Total Gym FIT Fully Review – Is It a Smart Buy?

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As the name suggests, the Total Gym FIT model offers total body workouts, helping users perform over 80+ exercises and accomplish beneficial workout routines in less than 30 minutes.

The Total Gym FIT is a great buy in terms of the number of resistance levels offered, weight range, and accessories that make it a piece of versatile home gym equipment. You have less probability of getting bored with the monotony due to its variety of workouts possible.

It is a great fit for strength training, cardio, and weight loss, but if your goal is building muscles, then it’s time to think and pause.

Weighing less than 66 pounds, Total Gym Fit is also easy to move around and foldable. The assembly-free feature is a lucrative attraction for many buyers.

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The Total Gym FIT is not a regular home gym but something special and unique, unlike other equipment they have released.

Call it versatile, extraordinary, or different; this home gym could be named as the most updated version of the other products released by them.

Though some might feel that it is just like every other model that’s been released by Total Gym because this is again a gravity gym that uses the individual’s body weight for delivering high resistance, and the pricing isn’t justifiable (the product is expensive), several world-class features aren’t available in any other Total Gym models.

The Total Gym FIT has a glide board on a pulley and cable system.

The glide board has a 2-piece wing attachment (for increased movement) for improved exercise performance.

The frame is excellent, made from tubular steel, and the pulley is of high quality, supporting greater weight ranges.

The glide board used for seating and exercising comes with a double-stitch covering and consists of comfortable padding.

Possible Workouts

What’s more necessary than the ability to perform a variety of workouts in a home gym?

The Total Gym FIT is well-equipped to perform over 85 different exercises, including pull-ups, bench press, leg press, squats that take care of your cardio, strength training, weight loss, fitness, and muscle building needs.

The glide board is the centrum for performing most exercises, while some others, such as squats, can be done in a standing position.

It is a complete solution to provide every part of your body with the desired range of motion and workout routine.

The wing attachment provides a workout for your back and shoulders; the leg pulley helps you develop your leg and hip muscles, and it’s even possible to do pilates on this machine.

The left and right side of the body can be given individualized attention providing the desired level of workout on either side according to the user’s needs.

Resistance Levels

No other Total Gym home gym can beat the resistance levels offered by FIT as it comes with an option for 12 different resistance settings-almost twice the number of resistance levels available in other products in this category.

By 12 different resistance levels, we mean that the glide board can be inclined to 12 different positions to bring about variation and increase workout efficiency.

As the board angle is raised, it leads to an increase in the percentage of body weight that’s fought against gravity.

This makes the workout harder, and with an increase in levels, the resistance ability also increases.

The various resistance levels also make it an excellent choice for different categories of people-beginner, intermediate or advanced trainers.

Check the Price on Total Gym Fitness
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Weight Limit

Individuals love to have a home gym for different reasons: losing weight, improving fitness, or overall health.

The equipment can hold weight up to 450 pounds, which is admirable as other equipment in the category mostly support around 250-350 pounds of weight.

The weight capacity is also an indication of how well it is built-its sturdiness, strength, and durability.

Considering all this, a weight limit of 450 pounds indicates that the FIT is a superb home gym designed and constructed well with steel frames and pulleys that function smoothly and perfectly.

Other Features

Every Total Gym product has a glide board, but the FIT comes with an ergonomic padded glide board that allows an individual to push longer without any side effects on the body.

This feature motivates the exercising individual to push himself/herself further to cross his/her resistance limits, which brings about improved performance and results.

The Total Gym FIT comes with a range of accessories that help the user break the exercise’s monotony.

Along with the main equipment, there are other accessories such as ab crunch accessory (which helps in strengthening core muscles with 10 different exercises), leg pull attachment (useful for hamstring and quadriceps muscles), 2-piece wing attachment (provides an excellent workout for arms and core) and a squat stand (good workout for legs).

Other accessories included in the kit are a leg pulley, exercise charts, seven DVDs elaborating on the different exercises available, flexible nylon strap handles, ankle cuffs, a nutrition guide, and head support.

Space is an essential criterion these days with rising real estate rates.

The Total Gym FIT is the best buy as it can be easily folded and stored.

When assembled and fit, the equipment measures 18.5 inches by 93 inches by 44.5 inches, and when folded, it measures 18.5 inches by 50.5 inches by 8.5 inches, which could be stored away inside a cupboard slid down under the bed.

Weighing under 66 pounds, the equipment can be easily changed places, but at the same time, it does not move around while exercising.

Assemble & Warranty

Whoa! The Total Gym FIT requires 0% assembly as it comes completely assembled in a ready-to-use manner.

Once your order and receive the product, all you must do is unpack and start using it.

This feature makes it worth the amount spent on buying the product as it saves time, money, and the workforce needed to assemble it.

The Total Gym FIT frame has a thumbs-up sign for its frame warranty as it comes with a lifelong warranty on it.

But the parts come with a limited warranty period of 2 years, which is not convincing for many buyers given the pricing.

Pros & Cons

Though we have elaborated on different advantages, several disadvantages make any buyer confused with their final decision.

But learning to outweigh the pros over cons for the budget considered is the desired ideal outcome. Let’s list down the pros and cons of Total Gym FIT.


  • The 12 different resistance levels available is a definite advantage as it offers a platform for different levels of trainers to exercise.
  • The machine can support up to 450 pounds of weight is a great value addition to any buyer.
  • Can perform over 85 different exercises that completely cover overall body workout
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Zero assemblies required
  • A range of accessories is included.
  • The entire unit weighs less than 66 pounds, which makes it easily movable.
  • Low impact on joints and an ideal workout machine for people recovering from injury


  • Expensive
  • The working mechanism is quite hard to grasp during initial use.
  • Parts only have a 2-year warranty that’s limited considering its pricing.

Total Gym FIT Alternatives

You can always choose the Total Gym XLS worth the buy with its optimal pricing and specifications. But it is also worthy to note that the XLS is always one step below in the specifications and facilities offered compared to Total Gym FIT.

It has only 6 levels of resistance, can bear only up to 400 pounds of body weight. It arrives with 3 DVDs elaborating on different exercises, only a 6-month warranty on body parts.

If you already have Total Gym XLS and are planning to upgrade, please think twice before making the call, as there are no specifications that justify the extra bucks spent on FIT.

Even if buying a new home gym is your goal, it is always better to consider the Total Gym XLS model before buying the FIT, given its pricing.

But, if budget is not your criterion, it is always preferred to choose the FIT as it offers greater variations and possibilities.

Total Gym FIT Comparison

Final Thoughts

Pricing is not everything. Exuberant pricing doesn’t guarantee an A+ performance and durability, and moderate pricing doesn’t mean that it’s an average product, at least in most cases.

The Total Gym FIT would come as a shock to many home gym buyers with its rocket-high pricing. Still, at the same time, it does make sense to come to a conclusion regarding it after getting in-depth insights into its features, durability, and performance.

Home gyms have become a necessity rather than being a fashion nowadays due to time constraints primarily.

Some also feel that making a one-time investment in equipment that can fulfill your workout needs is much better than shelling out monthly payments to the gym.

At the same time, we cannot expect that every home features sufficient space to house a home gym with all the different equipment available in any commercial fitness center.

In such cases, what is the optimal solution? It’s none other than Total Gym!

Total Gym has revolutionized home gym training for the naive reader since its inception in the 1970s with its adept fitness training system.

Still, it is better to compare other different Total Gym models and write down each of the equipment’s pros and cons despite such advantages.

Note down your requirements and choose a model that fits your needs and budget without investing in one that’s extremely pricey.

If you can buy an economical one and add a few Total Gym attachments to suit your needs, it’s well and good.

If pricing is not a criterion, you can go for the Total Gym FIT home gym without any doubts.

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