How to Hang the US Flag In a Home Gym Properly?

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Hanging a US flag is a common occurrence in home gyms. While we respect the patriotism of our citizens, it is also essential to realize that the flag is mostly hung incorrectly.

This is extremely wrong and could even be called disruption of our national unity. So, why don’t we spend some time and learn how to hang the US flag in a home gym in the right way?

The Importance of Hanging the Flag in Your Gym Properly and What’s the Meaning Behind It?

The white stars and the red stripes on an elegant fabric piece that’s seen on flag poles or worn by individuals during government ceremonies might seem stuffy and gallant.

But every design and color stands for something more significant. The American flag consists of a blue background with white stars called the ‘union’ and alternating white and red stripes—50 stars represent the 50 states of America. The 13 stripes indicate the 13 original colonies that became the first states in the Union.

The flag signifies all the bloodshed and sacrifice done by individuals to uphold the freedom of the country. It is a depiction of what the United States of America is to the rest of the world.

It is sad to realize that most individuals don’t hang the flag properly, which is disturbing. It’s mainly because the entire meaning of the flag and its purpose are disrupted when the guideline isn’t followed.

The main mistake many individuals commit is displaying the Union in the upper right—this is how the flag is hung over the casket of a fallen service member—such that the Union falls over the heart of the deceased individual.

Realizing the meaning of improperly hanging a flag makes it even more meaningful for each of us wishing to hang the US flag in our home gym to do it in the right manner.

Right way to hang flag VS the wrong way

Hanging a flag in your home gym shows your devotion and love for the country you live in. It is the ideal way to show respect to those who fought for the freedom of your beloved land. Hence, it is mandatory to do it right.

How to Hang a Flag in a Home Gym Properly?

It’s good to display your patriotism and love for your country by hanging the US flag in the home gym. But all that’s requested of you is to do it correctly in the right way.

The flag should be displayed flat wherever it is hung—indoor or outdoor. Also, irrespective of the direction (horizontal or vertical), the Union should be displayed in the uppermost corner such that it’s to the flag owner’s right meaning.

It should always be to the left of the observer. So, when someone enters your home gym through the door, the Union should be on the top left corner of the flag. If you plan to hang it on a window that’s open to public view, ensure that the Union is to the left of the observer who passes by your home.

proper way to hang us flag

It is also necessary that when you hang the US flag from the wall or ceiling, it is neither wrinkled nor folded. If you have a passion for flags and wish to hang multiple of them from other countries, you can place them in the way you like to.

But always remember to place our national flag properly—this is a display of our loyalty to our country.

How to Hang a Flag on Your Gym Without Thumbtacks or Nails?

There are different ways of hanging the flag, but whatever might be your choice to ensure that it does not fall (or even touch ) to the ground.

Nails or thumbtacks are a common choice, but the best alternative to this would be 3M strips, adhesive pads, or hooks if you would like to avoid both. The strips make it easy and simple to hang any decoration holding the picture (here, it is the flag) tight in place.

Even if you want to remove it, the strips never leave an impression on the wall. Foam tapes are also a good choice, but it is better to put a couple of them to ensure that they hold the flag well.

Picture-hanging hardware is much sophisticated and could be a better choice. They are stronger and more reliable but also make sure to confirm the weight limits. You might be needed to double up sometimes (when the flag is quite heavy).

Final Words

The idea of hanging a US flag on your home gym wall is excellent. It boosts your spirit to workout vigorously-looking at the flag takes your patriotism levels a notch higher, which could even make you lift heavier weights. Who knows! But make sure that you hang the flag in the right way before doing anything else.

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