set to 19 different positions along the length of the trainer.

The lowest possible setting is 1″off the ground, and the highest is 6.6″ above the floor, with each position differing in height by 3.5″.

Besides, there is a handle provided to each pulley to ease the process of adjustment.

The advantage resulting due to the fully adjustable pulley mechanism is the increased user comfort complemented by high flexibility.

Furthermore, an ability to move the pulleys to various positioning levels increases the number of exercises that can be efficiently executed.

The XMark functional trainer relies on a pull pin mechanism to adjust the position of the pulleys.

In this easy, effortless, quick principle, you can fix the pulleys to the desired position just by pulling out the pin and by moving it up or down.

Xmark Dual Weight Stacks

XMark functional trainer has dual weight stacks weighing 200 lbs each.

This home gym gives you a considerably high amount of control over the resistance as you can alter it in steps of 10 lbs on each side by adding or removing the highly durable cast iron plates.

These plates are 1″ thick and are coated with rubber to increase safety as well as aesthetic value.

However, it is to be noted that this device does not support weight increments in any number other than standard 10 lbs, as it is devoid of weight adapters and has no provision to be upgraded.

Despite featuring these considerably heavy stacks, XMark functional trainer remains considerably stable.

The reason is the presence of two metallic side guards that support the weight stacks at the lower part and a pair of guide bars facilitating their sliding movement.

At this time, it is worthwhile to mention that the higher the weight, the greater will be the advantage.

The reason is, in this kind of machine, the weight will be lifted through a cable extending over the pulleys, imparting a light feeling.

This means the functional resistance would be lesser than the actual weight of the stack.

In general, the functional ratio associated with the cable machines will be 2:1, meaning that the actual resistance offered by a 200 lbs stack would be just 100 lbs.


XMark functional trainer is featured with a large number of attachments. These additional components increase the range of exercises that can be performed successfully.

To be precise, this cable machine includes the following attachments in its package:

  • Hand straps: two classic handles of 8″ each along with a pair of longhand straps measuring 17″ in length
  • Ankle strap: a leg attachment, aiding in hip strengthening workouts
  • Triceps rope: 23″ add-on that can be used for performing exercises like kneeling crunches
  • Short bar: a sports handle facilitating sport-specific, diagonally oriented movements
  • Long bar: 42″ knurled bar aiding in the execution of barbell-like exercises
  • Leg extension strap: an attachment that helps in performing leg exercises such as donkey kicks

Furthermore, you will also get a 24″x 36″ wall poster that covers 36 standard exercises that can be performed using this cable machine.


XMark-7626 is pretty large and involves quite a lot of individual parts, including numerous bolts and washers. This makes its assembly a time-consuming task where most of the users get stuck at.

The problem is further aggravated due to the unclear set of instructions provided in the Xmark functional trainer manual.

Probably, the most difficult part of the assembly would be routing of the cables, similar to that in the case of any other functional trainer. But don’t worry. Here are certain factors that can really make you feel better:

  1. Firstly, although the instructions of the manual seem to be clumsy, some diagrams can greatly ease your work.
  2. Secondly, all the tools necessary are supplied with the parcel so that you need not spend time searching them in your attic.
  3. Thirdly, the XMark support team is highly communicative and will extend service at every single step. Besides, they are even helpful and ready to send replacements for the parts that won’t fit properly.


No matter what device you look for, the warranty must be paid due attention. In general, there will be a separate period of warranties offered for the frame and the moving parts of the XMark functional trainer.

To be exact, the frame of this device is warrantied for an entire lifetime while its moving parts and other hardware are provided a 1-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

XMark-7626 is a piece of high-end functional trainer that packed with dozens of attractive features.

This crossover cable machine has a well-crafted, robust steel frame, industry-standard pulleys, cables, and other accessories.

Its utterly adjustable pulley system working based on the pull pin principle helps it greatly adaptive for the people with varying heights.

Although adding or removing the weights in steps of 10 lbs makes its resistance span over a considerably long-range, the variation in the resistance level makes it suitable to be used for a large number of workouts.

In addition to these, XMark-7626 comes with a considerable number of accessories set, which includes hand straps, tricep rope, leg and ankle straps, and many more.

Long extendable cables make it ideal for exercises like power lunges and weighted sprints. Their support extended for an unlimited range of motion ensures optimum performance even for the exercises that mimic sports-like action.

Additionally, all its high standard materials are warrantied for a considerably long period. Last but not least, this cable machine is user-friendly, wobble-free, and safe to use.

Thus, conclusively, it can be stated that the XMark cable machine is a specialized functional trainer that is perfect to be deployed at the place of workout – never mind whether it is your home gym or the garage gym!

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