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Although the Total Gym Xtreme is one of the oldest Total Gym models, it is the most chosen for its versatility. One of the Xtreme features that makes it a special machine is that it works using the user’s own weight as resistance, which you can choose from 12 levels.

Along with its 6 included accessories, this machine gives you the possibility of performing more than 60 exercises with a single machine.

Its multiple configurations allow adapting training to different types of users and needs. For this reason, it is ideal for creating a home training space with a single machine that the whole family can use, thanks to its great versatility and with which you can work all the muscles of the body.

Total Gym Xtreme

What I Like About Total Gym Xtreme

With the Total Gym Xtreme, you can perform more than 60 different exercises with which it is possible to work all the muscle groups of the body with sessions of 10 to 20 minutes. It is possible to exercise with a low impact on the joints and still do bodybuilding, cardio, and Pilates workouts.

Besides, this machine offers 12 resistance settings and multiple grip options that allow you to fully customize the exercise, depending on the goals, time, and needs of each person.

It also includes 6 attachments that will help you vary the exercises. It can be folded up easily and put in every corner of your room.

Everyone can train with this machine because its maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs. And last but not least is the price, which is very budget if we compare it with other new models.

What I Don’t Like

If I must be honest, I like pretty much everything this machine has to offer. But if I must analyze and mention something that I do not like, it is that the brand offers only 1 year of guarantee.

Total Gym Xtreme Available Workouts

Not for nothing is the model name of this machine, “Xtreme.” It is rare to see home gym equipment that offers more than 60 exercises like this, an ideal equipment to plan different exercise routines per week not to get bored.

If you decide to train a cardio routine, you can perform exercises such as squats without impacting your back and joints, thanks to the sliding bench of the machine.

And if your goal is to work the strength of your muscles, you can carry out different routines that will help you tone any muscle group, and you have to make use of the pulley system.

But that’s not all, you can also do Pilates, and with the Xtreme, everything will be simpler, funnier, and more dynamic. Use the pulleys and the sliding bench, select the level of resistance you need and start training.

That is why the Total Gym Xtreme is known for being very versatile because you can train your back, arms, shoulders, and glutes using its accessories. You should not worry because you will receive a guide that explains the exercises you can do and how to perform them with your purchase.

On the other hand, you will also have access to Total Gym TV, where you can follow the workouts more closely.

Now, surely you will tell me that there are other Total Gyms with which you can do more than 80 exercises (Total Gym XLS), even more than 100 (Total Gym GTS).

Those machines are more expensive, while the Xtreme is more affordable. But it is not because of the quality but because of the number of accessories. It is an excellent offer.

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Attachments and Accessories

Total Gym attachments and accessories are what allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises. In this case, the Total Gym Xtreme includes 6, although as I mentioned in the previous point, other models include more, which also affects the price.

Over the years, the Total Gym accessory models have evolved, changing some designs or materials, but the functions are always the same.

Next, I will analyze the 6 accessories that the Xtreme includes:

#1. Ab Crunch: With this accessory, you can do your abs without worrying about falling since they allow you to hold on to it. As you know, training comfortably should be a priority. If you want to buy it separately, you will not spend less than $ 150.

#2. Tri-grip Shaper Bars: This accessory will give you a better grip when doing pull-ups or shoulder presses since you have three different positions to place your hands comfortably.

#3. Wing attachment: This accessory is versatile because it allows you to train both your upper and lower body, doing everything from push-ups to leg work.

#4. Squat stand: So that you can perform cardio, this accessory will allow you to perform different types of squat exercises. It is powerful and easy to remove and put on.

#5. Leg pulley system: With this accessory, you will work your legs like never before. You will also exercise the muscles of the buttocks, hips, and calves.

# 6. Training deck/device holder: There is nothing like training with music. Therefore, this accessory will allow you to hold your tablet so you can listen to music or access the Total Gym TV program.

As you can see, you work the whole body with only 6 accessories.

Resistance Levels

The Xtreme has 12 levels so that you can perform hard workouts. The Total Gym Xtreme works with a resistance training system, in which users use their own body weight against the gravity force.

The machine employs cables and pulleys systems and a sliding table that tilts in various degrees.

The user can either sit, kneel, or lie on the board, pushing or pulling against the slope’s resistance, making the bodywork from head to toe.

So how do you change the Total Gym’s resistance level? By changing the angle of the sliding board, i. e.,  if you want to increase the resistance, you must increase its height and vice versa.


The Total Gym Xtreme is already assembled. Once you receive it, you have to remove it from its package and unfold it. The only thing you should remove and put on are the accessories you want to use.

If you want to see video tutorials on how to deploy it, etc., you can rely on other Total Gyms models since they are all the same.

Weight Capacity

When purchasing new home gym equipment, it is always important to look at the maximum user weight capacity. This is important because it says a lot about the quality of its frame.

The higher the weight capacity, the stronger the frame. So with the Xtreme, we face a fairly robust home gym since it supports users up to 350 lbs.

The safety of this machine is amazing, and its frame is consistent, stable, and durable for anyone who wants to train with it. Generally, it is made of metal or steel to support such weight.


Let’s talk about something that many do not consider, and it is about the guarantee. The Total Gym Xtreme offers a 1-year warranty, and you will surely wonder why so little?

The price has a lot to do with it. You can not ask for more for such a low price, and although it is a short time, it is not so bad either.

This machine requires almost no maintenance, and if you keep it indoors, I assure you that it will last for a long time. You should only oil the pulleys and wheels of the table from time to time so that the movement is always fluid.

Check the price of Total Gym Xtreme on Amazon.

Total Gym Xtreme Comparison

Final Words

Total Gym Xtreme has many fans worldwide because it is safe, you can train the whole body, and for its price! If you have a tight budget and want to have an all-in-one fitness machine, this model is for you.

Imagine that the Xtreme offers the maximum resistance levels available on the market and 6 accessories to help you vary your exercises. What more could you ask for?

Besides, it can support the user weight of 350 lbs., so the Xtreme is a highly recommended machine.

Check the price of Total Gym Xtreme on Amazon.

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