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The Total Gym has been in the fitness business for few decades and knows well about what makes a fitness machine really useful. Hence their machines come with tons of features at affordable prices. Especially the Total Gym Apex G5 model is one of its kind as it is super affordable with impressive features.

Total Gym Apex G5 comes with outstanding features and excellent specifications. From comfort to safety, it does not compromise on anything yet offers you the best price. Once you see the details, you will know for yourself how this model is superior to others when you consider everything.

Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Gym Workout Total

The body weight-based resistance, sliding board with the adjustability, pulleys, handles, large squat board, stable frame, and many similar useful features are available with this machine.

What I Like About

  • Can do up to 80 different exercises
  • Low impact training is safer
  • Total body workout
  • 10 resistance levels
  • 5 attachments are included
  • Exercise guide and nutritional guide are included
  • Total gym TV access
  • It does not need any assembly
  • You can fold it up for storage
  • Affordable price

What I Don’t Like

  • It comes with just a 1-year warranty which could have been longer.
  • Very tall people cannot stretch completely. You can look for other series if you are tall.

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Total Gym Apex G5 Available Workouts

Total Gym exercise machines are available in several models that come with variable facilities for performing exercises. The number of workouts differ for each model and are based on the available attachments.

This Apex G5 model allows you to perform 80+ exercises, making it more useful than traditional home gyms where you can do only very few exercises with plates and weight stacks.

Among these 80 exercises, you get to work out almost every part of your body as you have lower-body moves, upper body moves, core strengthening exercises, and trunk toning workouts.

The wide choice allows you to choose from several exercises to go on doing different training each day without monotony.

The G5 model gives a tough completion to its counterparts and a bit high-end Total Gym models as it gives similar or in some cases slightly higher number of exercises than those models.

When you count double leg moves separately from single ones, the exercises add up quickly and easily give you 80. So, it is not an exaggeration and an achievable feat using this Total Gym model.

Performing much lower extremity and upper extremity moves are supported using the pulley system as it offers a wide range of motion.

As already mentioned, it is highly versatile and surpasses the performance of several other Total Gym models except for the GTS model.

Attachments and Accessories

Accessories play a major role in deciding how many exercises you can perform and how many different ways. Therefore, checking for the variety of accessories is an important part.

If you require specific workouts, you need to see if the required accessories are provided with that model. Otherwise, you end up buying them separately, or you might end up with incompatibility, both costly. With Apex G5, you get:

Squat stand: it is an important attachment that is useful for lunging or squatting.

Wing attachment: perform a variety of pressing moves and pull-ups using the wide set handles.

Leg pull attachment: you can do abduction, hip extensions, and many similar legs moves using this accessory.

Dip bars: doing dips is easier using these bars as they attach to the frame allowing you to target delts, triceps, and pecs.

Training deck and holder: the holder provided with the machine is highly useful in holding your training guide to access the workouts conveniently throughout your training.

Apart from the above mentioned, you also get a nutritional guide, workout DVD, manual, two-floor mats, as well as access to TV by Total Gym, which streams Total Gym suitable training sessions.

With so many wonderful options, no wonder this pocket-friendly model ranks high in purchases.

Check the price of Total Gym Apes G5 on Amazon.

Resistance Levels

Usually, the resistance is dependent on the challenge the machine can offer. Here for every Total Gym model, your body weight offers the resistance, and the height of the slide board makes it more of a task based on its height.

Let us get into more details to understand the resistance aspect in a better manner. Since the bodyweight is utilized for creating resistance, it is understandable that the higher the height of the slide board, the more resistance is, and the lower the height means the lower the resistance.

Lifting a weight to a higher height requires more energy than to a lower height. The gravity acts on the weight and creates an opposing force. However, the same gravity is reduced when the board is more horizontal in position, and you need not fight against it.

Now that you got a clearer picture, you will agree that the slide board mechanism is an excellent concept as it gives you numerous workout options and a gentle manner.

Here gentle means low impact, which is easy on your joints because gliding smoothly using the slide board while you push or pull the pulleys keeps the stress out of your knees.

Though the G5 model is budget-friendly, you still get 10 resistance levels which are awesome at this price value.

The possibility to increase the resistance levels gives you more scope for developing strength as you move up your fitness level with each step. Having more levels is beneficial to keep you working till advanced level on the same machine.

Many other expensive models also have similar resistance levels making this model more desirable as it also has the price advantage.


Total Gym Apex G5 machines come with no assembly required and can be used right out of the box. You need to unfold the machines, and they are ready to be used.

This is pretty cool because assembling is a tedious process and takes time. Most of the time, you miss a screw or a nut and need to spend a lot of time with customer care for getting it.

No need to say you will be saved from all this hassle and can use it within minutes of receiving it. Once you start using it, you will get a proper hang of doing the folding process easily after few times of practice.

Soon after you unfold, all you need to do is hook on, attach or adjust the positions of required parts and attachments to make it ready for the workout you planned.

This does not require using any tools as the G5 uses a push pin mechanism, and you can push them out of position or snap them in when required.

Since you have everything on board and the process is so easy, you will worry less about getting the machine ready and focus more on your workouts, helping you gain maximum output out of this machine.

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Weight Capacity

Its 375 lbs weight-bearing capacity is impressive for its price range. Despite its price, this equipment does not compromise its robustness, and hence it has good weight capacity compared to its counterparts.

The XLS model comes at double the price, has only 25 lbs more weight capacity than the G5 model.

Due to the high enough load capacity, this machine can easily accommodate several users without any issues.


You get a 1-year all-around warranty which includes everything. Though it is not very long, it is long enough to rule out any possible manufacturing issues. A little longer would be nicer but based on the price factor, and it is acceptable.

You need to note one thing that these machines are built to last, and if you use them as instructed, there are very slim chances to use a warranty.

Total Gym Apex G5 Comparison

Final Words

Total Gym Apex G5 model is beneficial for strength training and rehabilitation purposes, similar to a functional trainer. Hence, they are useful for all ages and all members of the family. They are preferred even in clinics and rehab centers for low-impact workouts.

As it comes with several resistance levels, you can use it from beginner range to advanced levels. Also, the variety of attachments give you an excellent workout and different exercising options.

Finally, this affordable training machine is a great buy when you take price and its advantages compared to other machines.

Check the price of Total Gym Apes G5 on Amazon.

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