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Total Gym XLS Review – Comprehensive Buyer Guide

Branding always adds value to any product. A product released by a popular brand needs no digging into its durability, performance, or quality, as these are some of the features that are already in place due to the brand value.

All that remains for the buyer is to focus on his/her requirements and budget and proceed further if everything is satisfactory.

That’s the story of Total Gym as well, a home gym equipment brand that has a strong rooting in the fitness market for more than four decades now.

The Total Gym XLS is an all-in-one home gym equipment that offers exercising options for people right from 8-year-old kids to 80-year-old elderly adults boasting of different training and resistance levels.

With an excellent design, frame, and construction, it has the ability to provide a full-body workout with more than 80 exercising options.

The product has been marketed as one that’s not limited in terms of age, training levels, sex, or fitness criteria. Still, it encompasses all categories of people, which is the biggest advantage here.

Pros & Cons

Though new gym equipment is introduced in the market by rectifying previous errors and bringing about improved techniques that better serve the user, no one equipment is error-free.

Each comes with its own set of advantages and downsides.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Total Gym XLS which would help any serious buyer make an informed buy.


  • One of the popular and successful pieces of equipment from the Total Gym family exists as a fitness treat for every user belonging to any age group from 8-80 years.
  • Requires zero assemblies that’s a big relief for many
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Accommodates the facility to bring about 80 different exercise variations, which makes this home gym versatile.
  • Provides full-body workout excelling in strength training, cardio, and weight loss
  • Can bear weight up to 400 pounds
  • Has multiple accessories besides exercise-based ones, including a set of 5 workout DVDs, a nutrition guide, an exercise chart, and a training deck


  • Limited warranty on parts
  • Limited resistance levels that don’t go well with many users

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Who Is It For?

Fitness is for all, and each of us loves to stay healthy and flexible.

As kids, we run and play, but as we grow up, our flexibility and activity levels drastically decrease, with most people committed to walking or jogging.

Older people, too these days, love to keep themselves fit and are engaging in active walking and light exercise.

But most individuals are attacked by the monotony of exercising, and the Total Gym XLS comes as a breezy welcome change to all.

There are many different resistance levels and settings that enable every user to benefit from the equipment.

There is a challenging exercise format for everyone- beginner, an intermediate trainer, or an advanced trainer making them compete against themselves to improve workout performance.

Performing the workout might be a tiring experience, but our kids feel motivated and super-enthused to try the Total Gym XLS, looking at us, and believe me, it is feasible.

Are you an 8-year-old who wants to have fun using the home gym?

Go ahead without any worries regarding safety options. Are you a 70-year-old lady who wishes to try something other than walking?

Just start using the XLS, whose glide boards give you a smooth gliding motion that goes unaffected on the joint. Cool, isn’t it?

Weight Limit

Any equipment must have a solid frame for durability, and the Total Gym XLS is made of strong steel tubing that fits this requirement precisely.

Exercising on such a sturdy frame prevents any movement while performing the activity.

With a weight capacity of 400 pounds and such a solid frame, the Total Gym XLS makes an excellent home gym equipment durable and high performing.

The weight capacity is much higher than what’s been offered by other home gym equipment in the same category.

Total Gym XLS Workouts

We do floor exercises at our home that comprises of at most 20 different variations or body workouts.

At the gym, we train with the trainer and do at most 30 different workouts regularly. But how about doing over 80 different exercises that work out all of your different muscle groups?

It’s seriously amazing, but if you are doubtful whether it is practically possible, then it’s a definite yes!

If you are not convinced with my answer, go ahead and purchase the equipment to benefit from its different exercising options.

There are more than 20-30 major exercises, with the rest 50-60 being slightly different variations of the same benefiting muscle in the body.

It is an all-in-all solution for cardio, circuit training, stretching, and strength training accommodating every exercise needs of the user.

The common exercises that are very popular among Total Gym XLS users include squats, bicep curl, leg curls, outer hip and thigh workout, chest press, pullover, and crunch pull-ups, lying triceps extension, shoulder press, curl extension, and toe touch stretch.

The Total Gym XLS also comes with a range of accessories, including pull up bars, dip bars, weight bars, leg pull mechanisms, ab crunch, and pilates that promote weight loss and shape your body.

Every kind of accessory provides a workout for different parts of your body and brings about different variations that break the monotony and keeps the user engaged.

This home gym also offers the possibility to buy additional accessories, including the training deck, upgraded squat stand, wing attachment, and leg pulley attachment.

Some even buy the AbCrunch attachment, making it possible for an additional 10 different exercises to strengthen core muscles.

With so many possibilities, what’s the need to step out of your home for an exercising experience?

Assembly & Warranty

The Total Gym XLS is fully assembled, requiring zero effort and time from the consumer to start assembling the home gym.

This is a big relief for most users, as many spend hours together figuring out the right fixation methods and breaking their heads over the instruction manual.

This is an excellent feature of this equipment that attracts plenty of buyers.

All that one must do is order, unpack the equipment on arrival, set it in a definite place, and start using it.

I insist on a fixed place as the home gym is heavy and cannot be moved around as desired, especially single-handedly.

Warranty is slightly compromised here as the XLS model has only a 6 months warranty on the parts, which is very short compared to other similar home gym equipment.

The frame, though, comes with a lifetime warranty.

Resistance Levels

There are six different resistance levels offered from 6-26 degrees, accommodating 6-54% of body weight.

The specialty here is that instead of using weights for resistance, the home gym strengthens all muscle groups by ultimately forcing you to lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity.

Each level of inclination forces the use of a different bodyweight percentage suitable for the specified level.

One can always start with the basic resistance level and go further by increasing the inclination to lift more of your body weight.

Such self-induced resistance works just right for the body preventing any chances of injury as you don’t exert yourself more than what’s possible.

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Total Gym XLS Alternatives

Every equipment has an alternate option – it’s just like our medications!

All that one must consider is prioritizing his/her needs and choosing the one that satisfies most/all of the user requirements.

In this manner, the Total Gym XLS is an excellent option but for its resistance levels.

For those who prefer more resistance levels to benefit more from exercising, the Total Gym Fit is a better alternative as it comes with 12 different resistance levels.

In terms of weight too, the Total Gym Fit can bear up to 450 pounds.

When it comes to exercising options, the difference is not pretty much-the Fit model offers over 85 exercise options while the XLS offers over 80 different options.

But as a price for all these additional advantages, the Total Gym Fit comes at a hefty purchase cost.

Hence, it is better to revisit all your requirements before choosing your preferred product.

The Bottom Line

All the specifications and features are listed here clearly. For the focused user who has a goal in his/her mind, the review would have clarified his/her decision.

The Total Gym XLS is a versatile exercise machine providing the user with several exercising options that offer an overall body workout.

It is also a system that can be used by any user belonging to any age group that makes it a favorite among most people.

The Total Gym XLS comes from the garage of one of the best home gym manufacturers, and hence, there is no doubt about its frame quality, structure, and durability.

It provides a comfortable exercising experience with its smooth glide board, and rubber padded handles and worth the money invested if you use it diligently to reap benefits.