Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Review and Comparison

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Total Gym is a well-known brand that markets home-usable gym equipment. This comparison and review will let you know more about it and its attractive features, paying special attention to its two variant packages: XLS and FIT.

Total Gym XLS and Total Gym FIT are two of the most portable home gym for small spaces. Both Total Gym models are designed for people who want to have a full-body workout in the safety of their own homes.

Just read along to discover all factors, including the difference between the XLS and FIT, their similar features, my likes and dislikes on each of them, their worthiness, the reason for preference, and the final verdict.

Total Gym XLS vs. FIT Comparison Chart

Total Gym Home ModelsTotal Gym XLSTotal Gym FIT
Product ImageTotal Gym XLS Home Gym
Available WorkoutsOver 80Over 85
Resistance Levels612
Foldable or NotYesYes
Assembly Required or NotNot requiredNot required
Weight Capacity400 lbs450 lbs
  • Leg Pull Attachment
  • Wing Attachment
  • Ribbed Squat Stand
  • Best-Selling AbCrunch
  • Leg Pull Attachment
  • Upgraded Squat Stand
  • 2-Piece Wing Attachment
Dimensions (Unfolded)19” x 90” x 43”18.5” x 93” x 44.5”
Dimensions (Folded)19” x 51” x 9”18.5” x 50.5” x 8.5”
Weight68 lbs66 lbs
Warranty on FrameLifetimeLifetime
Warranty on Parts6 months2 year
PriceView on Total Gym Fitness.
View on Amazon.
View on Total Gym Fitness
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What Is Total Gym?

Total Gym is a popular name when it comes to compact home gym equipment. They are specialized in dealing with the machines that well suit the home use. These foldable home gyms are designed with consideration to the user’s body weight instead of physical weights.

The benefits of using Total Gym equipment at home to shape your body are many. A few of the prime points are:

  • Their design is optimal concerning safety, which greatly reduces the risk of injury.
  • Total Gym home gym machines are ergonomically designed that increase the level of comfort when working for long.
  • As these are home usable, they increase your privacy and ensure enough monotony over the equipment.
  • They come with ample accessories that greatly ease your journey of losing weight.
  • Total Gym machines offer many customizable features. Some of them include adjustable resistance levels, customizable workout sessions, and variable height.
  • They offer a comprehensive package that tones all your body muscles.

Quick Overview of Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS is a piece of home gym equipment used at home to perform effective workouts. It offers a full-body workout in the privacy of your own place and is good for both beginners and advanced users.

It is basically a pulley-slide board system that is absolutely customizable to best suit your needs. XLS equipment can be folded easily, stored in a compact space, and locked in place with the lock pin. Further, its wheels help in its easy transportation too.

Total Gym XLS Home Gym

This is an older version of the Total Gym FIT package. This folding home gym machine support users weighing up to 400 pounds. They are made of good quality materials and are durable. They offer 6 resistance levels and can be used to perform 80+ different types of moves.

Total Gym XLS is a foldable home gym

All Total Gym XLS machines come with a lifetime warranty for their frames and 6 months guarantee for their parts. As add-ons, they are supplied with 3 tools and 5 DVDs that vividly present their setup and use.

What I Like About Total Gym XLS

Here are a few things I like about the Total Gym XLS model:

  • Beginner-friendly: The machines that form a part of the XLS package are suitable to be used not only by experts but also by novices.
  • Ready-to-use: XLS model is delivered in a fully assembled manner. Thus, you need not worry about assembling. Just unpack and start working out.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The price tag associated with XLS machines are worth every single penny spent.
  • Customizability: XLS machine allows you to customize your workout sessions.

What I Don’t Like

A couple of things that I am not happy about Total Gym XLS deal with

  • Warranty: The short-term warranty that comes with the XLS package is just 6 months. I would have loved it if it was a bit longer.
  • Resistance Levels: I am not very happy with the number of resistance levels offered. These being only 6, may not pose a serious challenge for the well-experienced personnel.

Quick Overview of Total Gym FIT

Total Gym FIT is an advanced version of Total Gym XLS. Similar to XLS, even these equipment are designed to be used at home to perform full-body workouts. They are more advanced than XLS equipment and thus cater to experts’ needs in a better way.

This heavy-duty machine can support users weighing a maximum of 450 pounds. The frames, benches, cables, and straps are made of high-grade steel and coated with nylon-like materials to increase their longevity.

They come with a warranty of lifetime for frames and 2 years for the individual parts.

Total Gym FIT model offers 12 different resistance levels, posing a challenge even for advanced fitness freaks. They are supplied with 4 tools and 6 DVDs that ease you to perform more than 85 different types of movements.

Total Gym Fit can be folded

Adding to this, you can even reap benefits like a wall chart that shows 35 different types of exercises, a comprehensive nutrition guide, a deck of exercise cards that can be used as a reference, and a free subscription to the basic package of Total Gym TV workout programs.

What I Like About Total Gym FIT

Here are a few things that make Total Gym Fit my favorite.

  • Built: I like the way the FIT machines are built. They are made of high standard steel and long-living nylon-like materials that make them rust-free, robust, and durable.
  • Add-ons: I am fond of the additional accessories that form a part of the FIT package, particularly the AbCrunch.
  • Resistance Levels: I love the number of resistance levels offered. These are pretty good for toning your entire body.
  • Warranty: I do like the warranty period offered for FIT parts. 2 years is no less.

What I Don’t Like

My dislikes regarding Total Gym FIT deal with

  • Cost: Although they are worth it, I am not very happy with the higher cost associated with FIT equipment.
  • Assembly: FIT model needs to be assembled, unlike XLS and other models. This is quite cumbersome that sometimes blows off your patience.

We’ll compare the Total Gym Fit vs. XLS in terms of price, equipment, flexibility, resistance thresholds, and weight capacities in the following section.

Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Difference in Price

Total Gym FIT is costlier in comparison to the XLS package. This makes the latter more affordable as opposed to the former. The reason behind this difference owes to the fact that FIT is an improved version of XLS.

Moreover, XLS is more simplistic, while FIT equipment is modern and manufactured from high standard materials. However, both suit to be used at home as body toning equipment over many people.

Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Available Exercises

Total Gym XLS machines support slightly more than 80 types of movements. However, in its advanced version, Total Gym Fit, the limit is a bit higher. It allows you to perform a little greater than 85 kinds of workouts.

One of the reasons that result in a greater number of exercises in FIT machines is their ability to support more resistance levels than XLS machines. Actually, FIT equipment offers 12 levels of resistance which is twice that of XLS (only 6.)

The increased resistance levels add versatility to the workouts, thus increasing their net number. Furthermore, more resistance means higher challenge, not only for newbies but also for fitness freaks!

The types of exercises that can be accomplished using these machines are provided in the form of a DVD—this aids in quick learning and hassle-free workout sessions without spending more time on research.

Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Difference in Functionality

Total Gym XLS machines support a weight of about 400 pounds. However, FIT equipment has a little higher bar, as it can be used by people weighing up to 450 pounds. This makes FIT machines more preferable among heavy-weight users.

Total Gym FIT comes with an ergonomic glide-board, a feature that is absent in XLS. This makes FIT machines more comfortable as compared to XLS equipment while at routine sessions.

In XLS machines, you cannot adjust the height of the machine as per your desire. Nevertheless, Total Gym FIT equipment offers such a feature as it imbibes an auto-lock adjustment system.

In Total Gym XLS, it isn’t easy to move from one exercise to the other. However, in FIT equipment, it is appreciably easy and effortless.

Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Difference in Attachments

Total Gym XLS and FIT differ in the number and type of attachments supplied as workout tools. As would be expected, XLS, being less premium than FIT, is supplied with slightly fewer attachments than FIT.

The three attachments that form a part of Total Gym XLS are:

  • A ribbed squat stand
  • The wing attachment
  • A leg pull attachment
Total Gym XLS attachments
Total Gym XLS attachments

The four add-ons that are supplied with the Total Gym FIT package are:

  • A leg pull attachment
  • The best-selling AbCrunch
  • A two-piece wing attachment
  • A newly upgraded squat stand

Moreover, if you choose the XLS package, you will get 5 DVDs, while if you choose FIT, you will be provided with one extra, making a total of 6.

Total Gym Fit Accessories
Total Gym Fit Accessories


Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Difference in Warranty

Irrespective of what you buy, the warranty gives a sense of extra security. Longer the period, the greater the relief! Besides, a warranty is one of the prime methods the company uses to establish its confidence in the marketed product.

Both Total Gym XLS and FIT machines come with a warranty. However, the exact time may vary depending on the place where you purchase it. Nevertheless, typically, the period of warranty for the whole machine, especially for its frame, in either case, is the entire lifetime.

There is a difference between the guarantee periods of XLS and FIT when it comes to the machine parts. In the former case, the equipment parts are warrantied for 6 months, whereas in the latter case, the warranty period is astonishingly 2 long years!

Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Difference in Customer Service

Good customer service earns an extra appreciation to any company. Similar is the case with gym equipment marketers too! The sooner the response, the better will be the review, and the higher will get the reputation.

Both Total Gym XLS and FIT offer a variety of ways to contact their service centers. The representatives can be contacted to get clarifications on any queries. The offered service is decent enough in either case and is appreciable.

Similarities Between Total Gym XLS and FIT

There exist many similarities between Total Gym XLS and FIT equipment. These are mentioned here below for your reference.

  • Frames: In either case, the frameworks are made of steel. This makes them robust, rust-free, and durable.
  • Cables: The cables of both Total Gym XLS and FIT are made of high standard steel and coated with long-lasting vinyl.
  • Benches: In either case, the benches are manufactured from plasmas. Their frames are of premium quality and are further coated with vinyl to assure longevity.
  • Handle Traps: The machines of both Total Gym XLS and FIT are characterized by highly ductile handle traps made of long-lasting nylon. This prevents strangling and helps them remain in conjunction with their cables.

Is Total Gym XLS Worth It?

Yes, Total Gym XLS is worth it. The statement holds good despite the limited time of warranty offered. This is an above-average in-home gym system ideal for low-impact workouts that help ton the body muscles slowly but efficiently.

They are easy to assemble and suit the use of both beginners and experts. Its 6 different resistance levels are easy to adjust and provide a good level of variance for an average level exerciser.

Also, XLS equipment is delivered in a ready-to-use mode that relieves you from the tension of assembly. Furthermore, its attachments and upgrades greatly aid in hassle-free deployment and customization of workout sessions.

The Verdict: Total Gym XLS vs. FIT – Which Is Better?

While both models are good choices for home workout programs, I believe Total Gym FIT is worth the higher price tag. On the other hand, if you’ve already bought the XLS model, I wouldn’t consider moving to the FIT model because the two products are virtually similar.

Both of these incredible home gym options offer full-body workouts in the comfort of your home. They’ve both proved themselves over time and are backed up by a slew of incredible fitness professionals. Either one will provide you with all you need to get and keep in shape.

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