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Top 5 Best Total Gym for the Tall Person Reviews

Total Gym is an excellent way to perform a variety of training movements in the comfort of your home. Still, not everyone finds it easy to use because many Total Gym models have height limitations, which is not ideal for tall people.

Finding a suitable Total Gym model for the tall persons is annoying but also necessary, as you may not want to buy a model that you can’t perform the full-range movements on it.

We are here intending to simplify your problem of buying the most consummate Total Gym for tall people.

So we list our top 5 picks of the best Total Gym models for a tall person here for those in a hurry:

But you can also see the overview, pros & cons below.

Is Totaly Gym Worth It?

Total Gym is undoubtedly a piece of the best equipment for those who wish to commence on their morning on a healthy note with refreshing workouts.

Each model is fostered with inbuilt exercising programs, upgradable resistance levels, tonnes of user-oriented additives, and some even have nutritional guidelines or flip charts.

All the models, irrespective of the price and other attributes have pulley based systems, foldability, durability, dimensions, and lightweight in common.

Every variant provides a remarkable full-body workout as well as no time is wasted in assembling the elements. The users receive ready to use gym set.

Not to forget, getting all your body parts exercised from muscles to legs with a single device is something rare to find in other comparable machines.

Hence, Total Gym brings you numerous reliefs, and you will be glad about your investment.

All the Total Gym versions compiled below support tall-heightened people and are tremendously designed with sufficient giant structures.

1. The Total Gym GTS – Ideal for People under 7′2″

This gym system can acclimate people with the tallest height range conveniently.

With 200+ exercises and 22 levels of resistance, it is built to sort out all your issues together.

You are getting a highly durable machine that supports 650 pounds of weight and doesn’t let you compromise with your tall height.

Reliability allures everyone. There is a lot more to cherish about this iconic gym machine.

The Total Gym GTS comes with adjustable lat bars, squat stand, pull up bars, weight bars, dip bars, and other attachments that will not render you bad workout experience.

If you choose to buy this model, you may need to vacate a floor area of about 107 inches in length and 38 inches in width. The height estimates to be 69 inches.

Having a gym flooring mat can protect your flooring from damage.

It can be folded to reduced dimensions of 20 inches of length and 56 inches of height, but width remaining the same.

The incorporation of the hydraulic lift confers it the potential of customizing height on the user’s will.

An exercise guide and a comprehensive training DVD are provided along with the set.

The Total Gym GTS comes with a 5-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty for parts.


  • It provides the ideal amount of resistance.
  • It offers 22 resistance levels
  • Over 200 exercises provided
  • Low impact on your body
  • It’s foldable and easy to storage


  • The price is pretty high
  • Bulky (although it is foldable)

2. The Total Gym FIT – Ideal for People under 6′4″

The Total Gym FIT is designed with 85+ exercises and 12 levels of resistance. This gym machine can successfully endure the weight of about 450 pounds.

All individuals falling in the height range of 5’5″ to 6’4″ can use this with superfluity.

The attachments are leg pull, a squat stand, 2-piece wing attachment, and ab crunch.

You will get 6 DVDs to jumpstart your training exercises.

And these disks also contain nutrition information, and healthy meal plans to ace up your fitness goals.

Total Gym FIT covers up the 93 inches of length, 18.5 inches of width, and 8.5 inches of height.

For more convenient storage, it can be folded to acquire only 50.5 inches of length.

The buyers can avail lifetime warranty perks for frame and two years for parts.

However, it is costlier than other models in a row the price is justified when the versatility, durability, and exuberant features are taken into account. See the full review here.


  • Zero assemblies required
  • A range of accessories included
  • The entire unit weighs less than 66 pounds which makes it easily movable
  • Low impact on joints
  • Can perform over 85 different exercises


  • Expensive
  • The working mechanism is quite hard to grasp during initial use
  • Parts only have a 2-year warranty

3. Total Gym XL7 – Ideal for People under 6′2″

If your height range lies below 6 feet and 3 inches, XL7 is the one-way solution for you.

It’s truly a fabulous edition with 12 resistance levels and 350 sounds of weight-bearing capability.

Don’t worry about the wearing and tearing of components at all.

Just emphasize on your exercises with full peace of mind with this highly durable home gym set.

Moreover, it’s super quiet and makes no noise while in working mode.

The inclusions provided along with the frame are ab crunch, wing and leg pull attachments, dip bars, press up bars, leg stability mat, squat stand, and workout DVDs with access to 16 training programs.

The machine has footprints of 92.5 inches length, 16 inches width, and 43 inches height.

The lifetime warranty on frame and two years warranty on parts remains a common advantage.


  • Provide 12 resistance levels
  • Foldable and easy to storage
  • The price is affordable


  • There is a limit of 6’2”

4. Total Gym 1100 – Ideal for People under 6′2″

Total Gym 1100 is the most economic and straightforward model and is also a great deal for tall guys and starters.

Although the durability and sturdy construction of the machine still stands out, the weight capacity offered is low, being only 275 pounds.

Total Gym 1100 offers 60+ exercises, six resistance levels, and consumes 8 feet of floor space, and you can fold it up after you are done with the exercises.

It has a very basic structure with just two additional components. One is a multifunctional bar, and the other one is leg attachment.

The length measures 99½ inches, and the width is set to be 16 inches while the height extends to 43¾ inches.

The Total Gym 1100 is subjected to a 1-year warranty duration on the frame. And you can get this all at a very decent price range.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Sturdy frame
  • Comes with a helpful nutrition guide


  • Limited weight capacity
  • Not provide enough resistance
  • Might not compact when expanded

5. Total Gym XLS – Ideal for People under 6′2″

Considering the height factor, Total Gym XLS has no different than 1100.

XLS is fabricated with a relatively lower magnitude of resistance but, a greater number of exercises, and enhanced weight retentivity.

XLS has 80+ exercises, six resistance levels, and can bear up the user weight of up to 400 pounds. And the uses of advanced and durable cables and pulleys arrangement accounts for its massive weight capacity.

There are also a good number of additional components that are clubbed, including leg pull, wing attachment, and a squat stand.

It also comes with five workout DVDs that can ease the process of getting started with the machine.

Nutritional charts and balanced diet plans are included too.

The height of XLS accounts to be 90 inches, width measures to be 19 inches, and height is 43 inches.

The manufacturer offers a one month trial for this machine at $1 irrespective of the price fluctuations.

Besides, you are facilitated with lifetime frame warranty and 6 months warranty on associated parts.


  • Requires zero assemblies that’s a big relief for many
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Provides full-body workout excelling in strength training, cardio and weight loss
  • Can bear weight up to 400 pounds


  • Limited warranty on parts
  • Limited resistance levels that don’t go well with many users

Final Words

Out of numerous attributes offered by different Total gym versions, you decide the one that defines your needs. What’s your priority?

Resistance level or the number of exercises, weight capacity, or the number of additional accessories?

To those people for whom budget plays a key role in decision-making, the 1100 model has a latency to serve you with immense efficacy.

You can choose amidst other models as your financial status permits.

None of them are really futile investments. One offers you high calibrated resistance while others come loaded with abundant exercises.

You can use countless exercises with upgradable resistance feasibility.

When you have this machine by your side, being a beginner is not at all a matter of concern as most of the models provide DVDs, guides, and even meal plans.

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