Rogue Echo RE-3 Power Rack Review and Comparison

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The Rogue RE-3 Power Rack is an affordable power rack build for people who want to experience the great durability and craftsmanship Rogue can offer. This Rogue power rack is made of 2 x 2” 11-gauge steel, so it is compatible with the beams, attachments, and accessories from the Echo series.

The power rack is 90” in height and comes with a skinny/fat pull-up bar, reliability at its best with band pegs and j-cups for better training purposes.

Rogue Echo RE-3 Power Rack

With a depth of 30”, you can perform various strength exercises you have on your list. Also, the small footprint is worth noticing with a 32” x 53” measurement.

Furthermore, it is 40 lbs lightweight than the Rogue R3 power rack and a bit easy to transport (in terms of portability). Various attachments are included in the RE-3 Power Rack, which will help extend your workout schedule and add more exercise choices to it.

When it comes to pin and pipes safeties, they are optional and up to you whether you want them to be added or not.

Check the price of the Rogue Echo RE-3 power rack on Rogue Fitness

What I Like About:

  • It is one of the best affordable power racks you can find in the market
  • The RE-3 power rack is made of 2 x 2” 11-gauge steel, making it highly durable and Echo compatible.
  • This Rogue RE-3 power rack comes with decent power rack attachments like J-Cups, fat and skinny pull-up bars, pin and pipe safeties (optional), etc.
  • The RE-3 Power Rack offers a footprint of 32” x 53”, which is quite compact for a home gym/studio.

What I Don’t Like:

  • If you can slightly increase your budget, you can get your hands on a better alternative to this power rack (Rogue R3).
  • This power rack must be bolted to the floor for use safely.
  • Although the Rogue Echo series power rack is pretty decent in terms of versatility and value, you will be left behind if you need better upgrades.

Who Is Rogue Echo RE-3 Power Rack For?

This Rogue Echo RE3 power rack is best suited for an athlete with a limited budget and those who live in a small footprint house. If you are looking for a power rack that doesn’t need to bolt down or a never-need-to-upgrade power rack, you might’ve to shift your priorities. And this power rack only comes in one color: black.

Check the price of the Rogue Echo RE-3 power rack on Rogue Fitness

Rogue R-3 vs. RE-3 Comparison Chart

ComparisonRogue RE-3 Power RackRogue R-3 Power Rack
Product ImageRogue Echo RE-3 Power RackRogue R-3 Power Rack
Product Weight160 lbs200 lbs
Dimension53" x 32" x 90"53" x 34" x 90"
Hardware Size1/2"5/8"
Hole Pattern2" Through Bench/Squat, 6" elsewhereWest Side Hole Spacing -  1” through bench and clean pull zone then 2” spacing above and below
Steel Notes2x2" 11 Gauge2x3" 11 Gauge
Pull-up BarEcho Fat/Skinny Pull-up BarFat/Skinny Pull-up Bar
J-CupsSet of 2Set of 2, with Protective Plastic
Band PegsSet of 4, includedSet of 4, included
Pin and Pipe SafetiesOptionalSet of 2, included
PriceCheck the price on Rogue FitnessCheck the price on Rogue Fitness

Alternatives to the RE3:

There are three alternatives:

Rogue RML-3W: This Rogue wall mount power rack has a folding system that will help you save a lot of space. All you have to do is, attach it to the wall with the necessary attachments given.

Rogue RML-3WC Power Rack

Rogue R3: This affordable power rack balances the price, performance, and footprint, making it one of the best power racks for weightlifting and home gym use.

Rogue R-3 Power Rack

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