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What is the Stealth Core Trainer? The Stealth Core Trainer is an abdominal exercise machine that changes boring plank workouts into fun-filled core workouts that promise effectiveness and positive results.

It makes use of the plank and takes its use a notch higher by creating instability and bringing about extremely challenging core workouts for the body.

The Stealth Core Trainer is the world’s first interactive core trainer that needs to be used only a couple of minutes daily to achieve your toned abs feat.

The equipment makes it interesting to users by bringing in new challenges in interactive games on their mobile phones.

Stealth Core Trainer - Get a Lean Strong Core Playing

Who Is the Inventor?

The Stealth Core Trainer is the proud invention of Howard Panes, a fitness expert who was literally bored of doing the plank exercises repeatedly and teaching the same to his clients.

It was then that he started thinking of different ways to reinvent the exercise with two main goals in mind.

Firstly, to make individuals commit higher levels of engagement with the exercise form and secondly, to invent something highly challenging to perform.

The machine was designed by Don Brown (creator of Ab Roller), an old friend of Howard Panes, who helped him conceptualize the unique ball-hinge-joint construction design.

Both together invested thousands of Kickstarter dollars in getting the exercise game rolling—an idea that added fame to a simple board exercise, making it famous worldwide for its unique fitness challenges.

Who is Stealth Core Trainer Suitable For?

Abs exercises are an essential part of the fitness routine for all individuals. Abdominal and core workouts are the grassroots of fitness training, but some individuals find core training more suitable for their needs than others. These individuals include:

1. Those who are looking to improve balance, speed, or agility

 We have study results showing that strengthening core muscles, including abs, chest, and back, enables a person to hold his/her form for a longer period.

While it could be anything, including running, swimming, cycling, or yoga, every form of activity needs body control for sustaining the efficiency of movement.

The Trainer specifically creates instability helping individuals be more aware of their body and form besides helping them strengthen their core muscles.

2. Fitness freaks interested in challenging workouts

If you are someone looking forward to gaining maximum benefits within your stipulated timeframe allocated for exercising, you should not look beyond the Stealth Core Trainer.

Even a one-minute workout on this machine is highly challenging compared to holding a plank for 60 seconds.

Be sure to target all your core muscles in well under three minutes using the trainer.

While the games are interesting, they have been created brilliantly to manipulate all your muscles, causing muscle confusion, which surely leads to beneficial fitness-related results.

You can forget about innovating new exercise routines as the games in the app readily serve you with challenging workout regimens within your available time.

Personal trainers who face problems encouraging their clients to do ab workouts: We all love to become fit and have the best trainer for this but hate it when our sincere trainer comes up with admirable core workouts for our good.

The Stealth Core Trainer comes as a welcome relief to all personal trainers as the machine compels clients to compete against themselves.

Rather than feeling indebted to perform all rigorous exercises framed as a part of your regular workout routine by the trainer, the machine instills a sense of self-awareness and responsibility in clients as they work fervently to outperform themselves every time.

With this, the main concern for the trainer would be none other than to ensure the safety of the client while using the machine and helping him/her maintain proper form through the exercise session.

3. Small group classes

Group classes have been highly successful these days in many gyms and fitness centers as individuals find it interesting and fun-filled rather than sweating out by themselves.

But, such strength training group classes that are publicized to be non-competitive do become more competitive in due course.

Plank competitions that happen right from when the exercise was introduced are a perfect example of this.

Like how numbers such as watts and distance are posed in a spin class, the Stealth Core Trainer professional helps discover the most competitive individuals who fight with the utmost willpower and energy in a fitness class.

How Does Stealth Core Trainer Work?

The working basics of a Stealth Core Trainer are simple. All that you need is a smartphone and aboard. The trainer makes use of your phone’s gyroscope (the technology that helps individuals enjoy switching between portrait and landscape view) and an accelerometer.

Place the phone on the board’s compartment, position your elbows on the board, and extend your feet fully behind to bring about the conventional plank form.

Once you are all set in this position, it’s time to open the app and start your workout.

The game prompts you with a crosshairs-type of ring that denotes your position concerning the game board.

You get to visualize a glowing orb based on which you achieve your goal—all you have to do is move your core so that it moves your ring over the orb to destroy it.

While you might feel satisfied with conquering the orb, another new one appears in yet another position helping you continue your workout.

Follow the guided trajectories to introduce action in various core muscles until you are 100% done with the challenge, bringing an end to your workout session.

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What We Like

Much new fitness equipment comes and goes while only some of them are here to last longer.

The Stealth Core Trainer could be one of the long-lasting machines given its list of benefits.

The best things about the trainer include:

  • Spectacular games that make the exercise routine fun-filled and interesting
  • The unstable and dynamic board helps engaging more core muscles compared to general plank-styled workouts.
  • Every game is designed to engage a set of different muscles in different patterns.
  • Every game can be played without any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Apps help multiple players compete against each other elevating people’s interest in exercising and increasing their competitive spirit.

What We Don’t Like

The Stealth Core Trainer could be one of the best abdominal machines in the market, but to be truthful, it does has its share of glitches, including:

  • Every person wishing to use the machine must possess a smartphone to enjoy the versatility of the trainer.
  • Only two games come as free additions along with the package.

Mobile Game App in Stealth Core Trainer

It is normal to worry about Bluetooth connectivity or a good Wi-Fi connection when I say that you need a good smartphone to enjoy all the trainer features.

But the apps and games don’t require both Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can work out anywhere and at any time that’s convenient for you.

This self-contained strategy helps users compete for one-on-one and in real-time without the need to have a television plugged in or purchase a gaming console to view their achievements and game plan.

The primary feature that makes the Stealth Core Trainer unique besides the gaming option is the unstable behavior of the board.

This feature makes it challenging to maneuver your avatar precisely and position it correctly in the app.

The app allows for interactive contests with other players to bring about more fun and engagement with the exercise game.

So, don’t hesitate to challenge your buddy or invite a fitness pal at the gym to give a tough fight against you.

This elevates the traditional plank competitions to real-time fitness challenges adding more interaction and enthusiasm than the ‘staring contests’ where the two of you keep staring at the ticking clock and each other for deciding upon the winner.

The Difference in Various Models

The Stealth Core Trainer is one machine that comes with different variations befitting every individual’s need.

There are three options provided—Stealth Plankster, Stealth Personal, and Stealth Professional.

The Stealth Plankster is an entry-level product. Though a basic model, it comprises every little thing that you would need to start planking.

The only disadvantage here is that it is quite smaller than the other two models mentioned above (personal and professional).

Apart from this, the Plankster’s padding is restricted to a given area rather than extending to the entire surface area of the board.

This could cause certain levels of discomfort for certain individuals.

The Stealth Personal is a mid-level product that acts according to its description—neither is it too basic nor too advanced.

The machine is designed well for regular use with optimally loaded features that make it comfortable and easy to use for a prolonged time.

The Stealth Professional is the higher-level model or the deluxe model.

This is a fully loaded package that satisfies all your whims and fancies.

It supports up to 400 pounds of body weight suitable for those passionate about fitness and is seriously involved in performing strenuous exercises.

This model also comes with a one-year limited warranty and comprises a high-quality bio-form used for padding the plank.

Stealth Core Trainer Alternatives

If you find it difficult to purchase the Stealth Core Trainer for different reasons, don’t be doomed, as it’s not the end of your abs workout.

You can always make use of the Plankpad, which is a good alternative to the trainer.

The Plankpad is a balance board with an interactive training app for both iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

Make use of the Plankpad interactive fitness trainer to achieve similar benefits.

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Final Words

Plank exercises are not a piece of cake, and every single second during which you are in the exercise position is hard and strenuous.

It’s hard to stare at the floor for a full 60 seconds while doing planks.

Even when you gain experience and start doing it comfortably, you need someone to time you. You have to stare at the timer on your mobile phone frequently or look at the clock every once in a while.

This might exhaust you, and you even start to wish for better alternative options.

The Stealth Core Trainer comes as a welcome relief to all such problems realigning how you think and do abs workout.

Rather than thinking about when your workout would end, all your attention is devoted to beating your buddies in the competitive core strengthening game and achieving a higher score.

The trainer is a next-level fitness challenge that combines an interactive and challenging gaming platform, which has made it popular and sought-after by both gym and home gym users.

The versatility of the machine, the different challenging levels, the involvement of various core muscle groups, and the fun quotient incorporated at every exercise level make the Stealth Core Trainer an excellent piece of equipment that’s here to last.


What size of the phone will fit in the opening?

As smartphones are essential to enjoy the benefits of the trainer, the machine is designed to fit phones of all sizes, including Galaxy 8, Galaxy S9 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone XS Max.

What are the differences between personal and professional except the weight limit and price?

While the Stealth Professional is made in the USA, the Stealth Personal is an imported product.

Also, the Professional is suitable for commercial use while the Personal model is suitable only for home use.

The padding-top of the Professional model is made from Bio-Form, which is absent in the personal model.

Above all, Personal comes with a 90-day limited warranty while the Professional model comes with a 1-year warranty.

What are the reasons someone should buy the personal over the Plankster?

The primary reason why someone should choose personal over the Plankster is its size.

Though the Plankster is small and compact, it has a limited surface area for your arms/elbows compared to the Personal model.

Also, the padding doesn’t cover the entire area in the Planskter.

Does games that come with Stealth Core Trainer products available for Plankster?

Yes. All the games are made available to users who buy any model of the trainer, including Plankster.

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