Total Gym Apex G1 Home Gym Review

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The Total Gym is a trendy fitness brand, with the Apex G1 being one of its models from its roster of home gyms. The Total Gym Apex G1 is a budget-friendly home gym that makes workouts easy and engaging for home users. The Apex G1 model defeated all the older models of the Total Gym, such as 1100, 1400, 1600, 1900, etc.

It has a reasonable frame with a strong build that supports 300 lbs as its maximum user capacity. Both young and old fitness enthusiasts can use it, with age being no bar. The Total Gym Apex G1 also includes accessories and other attachments with the shipment.

The ergonomic glide board provides the comfort of the highest level with impeccable ergonomics. Due to its ergonomics, it is suitable for your back, and the home gym does not make a lot of noise due to its smooth functioning and is excellent for home users.

The Total Gym Apex G1 is well known for its features that result in weight loss, muscle building, cardio enhancement due to its 60+ exercises, which can be carried out quickly. There are six resistance levels and depend on the user’s weight and the glider board’s inclination.

The glider board’s auto-lock feature is unique and is not included in most other home gyms. Such and many other features make the Total Gym Apex G1 a must-buy for beginners in their fitness journey.

This home gym provides the best results, whether you want to tone your muscles or increase your stamina, build your conditioning or even lose weight.

Total Gym APEX G1 Versatile Indoor Home Gym Workout Total

Total Gym Apex G1 Specification Chart

  • Available Workouts: Over 60
  • Resistance Levels: 6
  • Assembly Required or Not: No
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Attachments: leg pulley accessory, wing attachment
  • Dimensions (Unfolded):  93″ Length,  15.2″ Width, and 43.4″ Height
  • Dimensions (Folded): 50.3″ Length, 15.2″ Width, and 8″ Height
  • Weight: 53.2 lbs
  • Warranty: 6 months on frame and parts

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What I Like About Total Gym Apex G1

  • Strong Build: The home gym’s robust build and sturdy frame are due to the high quality, strong steel material of the home gym. The frame of the home gym allows for versatile workouts and attachments as well.
  • User weight: The maximum user weight of the home gym is 300 lbs. This is a good feature as most users fall under this weight limit, and hence most people can use this home gym, as they will not have to think twice about the weight before buying it.
  • Accessories: Another reason to buy this home gym is the accessories. You get a wing attachment for push and pull exercises and a leg-pull attachment for leg curls and leg extensions. Apart from these attachments, you get other accessories described in the ‘Accessories’ section below.
  • Assembly: This home gym does not need any assembly as it is shipped in pre-assembled condition, and hence it is time and energy-saving for the user.

What I Don’t Like

  • Low warranty: The warranty of the Total Gym Apex G1 is only six months. That period is significantly less than other home gyms in its competition, which might lead to low trust among gym enthusiasts.
  • No squat stand: The squat stand is a great accessory that can help to perform squats. However, the squat rack is a vital accessory that gives the Total Gym Apex G1 a complete miss.
  • No weights: There are no weights involved in the Total Gym Apex G1, and this lack of weights reduces the possibility of gaining weight while working out on this home gym.
  • Resistance level: There are only six resistance levels in the Total Gym Apex G1. This is the lowest number of resistance in Total Gym models, which reduces the intensity of workouts in any home gym.

Check the price of Total Gym Apex G1 on Amazon.

Total Gym Apex G1 Available Workouts

The Total Gym Apex G1 is excellent for workouts at home and offers to deliver the best results quickly. However, a consistent workout routine is better than quick results.

The Total Gym Apex G1 has more than 60 workouts for you, and you can complete all your fitness goals with it. These workouts aim to increase strength, enhance cardio, reduce weight, and improve the body’s conditioning. The attachments are highly versatile, and you can use them in different ways to add more exercise options to your routine.

Switching between multiple exercises is easy with the Total Gym Apex G1. You can also target different muscles on various days with the many activities available in the Total Gym Apex G1.


Let us take a quick look at the attachments and accessories provided with the Total Gym Apex G1. Even though the number of accessories is not much, it is enough, given its peers’ competition. However, some accessories are great and will help you achieve your fitness goals without any hurdles.

The exercise guide helps you work out as per a particular structure to ensure you know enough exercises and carry them out correctly. The wing attachments allow you push and pull exercises to provide an intense workout to all parts of your body.

The leg-pull attachment is also helpful to focus on the leg muscles through leg extensions. Apart from these two attachments, the Total Gym Apex G1 also comes with bar clips, a wall chart, nutritional guide, DVDs for workouts, Upright caps, wheel kits, tube rollers, cable kit, front crossbar, glide board, handle, safety hitches, etc.

Resistance Levels

The Total Gym Apex G1 comes with 6 levels of resistance, and it is a number that is not very high. In fact, it is a home gym with the least resistance.

However, the home gym’s resistance depends upon two things: the incline of the glide board and the user’s weight. The higher the angle of the glider board, the higher the resistance of the home gym.

Even though the resistance’s intensity will not be felt, the resistance is completely adjustable with the board’s height.


Assembling and setting up a home gym can be tedious, time-consuming, and inconvenient for many people. Some home gyms and gym equipment are challenging to build even with the right tools and a proper manual.

However, the Total Gym Apex G1 is unique in its assembly. The Total Gym Apex, not a home gym that requires any assembly after delivery.

It comes completely pre-assembled and has significant advantages over the other home gyms. It is time-saving and very convenient for you as you only have to unbox the home gym without the requirement of any special tools, skills, or labor.

Weight Capacity

User weight capacity is an indicator of the robust build of the home gym. Good gym equipment has a high user weight capacity and can be used by users with more weight. If the gym equipment has a user weight capacity lower than your weight, it may turn out to be a disaster for you.

Therefore, the Total Gym Apex G1 has a high user weight capacity of 300 lbs. This is pretty high and is excellent for a home gym that is compact and space-saving. Such features make the Total Gym Apex G1 a must-buy home gym.


The Total Gym Apex G1 has a warranty of just 6 months to offer. This is a concise warranty for a home gym of this category.

Usually, such a short warranty means that the home gym’s parts and frame are not of excellent quality.

However, one thing to notice is that the Total Gym Apex G1 has a sturdy frame. This warranty does not do enough justice to the features of the Total Gym Apex G1. The parts and the frame of the Total Gym Apex G1 are very well built and can be trusted before buying the home gym.

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Total Gym Apex G1 vs. G3 vs. G5

    1. Exercises: The Total Gym Apex G1 has a total of 60+ exercises, the Total Gym Ap G3 has 70+ while the Total Gym Apex G5 has 80+ exercises.
    2. Resistance: TheG1 has 6 resistance levels, the G3 has 8, and the G5 has 10 resistance levels.
    3. User Weight Capacity: The maximum weight that the G1 and G3 can take is 300 lbs. The G5 is on a different level at a 375-lb maximum user weight.
    4. Assembly: All of the above models come pre-assembled and do not need any assembly after shipping.
    5. Resistance System: The G1, the G3, & the G5 all have a body-weight resistance system.
    6. Warranty: The Total Gym Apex G1 and G3 has got only 6 months warranty in frame and parts, but in the case of Apex G5, it has got a 1-year warranty on frames and parts, including a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Check the price of Total Gym Apex G1 on Amazon.

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