Total Gym XLS vs. GTS – Review and Comparison

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Total Gym XLS and Total Gym GTS are the two most versatile Total Gym models that promise you a full-body workout without causing that much impact on your joints. Total Gym XLS allows a full-body workout that powers up your important muscle groups through exercises such as strength training, stretching, and cardio. It is suitable for compact places as it is foldable.

You need not worry about assembling it as it comes pre-assembled and ready to use straight from the box. The DVDs included with this home gym help optimize your workout to gain maximum benefit.

Total Gym GTS is an expensive but feature-packed home gym that offers users the possibility to perform 200+ exercises. Its 22 resistance levels are impressive enough and are totally comparable to the recovery exerciser in rehabilitation centers.

You get to do several exercises that give you flexibility, strength, and cardio, which are regulated using your body weight. This machine requires professional assembly as it is sophisticated, and you will get assistance to do so.

Despite few drawbacks, the comfort and variety this machine offer, along with the apt guidance, makes it a desirable machine.

Total Gym Home ModelsTotal Gym XLSTotal Gym GTS
Product ImageTotal Gym XLS Home GymTotal Gym GTS Home Gym
Available WorkoutsOver 80Over 200
Resistance Levels622
Foldable or NotYesYes
Assembly Required or NotNot requiredRequired
Weight Capacity400 lbs650 lbs
  • Leg Pull Attachment
  • Wing Attachment
  • Ribbed Squat Stand
  • Abdominal crunch tool
  • Soft grip LAT bars
  • Folding Foot Holder
  • 3-Grip Pull-up Bar
  • Arm pulley system
  • Foldaway lateral bars
  • Squat stand with wide non-skid base
  • Pilates toe bar
  • Press bar
  • Weight bar that can accept plates
  • Squat Handle Bar
  • Retractable Dip Bars
  • Dynamic Unilateral/Bilateral Arm Pulley System
Dimensions (Unfolded)19” x 90” x 43”38" x 107" x 69"
Dimensions (Folded)19” x 51” x 9”38" x 20" x 56"
Weight68 lbs180 lbs
Warranty on FrameLifetime5 years
Warranty on Parts6 months
  • Upholstery & Parts: 1 year
  • Rubber & Foam: 90 days
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The Verdict: Total Gym XLS vs. GTS – Which Total Gym Should You Choose?

Unless you require an extremely high level of professional training, I recommend going with Total Gym XLS as it is superior to Total Gym GTS in many ways. From warranty to space-saving, you have several advantages.

Not to mention GTS’s price, which is nearly 4 times the XLS model, which can be an overkill apart from being expensive. You do not need any assembly and start using it right out of the box.

If you need any extra Total Gym attachments, you can buy them separately as an add-on and use them. Even then, you will still save a lot of money using the XLS model yet be able to perform similar exercises to GTS.

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